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  1. Thanks Cool Cruiser....YES, one of the things I have been told is, although it is a very simple document, but take your time in filling out the Visa...GET IT RIGHT, cause 'they' can be very strict and you find yourself spending another $75...Sounds like you got a reasonable Agent..
  2. Ok, Thanks wheezedr....So, let me try to be clear....I 'think' we can purchase them either at Check-in or on the ship. Normally you would purchase "One" for $75....You would actually get (2) 1 for getting off and 1 for getting back on the ship...So...What happens when I want to get off a second time?....I know this is being anal, but just curious how it all actually works. Going on a B2B on the Sunrise in 01/16/20....
  3. I understand a $75 Visa, along with your Pass Port, is required to get off in Havana. Now, I am on an over night stay in Havana. Is the $75 Visa only good for ONE time off ship? Also, I am reminded that you will get Visa forms to fill out...One to get off and one to get back........AND, don't screw up filling it out, cause it will cost you another $75....
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