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  1. I love this web site too! I looked at one of the reviews and I processed it. I had no idea the ship wasn't sailing. It just looked like someone that had a very bad time. Thanks again for looking out for us and keeping us the number one source for cruise news and reviews. Enjoy the weekend!
  2. Hi there. We're quite critical of every review submitted to us. Each review is processed by a real person. We aren't perfect, though. We miss things every so often. You should see the stuff that we do catch! If you see something suspicious in a member review, write to reviews@cruisecritic.com. That's the fastest way to let us know about an issue. Thanks for looking out for us! Our readers are the best.
  3. Just to clear this up. Cruise Critic doesn't edit anything on member reviews. If something violates the board guidelines or is missing something, it's sent back to the member with the reason listed and they're given the opportunity to resubmit it. If you'd like to see negative reviews, we can send you links to all the cruise lines reviews. It doesn't matter to us if it's negative or positive. It just has to be comprehensive. If you have any other questions, please write to reviews@cruisecritic.com TripAdvisor doesn't sell travel. They will let you price check different places for you but you can't purchase anything from TripAdvisor itself. Just like Cruise Critic. We don't sell anything either and to be transparent, Cruise Critic is owned by TripAdvisor. Cruise Critic reviews are fair in that real members write them and it's their personal experience. Whether or not they say good things or bad is up to the cruiser. If you have any further questions, you can write to reviews@cruisecritic.com This discussion is off topic to the board but we wanted to clear a few things up. Write with questions but future posts will have to be removed for being off topic. Thanks!
  4. I have to comment here because you're posting misinformation. You submitted a review that is in our queue pending processing. Granted it is taking longer than usual because we have a HUGE number of reviews coming in but the confirmation e mail you received does tell you that you will get an e mail when the review is processed. I'm happy I could clear that up. If you have any questions, you can write to reviews@cruisecritic.com
  5. Hi there! We have been in touch with a confirmed source at the cruise line and they've given us this statement to post. "Sunday, April 23, 2017, while in drydock in Italy with no guests aboard, a fire occurred on a verandah aboard ms Westerdam located on starboard deck seven. It was quickly extinguished. Repairs are scheduled to be made in drydock and the ship will depart as planned with guests on its scheduled April 27 cruise from Civitavecchia to Venice, Italy." Also, please confirm for yourselves the source of all photos. The initial photos are believed to have been from a 2003 incident. Let us know if you have any questions.
  6. Hi there! I just booked the La Copa Inn on Galveston Island. It's $124 a night for our July 8th stay with a park and cruise package that's a flat $50. It has continental breakfast and I was able to get a two king bed room for my family of 4. https://www.lacopainngalveston.com/
  7. I saw that same promotion. We need a ride to Long Beach on November 20 from LAX. I'm tempted to try it but I'm leery because we've never used Uber or Lyft.
  8. Every Thursday, we'll randomly select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Carnival Pride Carnival Pride 06/05/2016 by twinritt Just returned from our wonderful vacation on Sunday ! Second time on the Pride, as expected it was not a disappointment. The islands were beautiful and the ship was very, very clean. It was a bit of a nightmare getting on as problems had occurred with the ship the night before and arrival time back to the port was late. In Carnival's defense, if everyone would have abided by the request made by Carnival via phone message the night before, these problems would have been avoided. Due to the problems, and the lateness of embarkation all were credited on board monies for the delay. Continue reading...Carnival Pride 06/05/2016 Seven Seas Voyager The BEST Cruise Ever! by forgap We decided to book this cruise rather late in the game as Regent kept sweetening the deal with OBC and business air. The itinerary was 21 days and took us from Dubai to Barcelona, including ports in Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy. I imagine that the unpredictability of the Middle East scared off many passengers but by the time we sailed, we had 680 hardy passengers on board. Continue reading...The BEST Cruise Ever! Norwegian Escape Our Norwegian Escape June 4-11 long review by atlantaskip Be patient, looong review to follow as a payback for the many before me that I learned from on these boards. I always pick up great ideas from the folks who have the patience to do these so thanks for all the tips that made our cruise trips fantastic. This was no exception. Here we go…First a little background on our family, my wife (49) and I (52) have cruised several times before this trip, once on RCCL