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  1. Just wondering what others are thinkings. Looking at the HAL site I see that the April 15, 2020 sailing of the Maasdam to Mexico can be booked (we were scheduled for the April 1 sailing). Is it realistic to think that cruising will restart the second half of April? I'm thinking of booking a cruise in May but will it really 'go'? I know there is a 'cruise guarantee' but I'm still waiting for my FCC from the canceled cruise.
  2. We’ve taken the first nonstop to SJU on cruise day departure and never have had a problem. If you have insurance or use Choiceair you’re covered if something happens. Look to see if the day after departure is a sea day or a port as that may make a difference. Of course, you’re more rested and can enjoy the afternoon of boarding day on the ship if you come in a day early. However, hotel rates are not cheap in San Juan so you’ll be paying for it.
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