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  1. RedRox

    Horseshoe Beach

    Hi all, Few quick questions: We will be come on the Adventure of the Seas. Where does it dock in Bermuda? Also, do you recommend the public bus, or the shuttle van to get to Horseshoe Beach? How long is each one to get there, and what is the cost? Is it cheaper to purchase round-trip fare? Is there covering at the beach for rain, and is there food/drinks to purchase? Is there entrance fee? Also, is there shopping near the cruise port? Thanks!
  2. Great, thank you! If you had to choose, which would be better for snorkeling between the two? Also, which would be the better all around beach day?
  3. Hi All, Should we spend a day at Playa Porto Marie, or at Knip and Grot? Wife likes to just lay on beach, but I like to snorkel. Which is better? Porto Marie or Knip for snorkeling? I know that Knip has the added bonus that you can then use chairs at Grot for same price. Thanks in advance! Are they both pretty? If so, which has better snorkeling?
  4. Hi all, We'all be coming mid-April for a 14 hour cruise day. Debating between Barcelo all inclusive day pass or beach/chairs/umbrella for 2. Thoughts/opinions/experiences? Thanks!
  5. Hi All, We will be on the island in mid-April. Some quick questions: 1) We are considering taking a horseback ride with Lucky Stables. Anyone have any experience with them? 2) We would like to book them on our own, not with the cruise company, but I saw one review which said that they were bumped from their reservation because the cruise ship passengers were overbooked... Thoughts on the practicalities of this? 3) Any idea how much a taxi would cost from the port to the stables? 4) If we want to do some shopping, what is the best area for souvenirs? Port area? We are looking for some good prices on alcohol as well- would this be in the port area too? Any locations you might suggest? Thanks!
  6. RedRox

    Cruise Ship Day

    Hi All, We will be on the island from 8am-6pm mid-April on a cruise ship, First thing in the morning, we are going on a snorkel boat. At about 1230, we will be off, and hoping to spend some time on a beach. This is my snorkel island on the trip, so I want to get the most out of it. Wife doesn't seem to like the idea of going to Kleine Bonaire due to no facilities, so I'm considering spending the balance of the day at the Plaza Hotel (Is this the same place as Van der Valk Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire?) I'm seeing a lot of names thrown around online. Anyway, they seem to have a nice day-pass setup. How is the snorkeling there? Any experience? Also, if we wanted to do a bit of shopping, where might you suggest we go? Is the cruise port area the best for some souvenirs? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks to you both. Turtles look beautiful! So far, we are thinking of one of these two... 1) Take a taxi to Blue Bay (How much should we expect to pay for this route by taxi?) I'm assuming there is no bus route that makes sense? 2) Another option is to get a day pass at the Hilton Curacao. Anybody have an opinion on this spot? How's the pool/beach/food? How much should we expect to pay for a taxi? I should note that my wife loves quiet, calm, pretty beaches, I prefer snorkeling. Any experience with the snorkeling at either? (Also open to hearing other ideas for a tour, other beach recs) 3) We would also like to shop a bit- Is the area near the port the best? I was on the island many, many years ago and remember a row of colorful houses, near shopping. Is that near the port? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi All, Never been to Aruba... Wife likes a quiet beach, calm pool-like water, I like to snorkel. We are considering a day at either Eagle Beach or Palm Beach. I understand snorkeling isn't too great at either, but we will have plenty on other islands. So my questions: 1) Is it realistic to see both beaches in 1 day? 2) How much should we expect to pay by taxi, and by bus from port to eagle, or from port to palm? 3) How much should we expect to pay for 2 chairs and a palapa/umbrella on each? (I've seen anything from $40 to no cost if we eat/drink at a spot) 4) Where might there be some good souvenir shopping? Is the cruise port best? 5) Lastly, our ship doesn't leave until 11pm. Any suggestions for evening? Maybe sunset sail, or otherwise? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi All, Will be in port for one full day in mid-April. Would like a relaxed day on a beach with calm waters, nice beach to walk, and some good snorkeling from the beach- any suggestions? Also, if there are some good adventure ideas, would love to hear them too. Thanks in advance!
  10. RedRox

    which beach?

    Hi All, We will be on Aruba on Royal Caribbean for a day in mid-April. Our port hours are nice and long- 8am-11pm. Curious what is suggested for a day of fun? We are looking at some beach time, and maybe a catamaran sail. Can someone shed some light on the major differences between Palm Beach and Eagle Beach? We would like a calm (no waves) beach with a nice shorline to walk a bit, clear water, good snorkeling from the beach, and some concessions, with chairs/umbrella- less crowded would be nice- I've also seen pictures of these beaches on Aruba with beautiful trees in the sand- not palm trees- are either of these beaches the one? Also, as far as catamaran, any suggestions? Maybe a catamaran that goes to a beach or to a few good snorkeling spots? Since we will be in port until 11, also considering some nightlife or a sunset catamaran? Lastly, which of those two beaches is closer to port? How much should we expect to pay for taxi? Thanks again!
  11. Hi All, I'm looking to pick up a few bottles of name-brand alcohol (Vodka, Gin) when on the island in April. I've heard that St Martin/Maarten is a great island for this- I'll be coming in on the RC Freedom of the Seas- can someone direct me to a good liquor store? Would there be a good one directly in port, or cheaper ones further? Thanks!
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