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  1. Darn! Hoping your cruise was before ours. We'll share our thoughts when we get back...
  2. We have also booked cabin 10106 for a cruise in late October. We would sure like to know your thoughts of the cabin upon your return. In case you haven't seen it, there is a very good tour of the cabin at the beginning of the YouTube link. Ray
  3. Thanks for the reply. I share a lot of the same thoughts as you. Our cruise is in 60 days and I guess NCL does not post their decisions until shortly before sail date. It's a long wait. We are in Front facing penthouse suite and am hoping (and bidding) on a couple suites that are actually within the Haven complex. Time will tell! Ray
  4. We have cruised many times with NCL but this is the first time we have bid on a cabin/suite upgrade. Does anyone know what criteria they use for selection---other than bid amount? Do they ever take into consideration the number of NCL cruises a person has taken or your Latitudes level? I would suspect that those factors are not considered in the selection process but thought I would ask... Ray
  5. Hi, Thanks so much for the reply. I have heard of the software but have never used it. I think I will give it a try. If I screw up, no one else will know. Best of luck to you and your family and all of your cruise adventures. We didn't start cruising until my 50th birthday. You have plenty of time to reach the 21 cruise mark. If any of your travels bring you to Southern California please let us know... Ray
  6. Hi, Great video. We are a few years older than you and we are about to start of 21st cruise and that will probably our last because of health issues. Most of our cruises have been on NCL and the last will be on the Bliss. I really like what you did and I am thinking about doing the same with our cruising "career". Can you share with me what software you used to make the video? It might be to complicated for us old timers but thought I would give it a try. Ray
  7. I have also booked a Haven Forward Facing Suite on The Bliss on deck 10. I'm in 10106 for a 10/27/2019 cruise. The only thing I'm not happy with is the size of the balcony.
  8. On our last NCL cruise we were in an Aft facing suite. The only issue I had was the distance I had to walk to get to the Haven restaurant. Our next NCL cruise we are staying in a forward facing penthouse on deck10. The walk to the Haven will be much shorter.
  9. That would be great news. I have seen posts, where folks stated that their Butlers told them that they needed to order party trays from room service at a cost to the passenger. Over the years, we have had some outstanding Butlers who went above and beyond with the food items they provided.
  10. On previous cruises we have used our butler to provide snacks and party trays for functions that we were hosting. I understand that NCL does not allow that service anymore. Has anyone had any recent experiences with Butlers providing any type of snacks for private functions? Ray
  11. Outerdog--Well said and I couldn't agree with you more. We have cruised 21 times without any issues except I came down with the dreaded Norovirus on our last cruise. Thatssofetch---Hope you have a beautiful wedding and honeymoon---Just be careful crossing the street.
  12. Tsdcruiser--------Since you specifically mentioned NCL in your last post, I making an assumption that you are cruising on NCL. If I'm incorrect then disregard the rest of this post. I think most cruise lines have "special needs" departments. If you are not cruising with NCL then might check with your cruise line. If you are cruising with NCL, I am attaching a link to their special needs function. It might contain some helpful information for you. I have cruised NCL with a scooter several times and I have found them very accommodating. https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising Ray
  13. Until recently, Cruise Critic boards had a tab which consisted of the login name for all of it's members. Does that still exist somewhere?
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