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  1. Thanks for the replies! Sounds like Blue Lagoon is out. I forgot to mention that my 9 year old wants to be a cruise ship designer. :) Do you think the Doubletree view would be a thrill for him? Also, as long as there’s one decent casual restaurant option nearby, we are good with that. We will not have much time for shopping, etc.., Looks like pricing for Hampton Brickell and Doubletree are similar for that night if that makes any difference...
  2. Hi! My family of 4 including two kids will be traveling with my parents and adult brother to take a cruise out of Miami this April. I have narrowed it down to several hotels I have read good things about and would love your thoughts on which you would choose. 1) Hampton Inn Brickell 2) Doubletree Biscayne Bay (I love the waterfront location of this hotel, but have read some bad reviews, mostly of people who were switched to the "condo" section rather than the hotel. Is this a widespread issue?) 3) Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon Our top priorities would be a good pool for the kids, a safe neighborhood, and clean, nice rooms. We will likely not arrive until later afternoon/early evening the night before the cruise, so won't be doing a whole lot of sightseeing, etc... Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the helpful information. So am I understanding correctly that there are two options for soda packages... either $8/day per person, which I assume is unlimited and includes tip? or the $50 "gift card" type options where you pay $25 in advance and then swipe it each time you get a soda?
  4. Thank you for the information! Do you know if I would qualify for the $25 for $50 of soda discount deal if I buy it as a gift?
  5. My parents are taking a Holland America cruise this fall. My dad is very frugal, so although he loves soda, he never treats himself to the soda package. I thought it might be fun to give this to him as a birthday gift. First off, what is the current cost of the soda package? Also, what would the best way be for me to pay for this? Is there such a thing as a Holland America gift card that they could use to purchase it onboard, or is there a way for me to pay for it in advance? Thank you!
  6. Hi! Do you have suggestions for resources for last minute (2-3 weeks out) cruises that offer discounts? Is it best just to use the cruise line sites or are there better options? Thanks!
  7. We are slightly considering booking the first sailing after the current drydock (April 7) on the Navigator due to good pricing for the type of room we are looking for. I know some people are hesitant to book the first sailing after significant work is done for a number of reasons. What is your opinion? Would you do it? Also, other than adding all of the waterslides, etc... what other changes will be made? I've read some not some favorable reviews about the condition of the ship and staterooms prior to the drydock and was curious as to whether you anticipate these things to be improved after the current work. General opinions about the ship would be welcomed as well! Thanks!
  8. Thanks so much! That’s great information. It sounds like the ships are quite similar to you other than size and the extra pool? Quick question... was Grease appropriate for elementary aged kids? I know some parts of the movie are a bit questionable for younger ones and I wondered if they modified that on the cruise to make it more family friendly. 😊
  9. They are 9 and 12. Good to know that the port area is safe. On a shorter cruise, I don’t love the idea of only one port that we actually get off at, so it’s good to know that we could get off in Falmouth and not feel rattled around the port. Is it mainly just shopping and dining in the port?
  10. Thank you! Did you feel safe in the port area in Falmouth? I’ve heard even there the atmosphere is on the aggressive side in terms of vendors. Was that your experience?
  11. It is very interesting to hear that most people prefer the Independence. I completely get the 5 day vs 4 day issue, but interesting that it sounds like the Indy is more liked by those posting in general. I read tons of reviews on CC and Mariner seemed to be more highly regarded as a ship based on those reviews. Some of the reviews on the Independence mentioned very dated staterooms and some general disrepair and lack of cleanliness on the ship... did those sailing recently feel differently? We are newbies in terms of the ship options and this all feels pretty overwhelming!! Thank you!
  12. Thank you! Would you mind telling me what things on the Independence make you prefer the larger ship?
  13. Good suggestion! I would love to hear what things you prefer about the Voyager class if you don’t mind?
  14. Thanks for the information! Was the road to Dunn’s River Falls a rocky or bumpy one? When I went years ago, I remember it being really rough. Hopefully there have been improvements since then?
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