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  1. I tried to send you a message but the feature is turned off…pls send me one.
  2. I’m a future resident, I’ve done my research, happy to answer any questions you may have.
  3. We are booked on this epic adventure & can’t wait to join this great community of like minded people & sail around the world! I hope others decide to join us!
  4. We are booked on Victoria Cruises Line world cruise. Over 200 port, 115 countries, 28 months, 7 continents, One epic adventure for 1 affordable monthly rental fee. We are about to embark on an around the world residential cruise with Victoria Cruises Line. It’s a brand new concept as it gives you all the perks of a cruise with a monthly rental structure while sailing around, traveling the world, at a reasonable price. The big advantage is that we stop at many ports for multiple days to allow us a proper emersion into the places we are visiting. It’s also an adults only ship, 18+ so no kids running around. This trip will take about 28 months to go around the world, but many of us have signed up for 37+ months taking advantage of a 40% discount, who knows we may never get off the ship. But one can join the adventure for as short as 6 months or take advantage of some of their last minute deals.
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