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  1. On 1/8/2024 at 4:28 AM, chengkp75 said:

    Infrared flame detector.  Due to the wind on balconies, smoke and heat detectors don't work too well, so they go with the flame detectors. The sprinkler head provides heat detection, as the thermal bulb blows out at around 135*F.  And, if you look closely enough, the photo above is of the exact same sensor as the OP's photo.


    This is the OP...thank you for sharing the correct answer and not just a guess. I was hoping that these weren't cameras but in this day and age you never know. Plus, I enjoy learning new things, so thanks again. 😊 

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  2. 6 hours ago, CCFC said:

    There was no priority boarding out of Fort Lauderdale for the Christmas cruise


    I'm Elite and was on the Ruby Christmas cruise from Ft Lauderdale too. When I first got to the port, everyone was in one giant line. After about 20 min a port worker walked down the line and told those of us who already had our medallion to follow him up to the doors to create a "green lane" line. But when the doors opened, both lines walked in together. After security, there was then a special line for Elite, Suite and Platinum to check in. Afterwards we were shown to the Elite, Suite and Platinum lounge. It was a nice room with refreshments. Eventually we were told that we could board and that we were the first passengers to go onboard. So, that seems like Priority Boarding to me even though it wasn't a special line right from the beginning like it used to be a number of years ago.

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  3. I was on the cruise just before yours (Dec 20-30) and there was a good deal of coughing around the ship although much of it seemed to be from children...it was the Christmas cruise so lots of kids. Some people were wearing masks but those don't prevent catching or spreading a virus so the illness could have been left by some of our passengers for your sailing. Hope you're feeling better and have a good 2024.

  4. 40 minutes ago, EDVM96 said:

    Don't you remember how bad the WiFi was prior to 2018/2019 on the balconies? It changed. For some unknown reason, these silly structures showed up on the balcony ceilings. Since then, we had broadband on the balcony.



    Those "things" were there pre-2020, but I don't remember seeing so many of them. Whatever they are, it felt kinda creepy since they looked like cameras. I didn't do anything weird on the balcony (lol) but was hoping no one was looking inside the cabin.

  5. I just got back from the Ruby, staying in a balcony cabin on the Caribe deck. I've seen these things on previous cruises, but this time I noticed that they're on every other balcony on many decks. They look like cameras that are watching the balconies. I'm hoping they're not, so I'm asking if anyone really knows what they are...no guesses please.




  6. On 7/3/2023 at 9:08 PM, Thrak said:


    When was the last time you cruised with Princess? We've only cruised twice since the restart (Royal Princess and Ruby Princess) but neither cruise has had the small envelopes available. I couldn't find them so I asked and was told they no longer have those available.




    Am on Ruby now...got envelopes at Guest Services desk.

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  7. I was very pleasantly surprised with the indoor market stalls at the port of Limon! I mainly wanted coffee...especially certain brands that a friend from Costa Rica told me that locals drink. I found all the coffee brands for half the cost of good beans in the US! Got plenty. There were also 3 places, right inside the entrance, that did foot massages and other things for a reasonable price. I got a fabulous 30 min foot massage for $20! The best thing was that the many vendors were polite, not pushy, spoke English, took US dollars, were friendly and kind when I said "no" or I'd think about it!! Lots of passengers were buying...I think it might have been because there was no pressure. It was pretty hot and humid but there were fans and lots of places to sit and relax. 






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  8. On 8/23/2023 at 5:18 AM, OTrail said:

    Hi all


    I was looking at going on a Princess cruise for the first time and was just wondering if anyone has experience of them as a solo cruiser. Or even just experiences of Princess in general. I've only ever been on a Marella cruise before which, I think, is quite different to Princess. What's the dining experience like, is it same table every night? What's the dress code in the dining rooms? Do Princess have events/meet ups for solo travellers? Can I book shore excursions with Princess? Are there quiet areas I can sit and read without being in my cabin all the time?


    The ship is going to be the Sky Princess and I was planning on booking a balcony cabin.


    I usually cruise with others, but I'm leaving on my 7th solo cruise shortly. I also have a balcony. Dining: unless I'm with other solos, I prefer to eat dinner in the buffet. I do eat breakfast or lunch occasionally in the MDR. Dress: I wear something nice, but not fancy, to dinner in the MDR. Solo meet: there are usually solo meet & greets nightly but unhosted and rarely have anyone there. Excursions: anyone can book excursions. Quiet areas: all ships have areas to read (or for me, knit) around the ship. Adagio, Skywalkers, Crooners, and seats in hallways/passageways. 

