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  1. Great thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Hi we are cruising on Sunday and purchasing a laptop today. I know that I can claim at the OPT but my question is does the laptop box have to be sealed and unopened or can we open beforehad and load our software etc and use it for the next couple of days. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hi all, question for all you regular Carnival cruisers. My daughters are looking at going on Carnival Splendour in March and have enquired about a drinks package direct with Carnival and were quoted $118pp per day, which seems like a lot of money to me. Can you purchase drinks packages on board cheaper? Do they ever have sales online for their packages? Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. Hi we are off on Voyager on Friday and we have our check-in time of 11.30am. There are a few smokers in our group that would like to ask if they can get back off the ship to have a cigarette once they've checked in. Apparently one of the travellers was told on their last cruise that they couldn't smoke until sail away because of the ship refuelling, which I completely understand. So does anyone know if they will they be allowed off ship once checked-in?
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. Looks like Noumea Turtle Tours might be a great option, I'm going to look into this one further tonight 🙂
  6. Hi needing advice on things to do in Noumea. Has anyone done both Escapade Island and Signal Island trips. I can't decide between the two of them. They are both roughly the same price but if anyone could offer pros and cons would greatly appreciate it.
  7. I was actually looking at this exact exclusion yesterday with TID and didn't understand the alcohol clause. It seems if you only have 1 glass of wine and then slip on the deck and break your ankle then you're not covered. Seems very unfair to me, does the ship medical centre give everyone a blood alcohol test everytime someone comes in with an injury?
  8. After 3 weeks of trying to sort this out with daily calls and emails I've given up and booked without using the certificates. Never again will I bother purchasing and we purchased 2 for 2 staterooms. Total joke everyone gave us a different answer and they'd never even heard of the onboard credit for other rooms travelling in the same group even though it clearly stated on their terms and conditions. Maybe I should try and email the CEO too 🙂 I feel like I've spoken to everyone else there.
  9. Has anyone booked a NextCruise certificate whilst on a cruise? I booked one and am now wanting to use to book my next RCCL cruise. I've phoned seriously not exaggerating 6 times and emailed numerous times and not one single Royal Caribbean staff member can give me an answer. So surely one of you lovely cruisers has had this come up before. In the terms & conditions of the letter it says "Up to two other bookings can receive the same onboard credit as you do. They must book the same ship and sail date as you do and within 30 days of you confirming your chosen ship and sail date." So from how I read it if I book a room I get OBC and I'm also travelling with a group and so two other staterooms in my group will receive the same OBC as me. Tell me if this is how you understand it, because no one from RCCL has ever heard of this before yet it's in THEIR Terms & Conditions. I've even taken a photo of it and emailed them. Seriously crazy, there is no one in Australia they're all in an offshore call centre and it's doing my head it. The other question I asked them was if I book direct with RCCL and my friends book with a different travel agency can they still get the credit if I give RCCL their confirmation numbers when booked. They can't give me an answer on that either. Getting so frustrated!!!!!!
  10. Hi Cruise Gurus, Advice needed, we're wanting to book a RCCL cruise for next year (2020) and the current sale with 50% of 2nd passenger and up the $1200 OBC is certainly not what it seems, it really is just "click bait". Someone has suggested that there may be an Australia Day sale which is a genuine sale similar to the boxing day sale that we missed out on. Does anyone know if historically this is true.
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