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  1. Yes, we did do 4 overland tours and stayed in hotels for a total of 7 nights, but that's not what I was answering you about. You said "spending that much time on a ship would be my worst nightmare" in regards to sailing for 6 months...I was meaning that we didn't actually stay on the ship continously for 6 months! We got off the ship in ports and spent the day touring the place...and 60% of our days were spent in ports vs. 40% were sea days. So, during 60% of the 6 months was spent on land.
  2. It has been so great to really talk to the crew and count many of them as friends. Here is a picture of me with one of my favorite waiters who left today...I hated to see him leave but he has a wife and daughter to get back to. If I ever do another world cruise, I might do 6 months but 4 would work well. It isn't that I don't like living on the ship (I do), but I miss my family and attending all the grandkids' sports and family holidays.
  3. Very sad but true. This was the only thing that the locals told us they didn't like about their government. They want to travel...just like we enjoy doing.
  4. I loved Harvest Caye! Huge clean beautiful pool with tons of loungers and umbrellas plus a swim up bar. Nice beach with bathwater, lots of loungers, palapas and umbrellas. All in great shape. Used by Regent, Oceania and NCL.
  5. I was answering "clo" when they asked why I didn't get a new quieter cabin...I was saying that no other cabins were available.
  6. It was fantastic! Quite a few of us who were on the ATW are still onboard for the next 2 cruises of 17 additional days...lots of people love long cruising which is why 12 cruiselines now do world cruises. And we didn't stay on the ship the whole time...we were out visiting many cities/countries 60% of the time.
  7. Nope! Still on Insignia for 10 more days in the Eastern Caribbean! I did promise my family that I will actually go home on 7/28. 😉
  8. To where??? The world cruise was fully booked years in advance! We were on the so-called "waitlist" for a PH for 9 months. The only reason we eventually got one is that some other passengers traded rooms with us.
  9. Europe is so easy to do by just catching a cab or a subway ride in many places. That being said, I've done what you're planning on many O ship tours and as long as I told the guide, there was no problem.
  10. You were luckier than me! I was just in a PH1 for 6 months, right under Waves...oh my, there was so much noise from chairs and tables from morning till 10pm everyday!
  11. The Ambassador on Insignia was pricing a solo cruise for me and said I would get all of the excursions or OBC since I was paying the 200% single supplement (8 instead of 4 tours or $800 instead of $400). Also, I don't think gratuities are $32/day...I was in a Penthouse suite and they were $23/day (extra for the butler).
  12. We had no storms (in 6 months!) which is amazing! Someone said it was the best weather of any ATW that O has done. There were a handful of days where we rocked around a bit, but it was just windy and I felt fine...and I get seasick easily.
  13. I suggest you also post this on the Princess board to get views from both sides. Each CC cruiseline board has their own "cheerleaders" who think their favorite line is "the best" and will disparage most other lines.
  14. It's easy and often cheaper to fly into and stay in Ft. Lauderdale. Cheap 30 minute shuttles go right to Port of Miami from either FLL airport or area hotels.
  15. I've been on Insignia since January in both a Penthouse suite and a porthole cabin on deck 3...no makeup mirror in either cabin. I brought my own makeup mirror. BTW, those were pics of the Sirena refurbishing...almost the same as Insignia, but not identical. I see the mirror in those Sirena pictures but never had one here on Insignia.
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