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  1. I've eaten alone in both the GDR and specialty restaurants...no big deal. Just tell the hostess that you're a party of one. I always take something to read during dinner if I'm alone...they don't care. One thing I usually did was to ask that my whole dinner be served together at the same time...I rarely order an appetizer so usually got a salad and entree. Since it all came out together, I didn't have to wait between courses.
  2. Thanks...glad you enjoyed it. Waynetor (who did a world cruise on Oceania) is also on this South American cruise and started a Live From thread...I'll probably add to it occasionally. You can find it on the Princess board. So far I'm having a great time! There are quite a few solos and our Cruise Critic roll call solo members have been eating dinner together every night (16-25 each night)...it's a fun group and several have sailed Oceania before and some have done world cruises too.
  3. I've had lots of positive feedback from our 2019 ATW Live From thread...sorry to hear she didn't enjoy it.
  4. I'm currently on the Island Princess ship...we're one day ahead of the Insignia (both of us are going to Cartagena, Panama canal and Puntarenas). On our sea day before Cartagena (Saturday 1/11) it was so rough...64 knot winds, 11 gale force. One of the roughest rides I've had in a long time. It felt so good to get to Colombia.
  5. Waynetor, Glad you started a thread to follow our cruise! I started a thread for the 2019 Oceania 180 day world cruise and it was very active. I did get a chuckle that this thread title says it's a 59 day cruise...guess we added an extra day!🤣 I'm definitely not a Princess MTP (114 days on 10 cruises), but I've done 199 days on Oceania in just 5 cruises! This itinerary sparked my interest over a year ago but I didn't book until last April. I'm happy to get out of winter for a second year in a row! I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale today too. My hotel room is literally right across the road from where the Island will be docked in the morning! Will be fun to wake up, sit on the balcony and watch it arrive. I might not write long posts but will make some contribution to this thread...and add pics too. Look forward to meeting you and your wife tomorrow!
  6. Wish I could see the itinerary...I'm not home to get it. Darn....
  7. Here are some screenshots I just took of Insignia's sailaway.
  8. Yes...but I'd be going as a solo now so it wasn't financially wise to do it again this year. Glad you enjoyed the thread. I'm currently in Ft. Lauderdale and ready to board the Island Princess tomorrow for a 58 day circumnavigation of South America, including Easter Island, the Galapagos islands and Machu Picchu! And we'll be in Rio for Carnival! Since the 2019 world cruise didn't go to SA, this itinerary was calling my name. 😉 I'll sail on my free Oceania cruise in September, 2020 then see what the 2022 world cruise itinerary looks like. Below is the map of tomorrow's SA cruise.
  9. Check out the portofmiamiwebcam.com for sailaway!
  10. My daughters and I all bank at the same bank and can Quick Pay each other...the money is instantaneously transferred.
  11. These nightly get togethers (for Platinums, Elites & Suites) are just a quiet place to have a pre dinner appetizer and/or drink. Most people just stop in there for a short time...nothing exciting going on. I often go there for a light dinner if I'm not too hungry and I'm tired. At the beginning of the cruise, they send a card to your cabin with a list of the nightly offerings.
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