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  1. So @pappy1022 won the sweep (post #13) ...... and, while we were all waiting in vain for cruising to restart, the septuagenarian Frank Rothwell made it across the Atlantic to the Caribbean: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-56028676
  2. Explorer has now left Trieste for Ravenna (about 45 mins later than scheduled). Hopefully everyone boarded safely and is on course for a fabulous re-start cruise. Latest reports indicate that the Italian port protests have not created too much disruption thus far: Reuters Digital journal
  3. I missed that; which video? The only menu I would update is Chartreuse ................. by reverting to some of the offerings from the previous Signatures menu ............... especially the delicious mushroom soup 😋
  4. We have seen these wine or champagne pairing lunches advertised during many of our cruises but have never signed up for one. They are normally held on a sea day so are unlikely to be offered on a port intensive cruise. On most cruises there is a free wine tasting covering the included wines on offer. On some cruises there is an additional paid wine tasting event covering premium wines & champagnes.
  5. Regent will test you prior to boarding. @Pcardad's interpretation is mirrored by @Jennefer Teegen's post#93 in the previous CC thread about pre cruise testing
  6. ........... only on Explorer & Splendor. Caviar & champagne with breakfast every Sunday is available on all the ships
  7. I believe so as the Regent website says: "THE $250 SAVINGS FOR THE REFERRING SEVEN SEAS SOCIETY MEMBER MAY BE APPLIED TO ANY EXISTING OR FUTURE BOOKING WHERE FINAL PAYMENT HAS NOT BEEN MADE" I suggest you ring Regent or your TA to check the credit available and to request that this be applied to your booking.
  8. https://www.rssc.com/ambassador This gives all the information about Regent’s referral programme. I assume you are the referring guest and are a SSS member? i.e. you have cruised with Regent previously? If so you should receive $250 FCC per new referred suite booking, up to a maximum of 4 referrals.
  9. Sorry, but I am not understanding the (doomsday) scenario outlined in your original post #1. Are you assuming a charter flight with all 300 passengers on the flight boarding the same ship? If not how would anyone know that one of the passengers on the aircraft has tested positive after the flight? Why would the cruise line refuse boarding to anyone apart from the one person who tests positive? Two of your statements do not equate: Bottom line is that it is up to each guest intending to cruise to check carefully what expenses their chosen cruise line and/or insurer will cover should they test positive before or during their vacation. International travel has always involved certain challenges and risks; covid-19 has added another layer of complexity which will hopefully diminish over time.
  10. Southampton port to Heathrow is about 70 miles, so you need to allow 2 hours just for the transfer time by road. Personally I would not be comfortable with an international flight any earlier than mid to late afternoon.
  11. I see that Explorer is now moored in Trieste ready for its 'restart' cruise this Friday October 15th. Bon Voyage to anyone joining Explorer at the end of this week. Hopefully we will get some more reports from both Splendor and Explorer.
  12. Sorry, should have typed ".....Colombia, Nicaragua & Guatemala". Costa Rica is OK
  13. Our understanding is that Reception holds everyone's passports so that they are available for inspection, if required, by immigration officials who will board the vessel in each country in order to 'clear' the vessel for its visit Fingers crossed for you 🤞. Hope to meet you on board Mariner ......................... you need a passport; we need permission to enter the U.S.A. 🤯. Promised for early November but no details yet ☹️ Also the UK Government is still warning against 'all but essential travel' to Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Guatemala +1 But it will be worth it when we are relaxing on board 😎 🍹
  14. RSSC has five ships, with a sixth joining the fleet in 2023. The links below give the ship details and the dates they entered service. https://www.rssc.com/ships https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regent_Seven_Seas_Cruises All Regent ships are kept in very good order and undergo regular refurbishment. https://www.rssc.com/news/details?newsid=2688 https://www.rssc.com/news/details?newsid=28672 https://www.rssc.com/news/details?newsid=68245
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