Sovereign of the Seas in 1995 (pretty new back then on the Eastern Caribbean route out of Miami), then Celebrity Constellation (Southern Caribbean cruise ship of the year back then out of San Juan, PR, awesome trip) in 2004. Continue reading...Our Norwegian Escape June 4-11 long review Liberty of the Seas Love the Liberty by ctroutte Loved the big ship, very clean. New slides were great. Edgar (Elvis) and Oka, our dining room waiters did a great job. They really seemed to care about doing their job well. Our room steward, Raphael, was very good too. Deck 4, outside, was the best. It went all the way around the ship...you could even go up on the bow. Food was all good, could have been a little warmer in the windjammer but, it still tasted great! Continue reading... Love the Liberty Amsterdam Around the World by Cruise Ship by glomarrone “Around the world in 80 days…” goes the song. However, it took Holland America’s (HAL) ms. Amsterdam 115 glorious days to circumnavigate the globe on our Grand World Voyage 2016. What an amazing voyage it was! We visited 24 countries and 41 ports; some were overnight stays. People ask us how we could stay on a ship that long. I reply that we loved every minute and that we hope to do it again soon. We were never bored or sea sick and learned so much about the history and culture of the places visited. It many ways, the cruise changed our thinking on a variety of subjects. For most passengers, this was their fourth or fifth+ HAL Grand World Cruise. Continue reading...Around the World by Cruise Ship Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review! Your could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  9. Every Thursday, we'll randomly select three cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Harmony of the Seas Good experience by Delboy17 I had wanted to try an Oasis class ship for some time and this was a perfect opportunity as it was departing from my local port.I would normally avoid brand new ships,until the teething problems are sorted out,but this was a one off as it is unlikely that Harmony will return to Southampton. Continue reading... Good experience Crystal Symphony Excellent first cruise on Crystal Symphony by DaisyUK This was our first cruise with Crystal and was a short 'try-out' before trying something more ambitious. I don't think it would be possible (for me at least) to cruise without a few niggles, but in this case they were very few and far between. The only negative worth mentioning is that I felt the decor, both in our suite and in some areas of the ship, were somewhat dated. The positives far outweighed this single criticism and we shall certainly cruise with Crystal again. Continue reading... Excellent first cruise on Crystal Symphony Diamond Princess Not so rough Diamond by southampton observer Our cruise was part of a package that started with 3 nights in Tokyo then a flight to Osaka with 2 nights there. We then joined the ship at Kobe for the cruise after which we spent another night in Osaka before flying home. It was our hope that the trip would give us an introduction to Japanese culture as well as being interesting, stimulating and enjoyable. Looking back I would have to say that it exceeded our expectations. We will sail with Princess again. Continue reading... Not so rough Diamond Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review! Your could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  10. Every Thursday, we'll randomly select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Carnival Vista 9.8 out of 10 for the Carnival Vista! by oceansidebuckeye On a scale of 1 to 10, the Carnival Vista was a 9.8! We loved it and were trying to find a way to hide during debarkation and stay on board for another go round. ;) The Vista is brand new, clean, and beautiful. There was so much attention to detail in the designs of the eating areas and the Lido deck. The staff kept everything super clean. The Skyride was more fun than I expected. It actually drops down a hill and swings like a suspended roller coaster. The ropes course is divided into easy and hard, and the hard side was comparable to regular (on the ground) ropes courses I've tried. Continue reading...9.8 out of 10 for the Carnival Vista! Norwegian Dawn Fantastic Cruise on the Conquest, May 14, 2016 by pookeysmom A friend & I booked this cruise, because the itinerary sounded interesting. It was a special 10 day itinerary created when NCL found out the Dawn's dry dock had been postponed. We were excited to visit 6 ports in 10 days. The only disappointment was that it was supposed to visit the new Harvest Caye Belize, which is not ready yet, so we ended up in Belize City, which is not 1 of my favorites. It was a let down to not visit a new port we'd been looking forward to & that was a major reason we'd booked this cruise. Continue reading...One last 10 day cruise before Dawn went to dry dock Magellan British Isles - very nice by badtwin This was my fifth cruise and my first review. I have also sailed on Costa, MSC, NCL and Celebrity. We booked this cruise because of itinerary and price, fully aware of the varied reviews. “We” includes my DH and 25 year old DD. We