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  1. You can use cash, or charge to your room (plus a 3% fee). Use your room key in the slot machines or get a separate casino card made.
  2. Since you can't cancel the transfers, use them both ways and check your luggage at the airport after the cruise, but rent a car before your flight. Should be less than cabs/Uber/Lyft both ways back to the French Quarter (if that's where you intend to go). The transfers to the port will start leaving by 10-10.30am most likely, so you won't have too long a wait after landing and getting your luggage.
  3. They're negotiable, but I don't need to sell them so I won't sell for cost. Has to be worth my while.
  4. I have 2 CN certificates that I'll sell for $325. Payment via Zelle or Paypal.
  5. Ditto, hair dryer was above the toilet in my inside stateroom.
  6. If you want to chat via the NCL app it's $9.95 per device, you don't need to have the paid for wifi, just thru the ship's connection that you use to connect to the NCL app. If you have purchased unlimited wifi package, you can skip the $9.95 fee and use an app that works similar to texting... Some friends suggested Viber and it works great. I'm sure there are others.
  7. Look at the difference in price of the unlimited social media package vs. the unlimited internet (with or without streaming). Then divide that difference by the number of days of your cruise. It may be better off to just to with the unlimited internet package from the start if you check email often, since the wifi can be slow. Pay as you go is 99 cents/minute I believe, so it adds up quickly. Or supplement with onshore wifi, though it does take some planning and time out of your day to find the free/cheap wifi.
  8. I'm on the Dec. 1st Getaway sailing and just got my EDOCs email yesterday (not using NCL air). So you're probably looking at this weekend as the soonest you will get them.
  9. You may want to post as a new topic in the NCL forum, or possibly theCruise Foodies section.
  10. It looks like about a 30 minute walk. Last November I rented a car from Hertz which is about a mile further from the port. The 5-8 minute Uber ride was about $15 with tip. I wouldn't walk it, especially at night due to traffic, but it is likely doable. Why not drive to the port at the end of the day (and drop off anyone in your party that can't/won't want to walk back), then drive to return the rental car, you can clock how far it is and if you think it's a safe, manageable walk. If not, just Uber or Lyft back to the ship.
  11. Yes, they did on 9/21 - 9/26 cruise.
  12. I was on the Sun two weeks ago and had embarkation lunch in the MDR (Deck 5 aft, Seven Seas Dining Room). The menu will likely vary, and it was not the same one as Post #5 above. I remember the Philly cheesesteak being on the menu (I'm from there and have had this on NCL before, it's pretty good) but this time I had chicken nachos and a salmon burger, both very good. Dessert was a key lime something or other, but was not very good. I had two Latitude dinners, so I used one for Cagney's (Moderno was the other). I highly recommend the T-bone steak. And their sea salt caramel cheesecake was one of the best non-chocolate desserts I've ever had on a cruise ship. Save room if you're so inclined!
  13. Poker on the larger ships (including the Getaway) is usually good, with a full table and often a waiting list during the evening hours. There is one table on most ships (the Epic has two), games typically start around 8pm or even earlier when at least 4-5 players sit in. If you have the players but no dealer there yet, ask a casino floor person/pit boss if they can open the game. Casino will shut down the game between 2-3am even if it's a busy table, if they are closing the other table games. The cash game is $2/5 NL with a 10% rake up to $25. Minimum rake is $1 so the blinds cannot chop if everyone else folds... someone loses $1. Dealer quality is hit or miss. They change out dealers every 30 minutes or so usually, and many are new(ish) to the game. I've seen many dealer errors, so pay attention to what's going on. They used to call string bets all the time, but they've gotten more reasonable with that in the past few years. It was really ridiculous what some of the dealers would cite at a "sting bet" when it was clearly not, and everyone at the table agreed it was not. But hopefully the dealers are better trained now and I've seen improvement in that particular area. If interested, below is a thread with some info on the poker tournaments that are available. Any other questions, feel free to post.
  14. Just to correct my post above about NCL only spreading $2-5 NL games. On my recent Sun cruise, there was no poker for the first few days due to limited interest, so the casino changed the game to $1-2 NL for the duration. We were able to get a game going one night. I guess this is on an onboard decision made by the casino management at the time.
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