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  1. I'll be in a full suite on the 10/26 Regal cruise (got an upsell) but back down to a balcony for the 10/31 cruise...hoping for another suite upsell!😉 I usually sail in full suites and love breakfast in Sabatini's and club class dinners. But...I've always traveled with a friend and this time I'm solo in a suite. I'm picturing club class dinners being a bit awkward when everyone else there is coupled.
  2. There are 2 ways to find roll calls...one way works and the other way doesn't seem to. Go to "Categories", scroll down to the Roll Call category, click on your cruiseline...when the next page comes up it will list all the ships...click on your ship, then the next page will list all the roll call sailings for your ship. Look to see if your sailing is there (there might be more than one page)...if so, click on it and start reading...if not, you can start the roll call or wait till someone else does.
  3. Actually, a solo in a full suite gets 3 cruise credits, not 4. It has me listed as getting 2 but that's what all solos get in any room below the full suite category.
  4. This thread has been very interesting! I'll be on the Island Princess in January and February, 2020 circumnavigating South America including Easter Island. I'm taking an overland tour to the Galapagos islands and Machu Picchu. We'll be going to ports of Ushuaia, Punta Arenas, Falkland island and Montevideo, as well as 18 others. I think this is the best SA itinerary I've ever seen.
  5. Mine took just 4 days to arrive...and my cruise is in 8 days.
  6. 4 days ago I got an upsell offer to go from a deluxe balcony to a Penthouse suite on the Regal for a 5 day cruise. Even with the upsell charge, I'm paying $1,200 less than the regular price of the suite. 1...12 days 2...they sent me an email, but I was instructed to call them back and leave a VM...they then called me back. 3...I don't know, I didn't check. Was working out at the gym when all this was happening! But the rep said that there were only 2 suites available for me to get as an upsell...the one I took (Caribe deck aft) and an accessible one on Riviera deck midship. 4...don't know. I only booked the cruise 2 days before getting the upsell offer! 5...direct - first time I ever did that! I always use a TA...makes me wonder if that was a factor. 6...9
  7. 5 solo cruises booked: 2 this month, 1 in Jan. 2020, 1 in Sept. 2020 and 1 in Dec. 2020. The addiction is getting worse! 😆
  8. Thanks! Did you email them before the cruise or after? I will either email them or talk to the CC rep onboard.
  9. If you trade in the mini bar for all waters, how many bottles of water do you get?
  10. No. I ended up booking a mid-forward balcony cabin on Caribe with the bigger balconies. I have 2 cruises booked on the Island next year...it will just have to do. Anyway, a cruise is what you make it and I've NEVER had a bad one yet!! 😉 One nice thing is having a covered pool...I remember using this area alot when on the Coral.
  11. Itinerary and price are the most important for me...ship is after those. But the Sun and Grand are always a "no go" for me.
  12. Not the ATW 2021 or any of it's segments...this is a circumnavigation of South America itinerary in Jan, 2020. No choice of ship cuz no other ship does it. It's a once-done unusual itinerary. QUESTION: are the balcony cabins at the back of the Promenade deck OK? I'm assuming they are part of the remodeling that was done. Most importantly...DOES THE BALCONY HAVE GLASS OR IS IT METAL?
  13. I was on the Coral in 2008...liked it. So now what am I going to think??
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