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  1. Let’s all hope everyone will be ok. Another earthquake hit this morning. We haven’t been able to get a hold of relatives this week. One of my coworkers is sitting in the dark in his vacation home drinking warm rum and coke. Z and TB
  2. Are we talking Dublin, Belfast, or both? You can’t beat the Guinness tour in Dublin especially if you go with a non drinker so you can have their pint. The views from the tasting room are spectacular. I believe that Regent has a minimum of two hours between tours if one is taking two tours in one day. BTW, any tours planned in La Coruña in NW Spain? Hopefully, you can experience Santiago de Compostela and the incredible Camino De Santiago. Enjoy your cruise. Z and TB
  3. Not sure about the treasure chest. However, walking around Old San Juan is awesome. There is so much history and sites to see such as the Capilla del Cristo, la Rogativa, El Morro fort, the cemetery, Parque de las Palomas, or even walking the Paseo de la Princesa around the waterfront and leading to the fort. More importantly, the movie "Captain Ron" was filmed throughout OSJ. All these sites are within walking distance from the ship, with the exception of El Morro which and the cemetary, which is on the north side of OSJ. Having a cold drink on the outdoor tables at the south end of Calle del Cristo is always a great way to relax and people watch. As a kid, we used to visit OSJ whenever we were in that part of the island, and as an adult I've spent a lot of time visiting PR and always make it a point to see OSJ. I was fortunate enough to have been stationed in PR for a couple of years back in 2001 and one of my duties was to escort foreign national military personnel on sightseeing and shopping trips in between flying counterdrug missions. OSJ was always a hit with them especially hitting up some of the local establishments and watering holes on Uncle Sam's dime. Those two years in PR allowed our kids to become familiar with the island's beautiful beaches, nature, and heritage. I was on a Regent cruise about five years ago and, on the day prior to arriving in PR, I decided to drink up the ship's rum and wine inventory during the afternoon and the block party. During that soiree, I invited half the ship to go on a walking tour of OSJ the next day. I realized I must have had a large time the night before when we arrived in OSJ and there a few couples waiting pierside for my "private" tour. Unfortunately, I had no recollection of having invited any of them. Regardless, we had a great time, especially after a little hair of the dog at El Convento where I had the coldest Medalla Light beer ever. I declared myself fully mission capable and proceeded to show the folks the sites and all the legends of OSJ. Looking forward to hearing about your experience after your stopover. Z and TB
  4. I like the tapas and cold drinks available at the hotel El Convento’s bar which resides in a courtyard on the north end of the hotel. The hotel is located on the corner of La Caleta de las Monjas and Calle del Cristo across from the cathedral). I also like Cafe Boriken (formerly El Puerto Rico) for local food and great Piña Coladas. It is located northeast of the pier at the SW corner of Plaza Colon. Also, Barrachina (Calle de la Fortaleza west of Calle de San Jose Street) where the Piña Colada was supposedly invented. Our youngest ate there recently and loved it. Try to order some mofongo at any of the local restaurants and an ice cold Medalla Light beer. If you have any rum, ask for Don Q Crystal. None of that Bacardi stuffwhich is for tourists. All the above places are easily walkable from the pier. Enjoy your stay! Z and TB
  5. Whether this show was or was not sanctioned by Regent is one thing. I would believe that the show’s producers/editors had the final say as to what was presented. However, we have met John Barron several times and must say he is a top notch cruise director and entertainer. He is also a hard working CD with the customers’ interest in mind. I would say that those that find him to be under par are in the minority of passengers’ opinion of him. He’s got our vote. Thanks Stickman for the link. Z and TB
  6. Too bad we don’t have access to it here in the US unless someone posts it in YouTube like the previous program. I would love to see it. Z and TB
  7. Walking old San Juan is always a treat. I would recommend a historical or a foodie walking tour. There is so much history and legends throughout its streets and alleys. Don’t forget to have a good Piña Colada or a cold local beer. Z and TB
  8. We did the British Isles cruise this past June and loved it. Our favorite tours were the Loch Ness tour, Titanic tour in Belfast, and going to the Guinness Brewery. We actually loved the most the two days in Lindon and three in Dublin we spent on our own. Z and TB
  9. That’s John Barron, one of Regent’s best cruise directors. He works very hard in making guests happy. He also does a great show. Z and TB
  10. Very thoughtful thread. We also would like to share our sentiments with all. We wish everyone health, happiness, and upsells. We are grateful for our loved ones and the opportunity to enjoy cruising with such wonderful friends (especially John and Karen who we have cruised with several times). We hope 2020 brings out the Marco Polo in us all and we see the world together. Z and TB (aka Roberto and Pam)
  11. Concur with Deepfreeze. Just show up. I also have never seen anyone checking names plus there is plenty of everything. The same happened to me on my last cruise. Z and TB
  12. Jackie: you have definitely outdone yourself on this thread. As always, you are a Regent encyclopedia. Thanks for taking us with you. Bebop: we are also on the Explorer in March, sailing from Miami on the second. Is this your cruise also? Can’t wait to get it rolling. Z and TB
  13. Remember that you are stateside once in PR. So, you can get off the ship’s WiFi and use your cell phone provider to upload pics at an incredibly faster rate (seconds not minutes). If you change your mind on buying me a ticket, there’s an AA flight departing at 0630 that still has first class seats available. Z and TB
  14. Jackie: concur on you comment regarding visiting the Bacardi House. Recommend you send me a plane ticket and I will fly to San Juan and be your personal tour guide. If you want to have lunch in OSJ, try mofongo, which is originally an African dish and consists of mashed plantains and either stuffed or accompanied by shrimp, pork, etc. A good place for it is a restaurant a couple of blocks north of the piers and called “Cafe el Puerto Rico.” They also have great sangria. Z and TB
  15. Tiramisu: Please let me explain and I hate to be a pain; but, whether in Spain or in the plains or sitting in the rain It’s called Veuve Cliquot Champaign Z and TB
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