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  1. We always do sailaway from the very back of Two70.
  2. Thanks for the review; we're on Regal soon. We are just off Anthem of the Seas and people had their bluetooth thingies too but fortunately didn't run on their balcony for long. One person was on a public pool deck but not many people were around them. I agree--you may like your music, but I may not, so please use headphones. Is there still a Seafood buffet night on Princess? (haven't been on them since 2011)
  3. Your card is scanned at a special entrance. I was there last week and could not join the rest of the group who were doing the water slides.
  4. Just back today from Anthem 8 nighter. Royal Swedes were there, also the Journey tribute band Resurrection and they were fabulous.
  5. Just back today. Taxi to Atlantis was $4 per person in a van. I thought the beach day pass was worth it. There were six ships in port that day and the beach was not what I'd call crowded.
  6. We are just back from Anthem of the Seas today and we did a beach day pass that we bought from Atlantis online directly. Enjoyed the day there.
  7. Very close to the port and you'll have great photo opportunities of all the ships in port that day.
  8. I think people get involved in other activities, forget, or just say yes when they may or may not actually plan to show. When I plan an event I always expect at least 20% not to show, and that is usually the case. Once in awhile I get surprised and more show than I expect. We also had one M&M set up on NCL Gem years ago--lots of interest on CC, yet only about 8 of us showed--there were more officers than us. And one person with whom we hung for the rest of the cruise did not know about CC or the M&M, he just decided to see where 8 officers were going in a rush! LOL So on Princess you just assume it's the first sea day? I haven't been to a CC M&M on Princess yet. I'll have to check with our quite quiet roll call if anyone has contacted Princess yet. ALSO, off topic (i know tsk tsk on me) does Princess still do past guest party?
  9. Excellent! Thanks. Do they do that if we need express walk-off with all our stuff? I don't think we've ever done that on Princess--just other lines.
  10. All very helpful info, so thank you.
  11. What is in the concierge lounge besides a person to help with reservations?
  12. I remember years ago we had the suite breakfast at Sabatini's but don't see that specifically now under suite perks -- but it appears this could be the same thing? Complimentary Specialty Dining Mimosa Breakfast (daily)* Also, what is in the concierge lounge? A cappuccino machine would be great!
  13. Do you recall what night it was--or near the beginning or end of the cruise?
  14. Hi OP. We were on Escape last year Thanksgiving week. Thought it was a nice ship. Love having ships in NY and NJ from which to choose. Haven't had a bad cruise yet--on any major cruiseline. And we like variety. That particular week is a teachers workshop/convention in NJ (for part of that week anyway) and some schools are closed several days or the whole week. That's probably part of the reason for the higher airfare.
  15. Hello OP. We are big fans of Anthem. Love 270 as well. Fabulous space. So you said there were door prizes at the M&M? Other recent posters have mentioned no prizes at all anymore on Anthem. Last time I was Anthem, and the prior times, we were given tickets and RC items and wine were raffled off. Did this happen on this cruise? Also, someone just this morning sent me a youtube video about Oasis enhancements during refurb and now I want to go on it--especially while out of Cape Liberty! Looks fabulous and refreshed. 😁
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