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  1. If anyone is interested in meeting Mudhen, they should be at the pool bar every day around 1100. As charter members of the Bloody Mary and Margarita Society, I would expect them to uphold its customs and traditions. Have a safe and wonderful cruise and looking forward to reading about your adventures. Z and TB
  2. Rich: I hope you all have a safe trip home. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Your daily inputs were the highlight of my CC reading and we look forward to another great adventure onboard the Splendor. Wish we were joining yous. Z and TB
  3. Flossie: We wish you happy sailings and a great time. You mentioned that this is your first segment. Where do you disembark? Love the pic of your approach to Athens. Z and TB
  4. Kudos to your room stewards and to Regent for making this day extra special for Shauna. I can see how happy she is and her expression says it all. I would assume that 22 panko shrimp would just be as an appetizer! I could eat them for dessert if I could get away with it. Enjoy your cruise!!! Z and TB
  5. Oh my goodness!!! Another Mr. Rumor production! Thanks to Karen and John who texted me about your “Live From” blog. Happy birthday wishes to the Little Boss and glad that she will get her special Beatles night as well as her Regent gold pin. She looks as if she’s having a blast. Your posts remind us of our Montreal to Miami cruise last October which was inspired by the same cruise you guys had done previously. However, ours was a wet cruise with rain in most ports. Glad you had the panko shrimp and recommend you special order them before the end of the cruise. Please tell Mario and Maggie that Pam and Roberto say hello and hope we see them onboard the Explorer next March. Enjoy the rest of the cruise and keep up the posts and pics! Z and TB
  6. I heard from friends that Benji just got back onboard. If so, recommend sitting in his section when dining in Compass Rose. He is one of the best waiters. Z and TB
  7. We’ve cut down our cruises for the next couple of years so we can do some other travel. We are seeing our daughter in Vegas next year as well as going to California for her wedding, New York for a Yankees game, Charleston for the Citadel graduation, and a ten day Carib cruise in March onboard the Explorer. I’m on a new five year contract with Uncle Sam and lost some of my vacation time, which puts a damper on our travel time. I hope you have a great cruise and please give us a “Live From” while onboard. BTW, read “The Widow Clicquot” by Tilar Mazzeo for the story behind the woman who made this champagne famous. Miss you guys. Z and TB
  8. Don’t worry. As long as we’re around you won’t have to leave it in the bar! Z and TB
  9. The Boss makes German potato salad and she adds bacon plus makes a roux with a little bacon fat and flour, then adds equal parts vinegar and sugar. Now that I write this, I realize that it probably isn’t too healthy for you. But, it tastes wonderful and is a hit at BBQs. It goes great with my famous ribs. Come on over to south Florida and we’ll make you some. Z and TB
  10. Yep, I did ask about SAS regarding how was the flight which you answered for us. Unfortunately, we’ve had to cut back on our cruising for the next two years due to having to go to a wedding, a graduation, and Yankee Stadium next year. I also lost a third of my vacation time since I switched companies to one who recently won a five year contract with Uncle Sam. We are now on a 10-day western Carib in Mar 2020 and 15-day Miami to NYC in May of 2021. Less expensive and we can do some more land trips. Sorry to see your cruise come to an end. We have thoroughly enjoyed your narrative and great sense of humor. Z and TB
  11. Bob: what a wonderful thread. You deserve the golden sombrero award for your efforts. I really love your pics and my favorite one is the one above from Flam. It may have been cloudy, but the contrast between the darkness of the sky and the bright colors of the ground is in perfect harmony. Of course my second favorite pic are all the ones about food. Have a safe trip home. Z and TB
  12. Panko crusted shrimp is one of our favorites and we cannot get enough of them. I’m telling The Boss she needs to make her version of them this week. Z and TB
  13. You are already off to a great start and we are looking forward to your reports. Enjoy your cruise. Curious about your flight on SAS. Z and TB
  14. Wonderful thread and your pics are beautiful especially the sunset ones above. Breathtaking and serene. Z and TB
  15. Hi, Jackie. She is in Las Vegas and will get married in Malibu. Z and TB
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