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  1. Wow. That is so not right. Hope there are other ships that will still be willing to go to Jamaica one day.
  2. What is going on in Jamaica that things are changing or being cancelled...
  3. Thanks for this reminder. But just to be sure the egiftcard you would get is just like physical gc's. In that they don't expire. We won't be cruising until 2021. Thanks
  4. I also use a card with no foreign transaction fees and extra points for travel purchases.
  5. I do Coke rewards and have gotten a few maybe decent rewards, the latest being free movie tickets as well as a large popcorn and a couple of drinks to go with them...lol. But will look into Verizon to see what they offer..lol
  6. Anyone have a link for Allstate? I went on there but it seems I have to have a policy in order to purchase any gift cards.
  7. We were going to combine our March cruise to Cuba along with staying in Miami for a couple days then Key West after the cruise for a few days. I hate to say hold off on Miami and Key West entirely because of this. Even thinking things will change in a couple of years. So we're just going to have to look for another 3-4 day cruise entirely for that March slot.
  8. Why does it seem you can still booka Cruise on the Carnival website?
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