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  1. That's what I was thinking too! LOL!
  2. Awww that's a shame that you lost that photo... I LOVED that photo too!! Not many stand out on CC, but that one certainly did for me! You'll have to take a new one and use that :)
  3. That's good to know... and definitely a bonus if we go that way, thanks! :)
  4. Oh Wow! I sure hope that's not what she was trying to do... and considering how adamant I was about wanting to escalate my issue, I'm inclined to think that wasn't happening in this case. But I'd never even heard of such a thing... so unethical! Glad to hear that your personal experiences improved considerably - gives me hope!! LOL By the way... did you used to have a big chocolate lab laying upside down with a big tongued smile on his face as your picture? Your moniker is familiar... :)
  5. That's pretty standard with most cruise lines... along with many other caveats that the cruise lines technically have at their disposal.
  6. **UPDATE** Shortly after reaching out to the North American head office in Fort Lauderdale, I was contacted by the head of the Canadian office - he apologized for the frustration and challenges I've been facing, and agreed that there was a lack of communication and that they are indeed aware that they need to make serious improvements in the North American market, most recently with their Canadian clients - he acknowledged that they are struggling with their call centre staff, and training is a big issue - the call centre has only been open "a few months", and the challenges have unfortunately resulted in many customer service failings. He is committed to seeing improvements as they move forward, and is glad I felt comfortable enough to escalate my concerns. He had listened to the recorded call, and stated he couldn't disagree with anything I said. He appreciates the candor and feedback, and wishes more clients would be honest and forthright - it helps them improve, and that's what they're trying to do. Knowing how a customer truly feels is the best way to truly resolve it, he said. He's right. He has now resolved the issue that led me to contact them in the first place today - he has applied the reduction and I have kept my original room. He was very appreciative, and seemed genuinely interested in hearing from me upon our return from our cruise. Here's hoping future interactions with them go as smoothly as both he and I are hoping. :)
  7. It's both, actually... and it's not a difficult challenge to overcome for most cruise lines. As for being unhappy with MSC... I'm not able to form an opinion yet about the actual cruise experience, and still plan to have a great cruise. It's the pre-cruise administrative experience that is fraught with issues thus far, and it appears I'm not alone with feeling that way. But as I've indicated previously, I've cruised enough to know that our pre-cruise experience is not necessarily going to be an indicator of what our actual on-board cruise experience is, so we're looking forward to the cruise. If we enjoy it enough to cruise with MSC again in the future, we'll definitely take the advice of others and use a TA.
  8. I'm glad to hear that your experiences have been so positive, and indeed, I've heard that by and large, the onboard experience for many cruisers who have decided to try out MSC have also been quite good. That's one of the reasons that we decided to give MSC a try. If every aspect of the MSC product was consistently negative or poor, that would have eliminated them as a choice for new cruising experiences. I've also been reading more and more about the negative administrative interactions (read: pre and post cruise) that many folks have had, and that quite often their customers recommend using a TA to avoid the hassle of dealing with them directly. Until now, we've generally preferred to work directly with each cruiseline to retain some control, and we've always found the process of dealing with them quite painless and smooth. But, if we choose to cruise with MSC again in the future, we most definitely will retain the services of a good TA to alleviate the frustration.. and hopefully, eventually, MSC will improve their processes to a point that they actually WILL be as easy to work with as other cruise lines. We've never had a "bad" cruise... but this pre-cruise experience definitely qualifies as bad so far. Thankfully, we're seasoned enough to know that land versus sea staff experiences can be quite different, and we're looking forward to the cruise itself.
  9. Upon contacting MSC to originally book our cruise, we were advised that should there be a lower advertised price on their webpage prior to final payment, the reduction would be applied with "a quick phone call to their call centre". This is the way it's done with most cruise lines, and we've never had an issue with retaining our original cabin... until now.
