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  1. Very sorry if asked and answered, but has anyone been able to determine whether there will be an Arctic or Norway cruise in summer 2021? I see that Jewel has one this year in June from Copenhagen. Any guesses which ship or which of the Europe sales phases?.
  2. I'm guessing that this has been asked probably more than once, or there is an existing thread on these kind of questions, but it has been a while since I have been to CC and the format and my searching skills are poor. So, sorry in advance. I notice that, with a few exceptions, the bigger ships seem to be scheduled and for sale in June and July 2021, but there is nothing for the ships in the smaller classes. I looked on the NCL site to try to see whether they have deployment release dates but couldn't really find anything, and press releases from last year were inconclusive. Is there an expectation of when these itineraries will be available? We've taken a couple years off from NCL cruising, but we usually book around now for the summer two years in the future, and I'm reasonably sure that I've booked many of these ships around now -- Sun and Jade, for example. Thanks!
  3. Not sure if they have them. I guess their partners aren’t complaining?
  4. I think a traditional baccarat and mini baccarat table usually state the odds on a tie bet as "9 for 1." And while I don't know anything about slots, aren't the winnings traditionally posted on the machines if they still do it that way effectively "for" odds? Like if the machine says that three triple bars pays "300" for a three unit bet, isn't that effectively the same as 300 for 3 (or 100 for 1)? Same with video poker maybe?
  5. If a wager pays 2:1, or “two to one” it pays out a $10 chip next to the original five $ bet. If it pays out “two for one” it means the five dollar bet is forfeit once played regardless of result and twice the bet is returned for a win. A regular hand of blackjack pays 1:1. A winning two card 21 usually pays 2:1 or maybe less depending on house rules. Edit: Sorry, 3 to 2 on two card 21 or “blackjack” of course or 6:5 etc. 2 to 1 would be nice.
  6. It's hard to understand why there is such confusion. "Play until you lose" is a weird way to describe what is actually happening here. Everyone loses hands in a casino even when they win overall. If you play for any reasonable period of time in you will always eventually lose your promo chips. I mean, unless you go on such an amazing heater that you are wealthy beyond imagination and never lose and so stop caring whether your promo chips are redeemable. The only tricks here are (1) figuring out what denomination to purchase to ensure that you will have adequate turnover during your cruise, and (2) making sure that you don't psychologically change your betting approach based on the character of the freeplay chips and a sense that you want to "lose" them quicker. There are definitely some gamblers for whom this promotion does not make sense at all. For example, if your style is to walk into a casino with a particular stake and make a decision that you will leave the moment you are up $x, then this is not for you. But if you like to spend 4 or 5 hours on a cruise playing blackjack, you really will not have any problem turning over the promo chips and at least one of the packages would give you a nice bump depending on the table minimum and the typical average bet you make. For a $25 player who plays a few hours here and there, it is virtually inconceivable you won't lose 44 or 88 hands. In the absolute "worst" case, if you have played several hours and you are done and you haven't lost your 88 hands, you are up a considerable amount of money, and you could simply take your remaining promo chips -- which are unlikely to be more than a few hundred dollars -- and put them all on red or black and keep playing until you lose. But, again, this is very unlikely for anyone but the person who forgets he or she has the promo chips until the last night of the cruise and so starts acting irrationally.
  7. That makes things easy then. Craps would take too long and I don’t care much for blackjack.
  8. I guess another way to ask the question would be to try to figure out what point on the distribution curve is equally likely to walking out with $1920 (my break even). Assuming the peak of the curve on a 1 percent house edge game starting out with $2200 is around $2060 (as you have shown) I would expect that a result of $1920 is probably about as likely as a result of $2200. That seems worth doing for someone with the discipline. One other bit of important information is how commissions are paid on baccarat on RCI ships on bank wins and whether they can be taken down with promo chips.
  9. This is really excellent. Here’s the question I have but I really don’t have the math or stats skills to figure it out. I am not much of a gambler but if presented with an opportunity where it is more probable than not that I would profit and I can afford the loss I would probably take it if the time investment and opportunity costs were not excessive. Like if you offered me a flip of a fair coin for a $55 win and a $50 loss, I would say yes. In short, I value a 50 percent chance at winning $100 as worth $50. But that doesn’t mean I would value a 1 percent chance to win one billion dollars at $10 million because I do not have $10 million to lose and a 99 percent chance of doing so is not acceptable to me. So, I’m trying to figure out where on the spectrum this would fall for me. Let’s suppose I am willing to make the same bet over and over without variation at the table minimum. I will bet only bank at baccarat. I will bet until my last free play chip is lost but no more. Let’s also imagine that I am working toward spending bonuses on credit cards and so I am always looking for ways to spend on the cards for rewards. Let’s say I am working toward a bonus on one card at the moment where my effective return is 4 percent. So, to spend $2,000 on this card would give me $80 in effective good-as-cash benefits. in short, every dollar I walk out of the casino with above $1920 is a win and every dollar below is a loss. My question is if I play my $2,200 in chips in the manner described what is the percent chance I will be < $1920 and what is the chance I will be > $1920? I realize the answer depends on the table limits and the lower the limits the better my chances so I guess the first bit of info I need is the table minimum for baccarat. But assuming, say $25, does anyone have the math skills to explain to me how to answer this question?
  10. Just a quick follow up — Delta finally relented and fixed this on transpacific and transatlantic routes. It seems they were undermining customer expectations on joint venture partners’ legitimate premium economy products.  https://pro.delta.com/content/agency/us/en/news/news-archive/2018/november-2018/delta-comfort--switches-from-premium-economy-to-economy-shelf-fo.html
  11. I’m guessing this is a YMMV situation but in case there is a standard practice I thought I’d ask before I bought the refreshment packages. Two passengers, one with mobility difficulties. If we both buy the refreshment package, can I go to the cafe in the morning and get two lattes if I bring both cards?
  12. The vast majority of Amex’s revenue is swipe fees. Nearly $20 billion per year. Amex is still very much a bank. It’s banking revenues dwarf the revenues of its travel affiliates.
  13. Gotcha -- I'll just bring my card and see. I'll report back.
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