  9. 6 hours ago, ORV said:

    Maybe it's the lighting, but mine appears to be a much brighter blue. If it has a zipper and a divider in the middle then I do think that is the older one. 


    Yes, it's a bright royal blue with a divider...color came out looking navy blue on my camera. It's so sturdy...I think I got them on the world cruise. 

  10. I've had different experiences each time but always have to get off the ship. Once it was a quick wait in the terminal and back on the ship, but usually I either walk or taxi into town (depending on the port) and return in a few hours. I research what to do in the port ahead of the cruise in order to maximize my time. But sometimes I just get back onboard and relax.

  11. 10 hours ago, jagoffee said:

    Just because they accept a bid, it does not mean they currently have a cabin available in that category.  There might be late cancellation with a cascading effect on cabin openings.


    Good luck 


    I was just curious...I'm not bidding. I picked a great Caribe balcony cabin. Their upgrade price for a minisuite was over $1,000 and I definitely don't want a cabin in some location where I don't get to pick.

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  12. On 12/7/2023 at 11:16 AM, Rick&Jeannie said:

    The tracking on medallions really seems to have a life of its own!  They seem to move all around the country.  I personally don't think it's worth even *looking* at tracking for them...I don't think it is accurate at all!


    Mine started in Illinois, went to Los Angeles and now has arrived in a large city near me back in the Midwest! 😆 Supposed to be here tomorrow or Tuesday...we'll see!

  13. 1 hour ago, TN-Mountains said:

    To add to this…sometimes they don’t “upgrade” you, but they still change your cabin.  This is what happened to me.  In my case there was no email or other notification regarding the cabin change.  I found out when I tried to take advantage of price drop.  Even though they kept me in the same cabin category, the cabin was a downgrade from my perspective.  I had booked a not-so-obstructed, obstructed balcony and was placed in a there-is-a-reason-for-the-discount, obstructed balcony. I couldn’t get my original cabin back because Princess decided to include it in a group of cabins designated for COVID isolation.   I ended up canceling the cruise and booking a different one.  I forgot about trying to save money by booking a niche cabin and spent an additional $3k for a deluxe aft facing balcony.  I really showed them!  😂 

    If they did this to me, it would be the last time I'd be booking on this cruiseline.

  14. 1 hour ago, DHP1 said:

    If you do get a free upgrade you will received an e-mail from Princess regarding your free upgrade and if you chose to not to accept the free upgrade Princess will provide you an e-mail address to which you must reply within so many days. Princess will then assigned you back to your original cabin number. 

    I've seen and read passenger stories that they were not contacted but were "upgraded" to a location they didn't want. Personally, I was offered an upsell (pre-pandemic) by email and I took it. But if I marked my booking as No Upgrade, I would be furious if they did it anyway. 

  15. 3 hours ago, esper10 said:

    “Hi all


    i read somewhere that requesting OBC for share holders is changing. Yesterday I emailed my request and today when I called I was told it is through stackperks app. I downloaded the app registered my name and Emil address and the next thing I got is “verify my Emil address “ I can only press open Emil that took me to my booking. I was not able to choose anything else. Princess had no idea how to help me and I don’t know what to do.


    can any one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me


    thank you so much

    A few days ago I sent an email to hello@stockperks.com with my name, email address, date of cruise, booking number, and attached my redacted proof of Carnival stock. The next day they emailed me that they submitted it to Princess. The following day the OBC was in my account!

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  16. On 11/28/2023 at 12:35 PM, ShipWalker said:

    As I have stated earlier the email address given above for submitting is for those having issues with the app.


    Otherwise the email address is for general inquiries.



    I was frustrated trying to use the app so 2 days ago I sent an email to that address and yesterday they advised me that it had been submitted to Princess...today I was approved!! That was quick and easy. 😄

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  17. 10 hours ago, Pirateskigirl said:

    The Ruby is already showing Christmas movies.  Home Alone 1&2, Christmas with the Kranks, A Christmas Story.  No doubt more to come. 

    Oh good...I'll be on the Ruby this Christmas!

  18. 3 hours ago, iamaqt2 said:

    Disclaimer, I ordered it off the kids menu LOL.  Nothing on the Pub Lunch menu appealed that day.  But it was a really good burger.  Hand formed patty, quality beef.  Not the hockey pucks from Lido Grill.


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