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  1. Hi, I would like to know how the Sauna and Steam Room set-up on the Independence. When we were on her last time, these were accessible free of charge. Is this still the case after the re-fit or have they gone the the system on the Oasis Class ships where you have to pay? Thanks for the information.
  2. Thank you for mentioning the notion of salary. This idea of giving money on board makes it seem like a "tip", money given on top of a salary, when in reality it is their salary. It is just calculated in a different manner from most salaries. When you see the amount of gratuity on your bill at the end of the cruise (or if you have prepaid this amount), you just have to think of it as part of your cruise cost that goes to the service crew (instead of fuel or food etc., things that you have paid for with your fare). Consider it this way: when you go to the bank and the teller is having a bad day, you don't go to the bank manager to demand to be refunded a part of the teller's salary. So why should you be doing this if some staff member on board is having a bad day?
  3. thank you all for your answers 😉 We willl be in this cabin duriing a trans atlantic crossing, so I guess the bridge crew will not be too present on the outside bridge stand. We are realy looking forword to this unique view on the ocean.
  4. Hi, I am looking for someone who has sailed on a Freedom Class Ship cabin 1230 or 1530. Can the bridge crew look directly onto your balcony or does the glass "bubble" protect you a bit? Is the balcony the same size as the other balconies on the same deck? bigger? smaller? Is there any way to attach a hammock to the structure of the "bubble"? We will be sailing on the Independence in cabin 1230 but any opinion / advice / picture of these specific kind of cabin (glass bubble around on the 12th deck forward) will be appreciated? Thank you very much
  5. Hi, we were able to get one of the forward balconies on our upcoming transatlantic sailing on the independence of the seas. I know the cabin might be a bit more rocky, but we wanted it for the forward and sideways view on the ocean. Since there is no longer the noise problem with the fitness area above, we felt lucky to get 1230 Now I have some questions that previous cruisers in these cabins will be able to answer: - can the bridge crew look right into the balcony from their outside bridge stand? - is there a way to fix a hammock on the railing around the balcony? - is the balcony smaller or lager or the same as the balconies on deck 10? Any picture or opinion of the cabin / balcony would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for your help
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