discovered that there is not a huge selection of British Isles cruises and ended up waiting an extra year to find one that fit our timing, our budget and our preference for lots of ports. We also selected this ship because it was British and felt it would enhance the “British experience.” The reviews were disconcerting, but then the reviews for Costa and MSC were equally varied and occasionally dismal. Both proved to be very nice. Continue reading...British Isles - very nice Carnival Freedom Great cruise, just a little wet... by sprog My wife and I have done the Western Caribbean cruise many times, so decided to do an Eastern Caribbean one. She wanted to see Key West too so we booked out of Galveston. We live in New Orleans, so it was only a 6 hour drive. This was our first time on the Freedom and it was my 13th Carnival cruise. Things started out wet as there was flash flooding in Galveston when we arrived. We were detoured away from the ship for a bit, but eventually made our way around through some half-flooded streets. Continue reading... Great cruise, just a little wet... Vela Amazing, Unique Sailing Experience by lucygoosey1971 My 9 year old son and I had a fabulous experience aboard the Vela in the British Virgin Islands. We are "adventure travelers" and were looking for something a bit outside the norm. We prefer small, personalized, unique experiences filled with culture and charm. We got our fill of all of the above aboard Island Windjammers Vela! Continue reading...Amazing, Unique Sailing Experience Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review! Your could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  11. Every Thursday, we'll randomly select three cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Scenic Jasper Three weeks of Luxury by candjrs Having wanted to cruise from Amsterdam to Bucharest for several years, we investigated several companies and chose Scenic because it appeared to offer an excellent service, wide range of excursions and, importantly, was all inclusive. The latter appealed enormously as we knew we would not be liable for an expensive drinks bill and tipping at the end of the cruise. Continue reading... Three weeks of Luxury Celebrity Eclipse Very good for a first cruise by Mrsweeble We were really impressed with Celebrity Eclipse for our first cruise. As mentioned, embarkation didnt go very well, but this was due to a technical glitch and they handled this well. The ship is beautiful, immaculately clean and well maintained. People have said in other reviews that furniture looks tired, but this isn't something we noticed or were concerned by. We had an inside cabin because I was aware that there weren't going to be many hours of darkness in the more northerly parts of our cruise, and I like to sleep in total darkness. Continue reading... Very good for a first cruise Thomson Majesty Would come again. by arwen taylor This was our first cruise, but we are widely travelled on a world wide basis and did have reasonably high expectations We travelled with two elderly people with health issues so picked a cruise as it was a good option for us all to have an enjoyable holiday without too many stresses. We arrived in Palma and were impressed with the amount of support we received, wheel chairs were provided and staff to push them which enabled us to collect to the luggage and board the coach with reasonable ease. Continue reading... Would come again. Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review! Your could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  12. We sailed on the Spirit April 2 to 9 in stateroom 4479. There wasn't near enough information available about this room when I booked. I hope this is helpful to some. 4479 was our first inside room and I only booked it because the description said it is 281 square feet and it sleeps 5. 4479 is an inside room on the hull. It's the most far forward room port side on deck 4. The pros of this room are being on the deck where tendering and the gangway is for ports. It's HUGE. We had more room than we could use. It's economical. You're paying the same fare as others in an inside but you're getting twice the room. The negatives were being right near the thrusters for docking and the anchor locker. You hear docking or anchoring every day for about 10 minutes in the morning and when you leave. It's kind of loud. You can't have a normal volume conversation. However, for us, on mornings we slept in, we didn't even hear it. We slept right through it. NCL doesn't have a dedicated web cam channel. It's difficult to see the weather. You have to wait for a web cam view to cycle through several other things. We were a direct shot up the elevators to everything forward but to go to the buffet or the kids club, it was a hike. Lastly, when in port, you're enclosed in steel and any wi fi signal you could get is not detected. Even with the few negatives, we'd book this stateroom again and again because of it's size and price. I tried adding my original photos but there was an error. I honestly have no idea how to host photos on another site with a link. I never took the time to learn. I may try to figure that out and try again.
