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  1. Thank you very much, CruiseVA for that information.
  2. Another questions about the medallion. Have had a few occasions when my cruise card would become demagnitized. Can this also happen with the medallion?
  3. Thanks Jeter02.....have not played this game before. I believe that it is a cruise long game so is it announced in the first Patter or do you have to go to passenger services when you board?
  4. Enjoy your time aboard. We will be boarding in 6 weeks for our third cruise on this ship. Do you know if the ship has High Seas Heist with Detective Joe Kenda? Thanks a bunch.
  5. Thank you very much ell52 and Mike45LC. In spite of how I wrote it, you understood perfectly what I was trying to find out. It will make DH happy to know that there is an option which doesn’t involve us trying to get our larger suitcases off the ship on our own. Now we know what to do. Sandy
  6. Please don't make a presumption....I am not on FB for that very reason. Pop up ads are bad enough. Do I need for someone on the ship to know every time I head to the loo, don't think so!!! Just want to know if the card has tracking abilities.
  7. We have always used a Princess transfer to get us to the airport, sometimes including a tour on the way. This cruise ends in Quebec City will take a cab to the airport which will be significantly cheaper than taking the ship's transfer. I know that one can simply walk off the ship. Our issue is that we would be happy not to have to handle our large suitcases. Can we put them out the night before and still pick them up at the terminal? If yes, would we likely be restricted to a time frame? Flight leaves at 1:00 Needless to say that I will still confirm disembarkation procedure when on the ship but hope someone has already done this so we have advanced information.
  8. Not caring for the idea that the medallion will track your movements on the ship. See enough of that everyday simply by being on the computer and using a smart phone. I am not aware that the cruise card has this ability. Am I naive?
  9. For a long time, I wanted to do an Ultimate Ship's Tour so was happy when DD joined me on an Alaskan cruise on the Island Princess and we quickly signed up when we boarded. The gifts were a lovely perk even if we did basically pay for them. They are a wonderful remembrance of a time spent with my daughter. The only item we didn't receive was the personalized paper pad which I would have liked, but not really complaining. While I thought our photographer was rather impatient, and probably didn't want to accompany us, the rest of the crew were wonderful and did an excellent job. It truly was fascinating to be able to stand on the bridge and see some of the inner workings of the ship. Would highly recommend doing a UST. Sandy
  10. You are totally correct. Obviously my brain already thought I was on vacation. 😉
  11. We are flying into LaGuardia coming from Toronto for our September cruise and will take a Princess transfer from the airport to the hotel for pre-cruise time in NYC. We would be considered international but our instructions are just to look for the Princess rep after collecting our baggage in the claim area.
  12. Thanks a bunch, History_bits. I really appreciate you posting your experience. We have slightly less than 2 mos to go before the cruise so still have time to decide what we want to do. Sandy
  13. Thanks for being considerate in posting the link. I am aware that there are stickies above for both Ocean Ready and Ocean Medallion and have looked thru most of the posts and was advised to download all the apps. There is an excellent video that has been posted which I found helpful because it made me realize that most of the apps we wouldn't make use of hence my feeling so maybe it simply makes sense to wait til we get to the port. I responded to the OP here because of the Canadian connection.
  14. At this point, since we won't get the medallion shipped to us pre-cruise, considering that I won't bother downloading the Ocean Ready app. Not thrilled with the idea of scanning my passport and having that information on my phone. Have looked at the function of the app and not seeing anything that would be used by us. Might mean that check in is slightly longer but can deal with that. Could change my mind of course but I want the upcoming cruise to be as stress free as possible and just see a lot of hassle setting everything up on an app. Maybe I am being shortsighted but all comments on the Ocean Ready seem to be from Americans. Would like to see experience from Canadians or cruisers from other countries.
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