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  1. Mattman1 - I agree that NCL could have given a few more details. The officer I spoke to said they had lost one engine, but that leaves three still working (perhaps the person who told you it was down to one engine thought the ship only had two engines). interestingly, I saw some engineers wearing Man Diesel (the engine manufacturer) uniform around the ship yesterday, so I wonder if they were already working on a problem. When the noise happened we thought we had hit something and sat awake for some time expecting to hear the emergency signal - pretty scary at the time.
  2. Turns out it is $100 per person regardless of whether booked on a trip, which seems very fair. Issue caused by failure of a diesel generator resulting in reduced maximum speed. DUBROVNIK CANCELLATION.pdf
  3. We are currently on the Norwegian Star and have woken up expecting to be docked in Dubrovnik, but found ourselves in the middle of the Adriatic instead. The Captain has just made an announcement to say that our stop in Croatia has been cancelled for technical reasons and that we will head straight to Venice arriving as expected tomorrow morning. This follows some strange occurrences in the night. At around 1:15am the ship vibrated / shook violently for around 30 seconds, this was followed two coded messages to crew members over the tannoy during the next fifteen minutes and the emergency lighting around the ship came on. I’m a bit sad to miss Dubrovnik, but I guess safety has to be a priority. Hopefully nobody has been hurt and the technical issues don’t prevent a safe return to Venice. It would have been nice to have a little more information on the technical issues. They have announced that all excursions will be refunded along with an additional $100 on board credit, but I don’t quite see why people who have booked a trip get compensation, but us DIY people don’t as we are all missing the port. Anyway, we’ll just have to make the best of another day at sea while hoping the technical issues are kept under control. Andy
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