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  1. I find it very disappointing that Regent have been unable to keep their website updated throughout this difficult period; a time when many guests are seeking up-to-date information. This morning I see that all the cancelled cruises are still on the website; the only changes being that in the availability column it states "Call". Surely the last thing Regent staff need at this time is potential guests ringing their various offices enquiring about cruises that have already been cancelled ๐Ÿคจ
  2. Regent deciding to time limit the FCC to cruises sailing this year will make it difficult for many guests to utilise the compensation being offered. I see that Crystal, who are offering similar packages of refunds & compensation, are now allowing their FCCs to be used up to the end of 2021. https://www.crystalcruises.com/coronavirus-update Hopefully Regent will reconsider.
  3. The last page of posts includes a lot of informed, and some uninformed information & opinions, about refunds and compensation. Let me add my two pennies'-worth (or two cents'-worth): 1. Refunds It is clear that for those cruises cancelled by RSSC the guest should be, & hopefully will be, offered and given a full refund of the "paid cruise-only fare" There will no doubt be some debate and difficulty for those guests who made their own decision to cancel in the days or weeks prior to the cruise-line cancelling. (At the time there was confusion as to what Regent was offering those who chose to cancel - as reported on the roll calls and in post #51 on this thread) 2. Compensation in the form of FCC Various levels of FCC have been offered by RSSC, depending on which of the cancelled cruise guests were booked. FCC's given for the Feb 12 sailing do not appear to be time limited, as reported by @Pcardad The 25%FCC we have been offered for the cancelled March 27 sailing definitely is time limited and must be used on a cruise sailing within the next 10 months. The email from the RSSC Miami office, forwarded to us by our TA, clearly states "The Future Cruise Credit can be used toward any Regent Seven Seas Cruises voyage that sails in 2020". This has since been confirmed by our TA after raising a query with Regent. I am not sure of the situation with the cancelled March 01 or March 13 sailings but suspect there have been offers of open FCCs and time-limited FCCs depending on when the offer was first made.
  4. Yes, we were booked for the full 40 nights from Bangkok to Rome and were very disappointed on Thursday morning to receive notification of the cancellation of the first segment (due to depart Bangkok on 27 March). We have been given the option of either amending our travel arrangements to join the shorter 20 night cruise from Abu Dhabi to Rome, or cancelling our booking completely. Depending on which option we choose Regent have offered a full or partial refund plus a time-limited FCC. We have been given a figure for the full refund (if we cancel the whole cruise) but Regent have not yet been able to calculate the partial refund (if we take the 20 night segment). For some reason it is going to take them until next week to work out a figure for the partial refund ๐Ÿ™„ We are weighing up our options and will make a decision when we receive firm & detailed figures.
  5. The phrase "shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted" comes to mind. It is very easy to provide sage advice with the benefit of hindsight or in this case simply pandering to the existing paranoia of travellers.
  6. I would chase up your TA. We had an email from ours Thurs morning with a copy of the RSSC email attached. We had some queries, most of which were promptly answered Thurs pm. (We were booked on the cancelled March 27 Voyager cruise, whereas I think you were booked on the cancelled 13 March sailing. However I think the refund and FCC compensation terms should be similar)
  7. Voyager will start its next cruise in Abu Dhabi on 16 April.
  8. I think your TA has given you incorrect information. Our TA has told us full refund back to the original payment method plus 25% FCC.
  9. We have docked at the very convenient WTC location in Barcelona a few times. Most recent was on Voyager last October. Also I believe that Splendor embarked guests there prior to her Maiden Voyage: Thanks are due to @steamboats for the shot of Splendor captured next to the Eurostars Grand Marina (from the excellent recent Splendor Photo Review)
  10. An excellent blog. Thanks to all those who took the time out to report from the sunny Maiden Voyage of what looks to be a splendid Splendor.
  11. So far it appears that Regent have cancelled the following Voyager cruises: March 01: Manila to Tokyo March 13: Tokyo to Bangkok March 27: Bangkok to Abu Dhabi Very disappointing for guests; loss of income for crew; loss of tourism in many ports; financial hit for the cruise line. So sad all round.
  12. It depends where the ship is docked. If the ship is docked at the WTC i.e. adjacent the Eurostars hotel then the taxi driver might take your money, drive round the block and drop you back where you started .............. with a Spanish smile ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. When we first sailed with Regent we enjoyed the included pre-cruise hotel, which was often excellent. However, at some locations we did find breakfast and the transfers to the ship very disorganised. Nowadays we usually take the hotel credit and make our own arrangements. Yes, the Eurostars Grand Marina is in a very good location. If the ship docks at the Barcelona World Trade Centre then it is alongside and within easy walking distance; no cab required. I think it was @WesW, Col. Wes, who first recommended that hotel ๐Ÿ‘
  14. No probs - soon corrected. Latest from W.H.O. is mildly encouraging
  15. I think you have something amiss with your figures. Death rate from flu in the US appears to be less than 0.15% most years according to CDC
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