  13. Every Thursday, we'll randomly select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Eurodam Best cruise so far by NovaCruise888 We flew in to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and arrived around 9:30 AM on Sunday (the day of embarkation). After picking up our luggage, it was only 10 AM. We decided to wait in the airport for another 30 minutes, thinking we could not start the embarkation until later. By the time we left the airport at 10:25 AM, there was so much traffic leaving airport. And we also waited awhile at the port before we can get out of the taxi. Our taxi fare for 4 people ended up being $26 (before tips) because of the traffic and the wait. Continue reading... Best cruise so far Vision of the Seas Friendliest Staff/Two Thumbs Up by sjb7259 We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise on Vision of the Seas....Tampa was by far the easiest port we have ever used for embarkation. There was someone right there to help us unload luggage from our taxi and we were inside and onboard in, literally 5 minutes...Granted this was at 3:00 as it was a rainy day so we waited a little longer than usual. We still had plenty of time to look around and were also, conveniently able to get right into our stateroom...Our luggage was delivered in an amazingly fast time....our room attendant knocked a few minutes later and introduced himself and from that point he was very friendly but extremely non intrusive. Continue reading... Friendliest Staff/Two Thumbs Up Wind Surf My First Cruise and I'm Spoiled Rotten! by AniW This was my first cruise, but my boyfriend's 5th. While I haven't cruised before, I've traveled extensively. My boyfriend has typically taken large ships on Royal Caribbean and Carnival. In his words, "This isn't cruising, this is yachting. You can't even compare it to a large cruise ship." We took Windstar's Classic Caribbean itinerary, which visits Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, St. Kitt's, St. Barthelemy and St. Martin. We had a large suite on Deck 3 which was beautifully appointed and comfortable with a King-sized bed. Continue reading... My First Cruise and I'm Spoiled Rotten! Celebrity Reflection One of our best cruises by Pmdavis My wife, daughter and I had a wonderful time on the Reflection. The staff is so professional, yet friendly. They are smiling and want to be sure you are having an excellent experience. Several even thanked us for sailing so they had employment. This is a classy ship that caters to a more upscale crowd. We certainly received the experience we expected. I always smile when I read reviews such as the previous one that said they were bored. I can't believe that people book cruises without any investigation about the ship, the experience and cruise company. Many would be better suited on Carnival than Celebrity for what they are looking for. Continue reading... One of our best cruises Norwegian Escape Great Cruise! (WILL SAIL WITH NORWEGIAN AGAIN) by SpiritAnimal The Norwegian Escape is a BEAUTIFUL ship. Coming from Disney Cruisers, we were worried that we spoiled our kids too much with the luxury of Disney's expensive cruises but we learned this was just as good, if not even better than Disney. I'll go by the pros and cons. CONS: -The Aqua Park was really fun, but my son learned you must be 99 lbs to get on the Aqua Loops. He had been waiting a LONG time to get on the slides, and he didn't weigh enough. The website does NOT tell you this minimum weight limit and that can be a real downer for someone looking forward to Aqua Park who doesn't weigh over 100 lbs. Continue reading... Great Cruise! (WILL SAIL WITH NORWEGIAN AGAIN) Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review! Your could be featured, and *you* could be wearing some logo stuff on your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  14. Every Thursday, we'll randomly select three cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Ventura Bucket List Cruise - Lived up to all expectations!!! by Dance thDance Having perused the reviews before we left, I was a bit unsure as to whether my best mate had made the right choice for this one......How wrong I was!!!! A fantastic ship, with the staff being more than helpful, even when I had an accident and ended up in a wheelchair for the weekend! The food and service for the whole duration, was second to none, and the prices were more than reasonable. Our check in was swift and slick, and nothing was too much trouble for our cabin steward. I stayed in a balcony room (5th deck, I think) and it was immaculate from start to finish. Continue reading... Bucket List Cruise - Lived up to all expectations!!! Britannia P&O Britannia - Barbados to Southampton, March 2016 by SGrier23 This is my first Cruise review, although