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  1. tbmrt

    Paradise Beach

    Coming to Cozumel and was disappointed to read many negative reviews re: Chankanaab which was always our go to when we visited there. Paradise Beach has great reviews. However, seeing all the inflatables I'm wondering if there is a quieter section of the beach to relax at. (2 adults)
  2. Thank you so much...I've done many long trip reports on CC, but nothing close to your thread!
  3. We have gone to Krazy Lobster a few times and loved the food, service and massages. However, last time we were there the beach had washed away, leaving only a few feet of sand between chairs and water. I seem to remember a small bridge to climb over sandbags. Not sure where we will go in December. Can someone recommend a beach either all inclusive or not where the beach is better than at Krazy Lobster?
  4. Is Quisine the same as Le Petite Chef? Read that there was a front and back side to menu, one not matching animation?? Tx again
  5. Thanks for these...I thought San Marco was for early/late dinner diners...What is without reservations....For Anytime diners?
  6. Thanks for this photo...I had originally had a cabin on Deck 7 over these and I really wouldn't like looking down at them.
  7. When we were in Puerto Rico in February my husband had the best Old Fashioned ever. Had some sort of cinnamon stick in it. Have you ever tried that?
  8. We live about 30 minutes north of Tampa and agree that the RCCL ships out of Tampa really need an update. We love the ease of cruising from Tampa. We cruised from Puerto Rico on Virgin Voyages in February. The flight times were crazy and waiting in the airports were a pain. Every time we drive to embark on a Miami departure we usually get lost driving when we get close to the port. Tried flying, but dislike having to spend so much time in the airport. Really wish Brightline from Tampa to Miami was completed. Another plus for cruising out of Tampa is that we don't have to leave our beloved standard poodle with his sitter the day before our cruise. Love this thread!
  9. Thanks! I don't think the crew door is a problem because we'd sleep through a hurricane! I am concerned about the canvas covers though...Would my cabin be over these? If so, looking down may be a problem. Also is window scaffolding that close to our cabin? You are the best! Hope you're having a wonderful cruise.
  10. Since your cabin is so close to 8141, can you tell me what the "white" boxes are looking down from balcony? Also, is there much noise from the crew area outside the cabin? Thanks so much for doing so much for everyone in this thread!
  11. Sorry I just saw that you were on Deck 8 in one of your earlier posts!
  12. We will be in 8141 Concierge in December. Thrilled about these perks. I was trying to count down the cabin numbers to determine if our cabin has bed near balcony or near window. Are you on Deck 8? How do you like your location? Thanks!
  13. Just saw this menu on Constellation and unfortunately nothing appeals to me. Is it possible to order something else, i.e., plain chicken?
  14. Just read this in a FB group: (Hope some of the rooms have been refreshed) -Our cabin on deck seven hasn’t been refurbished. Very dated and balcony grubby. -Our room on 8 has not been redone either. It’s not bad but it would have been a nice surprise. I just wanted the shower door instead if a curtain. Oh well!
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