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  1. How much does the "back home clean" service cost? Thanks.
  2. Just received our upgrade confirmation. Booked a sail-away balcony for $329 pp on the Sun leaving 9/2/19. Offered $400 per person (the absolute minimum) for a Forward-Facing Penthouse Suite and it was accepted. That makes it $729 pp for a suite! Not bad! Now just waiting to see if we actually get on the ship... Hoping Dorian doesn't delay too much of our trip (and of course hoping that the impact to other people and locations are MINIMAL)!
  3. The Escape. My husband LOVED the district and we kept saying how fun it would have been with a bunch of friends. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. What ship would this have been? August 6th or 8th out of Vancouver... Jewel?
  5. You all are definitely my people! I do much of what you're all posting, and it's fun to hear about everyones pre-cruise planning techniques (and compulsions). Here are a few things I will add: -If there is time in port to hit up a local restaurant, I visit Yelp to read reviews and view menus to see where I want to go. This really helped when we were in Bermuda for 3 days and had lots of opportunities to eat off the ship. I also use Google Maps street view to get an idea of what the area will look like. It's always fun to look up something on street view and then stand in that actual spot a few months later. Surreal! -I plan on what books I'm going to take with me. Usually I read various current listicles like "books you need to read on the beach this summer" or "great vacation reads." I usually read on my Kindle, using my library's ebook portal. I make my lists and try to have a few options so at least something is available to download before I travel. - Although CruiseCritic is the best place to read reviews, I scour the internet for other blog posts or travel website reviews of the ship I'll be traveling on, or the ports I'll be visiting. -I look up the drink menus for each bar on board and make a "must try" list for different cocktails and at which bar they are available at (some drinks are only available at certain bars.) The planning part is SO FUN but a lot of it goes out the window when I travel because I end up wanting to just relax instead of doing everything I had planned. It is such a nice feeling though when you feel like you did everything you wanted to do by the end of a vacation. Although I prefer to have every minute of my vacation accounted for (to make me feel like I'm getting the biggest bang for my buck), I have to remind myself to slow down when I'm actually on vacation and not try to rush to do everything. Plans always change and some things just end up being impossible. Keeping my own schedule is hard; especially because of the increased activity level (and increased cocktail consumption...) so I end up taking more naps than I do in regular life. I have to remind myself that I'm on vacation and relaxing is my number one priority.
  6. There are terrible people on every ship, and the beverage package doesn't help when they decide to show off their crazy side. I was on the Dawn earlier this year and a man cut in front of the entire bar line of about 10 people in Bliss to order. Everyone was just kind of looking at him, and I was the only one to say "The line starts back here." He came right up to me, put his face right in my face, and started just SCREAMING at me. I'm a woman and I had this big guy drunkenly screaming info my face. I remember his spit landed on my face. He was slurring his words and not making any sense, but just yelling into my face because I called him out on his "mistake." I told him he was drunk and he didn't need anything more to drink and he said, "Yeah, but guess what? They're going to keep serving me anyway." He actually said that. I ignored him, he the proceeded to stand directly next to me while I waited in line for my drink. When I got to the bar I told the bartenders what happened, still with him standing there swaying all over, and said "this man has been over served and you shouldn't give him anything else. He's going to start an actual fight." They just kinda shrugged their shoulders and said "do we need to call a manager?" I said yes, the manager told me that because he didn't see the incident there was nothing he could do, and they gave the guy two more beers. It was a horrible experience and NCL really disappointed me. Still makes me shudder to think about that guy in my face. What a trash human.
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