I have done many on TripAdvisor. This review if of our recent cruise holiday from Barbados to Southampton, finishing on Friday 25th March 2016. P&O Britannia is a massive ship, with over 3000 passengers and over 1300 crew. In many ways P&O Britannia is brilliant. In other ways, it is not good. The ship is beautiful inside, clean and well furnished. The public areas are wide and navigation is easy enough, except that the mid-ship has no stairs which go the full height of the ship, these stop on Desk 7. Continue reading... P&O Britannia - Barbados to Southampton, March 2016 Minerva South America Discovery Cruise by Mprouse Our first cruise on the Minerva. This was a trip made up of two cruises - Timeless South America and Natural Wonders of Latin America. We flew to Santiago in Chile from London Heathrow with Iberia. The flight was poor with a 2 hour wait in Madrid airport. The first section of the flight was considered short haul so any food or drink had to be paid for. This was not explained in advance so came as a surprise. We arrived in Madrid at night and all outlets for coffee, snacks etc were closed. Continue reading... South America Discovery Cruise Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review! Your could be featured, and *you* could be wearing some logo stuff on your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  15. Every Thursday, we'll randomly select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Norwegian Breakaway Breakaway February 21-28, 2016, Cabin 12768 by PV57 Just returned from our 2nd NCL Breakaway cruise out of NY. We sailed out of NY on February 21 and returned on February 28. We had a wonderful time. While the weather was cooler than anticipated (compared to traveling this same itinerary in February of 2014), the trip was very relaxing and we enjoyed our time on the ship immensely. There were fairly "rough" seas on Friday during the day but all was calm by the evening. Continue reading... Breakaway February 21-28, 2016, Cabin 12768 Seabourn Quest Awesome ship & Unbelieveable Antarctic experience! by Mljva The Quest is a fantastic ship. Large enough to offer many of the things we enjoy on larger ships but small enough to get into areas (including the Antarctic Peninsula) that most cruise ships cannot. Our cabin was lovely and plenty large in area, storage, etc. for our 3 week cruise. I saw one comment about the small shower stalls and, yes, they are tiny but the water pressure is excellent and, unless you are very large, you can make do with the shower size. There is also a large and deep soaking bathtub in each bathroom. The staff is the best we have ever met. Continue reading... Awesome ship & Unbelieveable Antarctic experience! Star Princess Very good cruise, once you accept the large ship experience ( long review) by captanbob Let me begin by saying that we are not fans of large ships, as the crowds can be daunting. We have done 13 cruises on ships from 16 to 3000 passengers, chosen mainly by itinerary and scheduling. Most of our cruises have been on the Star Clippers sailing ships (which we love), but we have been on a Costa and a Carnival, as well as a Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossing. Continue reading... Very good cruise, once you accept the large ship experience ( long review) Norwegian Escape Escape to new surprises and service! by DCCyclist Having cruised prior on the Getaway, my expectations for this cruise was the same since Escape is a very similar ship. Throughout my journey, I was pleasantly surprised that NCL has changed a few things which prior NCL cruisers may notice, one of them being the quality of food and overall service. I will cover four main areas within this review: food, entertainment, service and value, in hopes of providing my overall experience while on the Escape. FOOD - Having numerous places to eat, it is literally impossible to have to go to the same venue twice during a seven night trip. Continue reading... Escape to new surprises and service! Carnival Dream Carnival Dream 3/6-3/13/16 by tkportersat Prior to the cruise we stayed at the Hampton Inn Harvey. Had a nice dinner at New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Company and then pretty much hunkered down in the room for rest after our 8 hour drive from Texas. The Hampton was clean and beds were comfortable, nice free breakfast the next morning. It would prepare us for crowds as it was packed with people just loading up plates as if it were their last meal. Continue reading... Carnival Dream 3/6-3/13/16 Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review! Your could be featured, and *you* could be wearing some logo stuff on your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
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