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  1. Thankfully, Roger's been vaccinated! Just be careful in the kitchen!
  2. What about multiple positive tests with the same 2 people? That's the case here...
  3. And it's just another reason to have cruises be 100% vaccinated. While it wouldn't be impossible to have a positive test on such a cruise, the likelihood of it happening is incredibly remote. There's probably a better chance of hitting a quarter sized target from 50 yards with a pea shooter than 2 vaccinated people transmitting Covid to one another. Having unvaccinated passengers is a road best avoided, IMO.
  4. NOT worldwide. 64% of the adult population in the US has at least one dose of a vaccine. This is according to Steve Kornacki. If anything, the numbers I used are an understatement, but it's what I saw last night. 64% would equal just over 163 million people with just one dose. Kornacki also mentioned 53% are fully vaccinated, meaning 135 million fully vaccinated adults over 18. Now, I would post the link to Kornacki pointing this out, but it could be perceived as political, but here's a screen shot:
  5. While it may not be the case, it sounds like they're procrastinating based on how it's being said.
  6. You are correct. But let's look at the numbers, which I saw reported today: Just over 10,000 people out of 101,000,000 people vaccinated.
  7. Then what I read was incorrect. Regardless, the point remains, they'll remained confined the final 2 nights on board and disembark with other passengers and head off to be quarantined at a hotel.
  8. They were confined to their cabin the final 2 nights on bard and disembarked at St. Maarten with the rest of the passengers. They were then put in quarantine at a hotel, unable to return home until they had a negative test. Presumably, they're still in that hotel.
  9. Quoting one of the greats here: “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” ― Harlan Ellison.
  10. It's all about the money. What will the politicians find more enticing? Money for the country and its residents (much like what is going to happen with this year's Alaskan cruises) or getting some cash from the special interest groups?
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