  10. The final leg of our cruise is that same itinerary as yours... it's a really nice one :) Celebrity does a pretty good job of laying out the rooms so they're nicely organized - I'm sure you and your daughters will have a great time! :)
  11. You're welcome :) We'll be in an oceanview for a B2B2B in Jan/Feb... so I'll have even more pics and info then if you're willing to wait. :)
  12. For all of you who have also experienced less than mediocre customer service from MSC for your pre-cruise interactions, I hear ya! Unfortunately, I'm quickly realizing that booking our first MSC cruise will likely be our last as well. I have literally spent over 8 hours on hold waiting for the phone to be answered by them on various dates over the last couple of weeks, with the quickest answer time being 47 minutes today. Not even exaggerating! The Canadian website is atrociously flawed, with no ability to book any extra dining or excursions, etc. The ONLY thing visible is the itinerary. I can't review any of my booking details, and have been told repeatedly that I have to phone them directly if I need ANYTHING done. Well there's valuable time out of my life that I'll never get back. This morning I noticed that there was a price drop on the cruise we have booked for next May, and I tried to phone them to have my cruise re-fared. When I FINALLY got through after 47 minutes, the agent I spoke with was able to see the price reduction, but then went on to say she couldn't make any changes to my existing booking, including the re-fare. She said the only way to apply the lower price is to completely cancel my booking, then "rebook you at the lower price, and I will try to get the same cabin, but I'm not sure I can". WHAT?! We are booked with friends, and we have side by side balcony cabins... and there appear to be only a couple of balcony cabins left on that sailing. She said "It's possible that when I cancel your booking, someone else might book it... I can't assure you that you will get the same cabin, but you should be able to at least get a balcony." ???? Are you freaking kidding me?! I've NEVER heard of such an asinine process... EVER! We've cruised on various different cruiselines almost 40 times over the last 12 years, and have often called for price drops prior to final payment - but have NEVER encountered anything like this. This is just plain stupid! So I told her do NOT cancel my booking, instead, let me speak with your manager. Her response? "Well he's gone for lunch now, and he couldn't make this change either anyway." (Count to ten and breathe, Celine... just breathe) "Regardless of whether or not he can make these changes, I want to speak with him anyway. Please have him call me" ... and then she says "Well I can't assure you he'll call you back because he might not because he can't make the changes either." Just wow. WOW!! I reminded her that these calls are recorded, and that I'm specifically stating that I want the manager to phone me back as soon as possible. I also advised her that MSC currently has what is probably the worst reputation in the North American market for administrative service. Just abysmal. And my experience with her is exactly why they have that bad reputation, and that I sure hope my on-board experience is significantly better than my pre-cruise experience. She simply repeated that she doubts he'll call me back because she knows he can't make the changes without canceling my booking first and starting again too. Just wow. Even when I asked for her name, it was a dodgy exchange... Her: "My name is Nan...(mumbling something unintelligible)" Me: "Pardon?" Her: "Nan.. (again, mumbling) is my name" Me: "Can you please spell that?" Her: "N-A-N-D-I-E... no... I mean N-A-N-D-Y" Me: "Are you sure that's how it's spelled?" Her: "Yes, and my manager might not call you back because he can only do what I can do" Me: "Ya... I got that the first several times you mentioned it, and I say again, I want to speak with him regardless of what process you have in place for honouring, or not honouring, price reductions prior to final payment." Then I Gave her my contact numbers and full name again, since she seems to have a problem with memory retention. Will I hear back from him? Doubt it. Will I have any success in seeing my cruise re-fared without the risk of losing my present cabin? Doubt that too. Will I do everything I possibly can to keep climbing the MSC ladder until I find someone in a position to actually listen to how utterly ridiculous my experience has been thus far with MSC? Yup... I'm retired with a lot of time on my hands, and I'm nothing if not resolute and determined when something like this gets on my nerves. You can bet I'm now going to dedicate my immediate future to making MSC feel as frustrated with me as I am with them. Will it mean they improve the way they interact with their customers? Probably not. Will it solve anything for me? That's not likely either. Will it keep my mind sharp and give me a reason to use wine to wet my whistle while speaking with them? Sure... not that I need a reason to pour an occasional glass of wine. Will it allow me to keep my fingers nimble thanks to the emails and correspondence that I'll be engaged in? Yup. Stay tuned... this should prove to be interesting... certainly more so than watching bad day-time TV anyway.
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