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  1. But what happens if a week into the cruise passengers start getting sick because some non-symptomatic person on the ship ended up spreading the virus to others? Helicopters can't rescue you in the middle of the ocean. I think cruising along the coast sounds safer to me.🙂
  2. And how about the single travelers. Are they to spend every meal eating by themselves?
  3. It's not just the Explorer.... all the other Regent ships are waitlisted for Aug and most for Sep also.
  4. Guess my cruise on the Voyager leaving Cape Town for South America on Jan 5 is also cancelled. I'm not surprised. I've been following the number of COVID-19 in South America and it's mushrooming..... went from 23,615 cases on May 26 to 40,792 cases today.
  5. Dr. Fauci from the CDC says it will take a year to 18 months to develop a vaccine and that's being optimistic. And even if a vaccine is developed in 12-18 months, it'll take many more months to manufacture sufficient supplies to inoculate the billions of people who will want the vaccine.
  6. Regent's position is that the Geezer's have to apply for a refund from the travel insurance that you purchased for the cruise, which of course will not refund your money unless you paid mucho extra for the "Cancel for Any Reason" option.
  7. I can no longer open Roll Calls with Windows 7. I'm now having to use Google Chrome. How can I get it to work with Windows 7? If it means "clearing the cache," tell me how to do that.
  8. Yes, with Canyon Ranch the 18% was included in the bill. BUT, the bill presented to you included a line for you to add a tip and many did, thinking the tip wasn't already included. I always drew a line through that additional tip line and on the final TOTAL line, I repeated the price already on the bill.
  9. Maybe so, but I booked my Future Cruise yesterday. The cost before savings was $24,993 and after Regent deducted all the savings like Early Booking, Bonus Discount, Additional Savings and Future Cruise Credits, the total I have to pay for the cruise came to $3,881. That sounds pretty good to me.
  10. flossie009, perhaps with all the nitpicking going on, we should stop calling it a " 25% FCC." It's a 25% FCC per person so for most travelers, that means a 50% FCC.
  11. Are you referring to the 100% refund of the cancelled cruise or the 25% Future Cruise Credit? My letter specifically stated that the credit had to be used on a "voyage that sails in 2020."
  12. Here is the wording on the e-mail I received from Regent regarding the Future Cruise Credit of 25% which clearly states the voyage must be taken this year. Regent Seven Seas Cruises will provide a full refund of your paid fare per person as well as a Future Cruise Credit of 25% of your paid cruise-only fare per person. This credit can be used toward any Regent Seven Seas Cruises voyage that sails in 2020. Y
  13. Dah! You are right. I don't know what I was reading. I googled "usa flu cases this year" and that's what turned up but I've not been able to find it again. I do remember, though, that the article I was reading claimed they got their information from the CDC. Sorry.
  14. Perhaps we shouldn't be so worried about the Coronavirus. Keeping things in perspective, thus far this year there have been 26 Million cases of flu in the US and 331 Million have died from it. That's an 8% death rate. In China thus far, there have been 74,185 cases of Coronavirus and to date 2,004 have died. That's a death rate of less than 3%.
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