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  1. Our joint blog may be found here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2609622-explorer-lisbon-to-cape-town-nov-28-until-dragged-kicking-screaming-off/ Page #5 onwards covers the West African ports. We found some of the ports culturally challenging but very interesting. This itinerary offered us a unique opportunity to visit some of the locations and we are extremely glad that we chose the cruise. Summaries of the cruise may be found on page #13 (posts 305-308) and page #14 (post #326)
  2. Plus Regent UK customers have to pay BA for seat reservations in advance of the 24 hour prior check-in (unless the guest is booked in First Class or has BA Exec Club status)
  3. I see that there is now availability showing in many suite categories for the Explorer cruise, Bali-Bangkok-Hong Kong, departing Feb 22, 2021. The later cruise segments departing March 9, 2021 (HK-Tokyo-Tokyo-Vancouver) are mostly waitlisted and have been since soon after booking opened - very popular itineraries.
  4. The certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is valid for the life of the person vaccinated. This lifetime validity applies automatically to all existing and new certificates. https://www.who.int/ith/updates/20160727/en/
  5. Because, for us, internet connectivity is not the core value of a cruise. For others it may be
  6. Although internet connectivity is frustrating, it is not a deal breaker for us. But we will continue to raise the issue (in person, on surveys/questionnaires and on social media) It may be slow and sometimes intermittent but we have always achieved what we want ........... eventually. If something was very urgent, and we found we could not message or email, we would simply use the ship's phone, which invariably seems to work OK. This aspect of the Regent experience is extremely poor. However we would not forego our enjoyment of Regent cruises just in order to make a point. IMO, it is unlikely that internet connectivity would be addressed or solved by "cutting off your nose to spite your face". I agree that Regent should step-up in order to give meaningful information about their plans and a rational explanation as to why the internet service remains so poor on their ships .......... and seemingly getting worse. Is it perhaps because they are locked in to a bad contract with a poor internet provider?
  7. I have no problem with Regent naming a celebrity who is involved in the ship's christening as the ship's godparent/sponsor/patron. I also have no issues with Christie Brinkley per se; but must admit that I had not heard of her until this thread. However if Regent are looking to market Splendor to diverse international customers it does not seem to be the optimum choice of either ship name or patron. JMHO ............... but I am sure the ship will be excellent and look forward to sailing on it.
  8. For those concerned about accessing the “on-line” end of cruise survey, this is not affected by any problems of connecting to the internet. It is my understanding that the survey does not require internet access (via satellite); rather you are simply connecting to the ship’s intranet (local network). This is the reason it cannot be completed after guests leave the ship. The survey can be done on your own device (laptop, phone or tablet) with Wi-Fi or using a desktop in the computer room/business centre. Comments on internet connectivity during the cruise need to be added to one of the “additional comments” boxes, as there are no specific questions about this service on the survey questionnaire ........................ I wonder why? 🙄
  9. Navigator only has one speciality restaurant, Prime 7. Although you can only make one reservation in advance you should easily be able to make more reservations once you are onboard a 25 day cruise. As others have said flexibility in timing and willingness to share will always help. You will also find the dinner menu in Compass Rose to be extensive, with both "always available" excellent dishes and delicious, ever changing, "daily specials". Although Sette Mari is not our favourite restaurant, some guests love it and we did find the layout & ambience on Navigator to be better than on Regent's other ships .......... so definitely worth trying on a couple of nights of your cruise. One thing is for sure, you will not go hungry or thirsty on a Regent cruise 😋
  10. For advice on the vaccinations and medication that you may need for your cruise, it would be best to speak to your GP or health professional and also check with Regent as to what documentation they require for the cruise. We did obtain the Yellow Fever vaccination and certificate before cruising up the Amazon a few years ago. The advice available on line indicates: Brazil: Yellow Fever vaccination is recommended for the Amazon. A Yellow Fever certificate is not required for entry into the country. (https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/brazil) Barbados (I believe this is your next port after leaving Brazil): A Yellow fever certificate is required if travelling from a country with a risk of Yellow Fever transmission (e.g. Brazil). (https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/barbados) Having had the Yellow Fever vaccination, the certificate is valid for life. If your age or medical condition prevents you from having the vaccine then an official waiver can be obtained. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/diseases/yellow-fever
  11. @maryogreen, Thank you for the excellent summary and such a well balanced review of the recent cruise on Voyager. I cannot believe that we missed you during the cruise. We were at the M&M and the overnight at the Hilton in Luxor (although I think there were two separate groups). I even looked for you a couple of times at your favoured internet connection spot on deck 6 after you posted about it, but to no avail. Maybe our paths will cross in the future. Having seen King Tut's tomb and mummified remains, we hope to visit the Tutankhamun exhibition in London early next year, before the artefacts are returned from their world tour to their rightful place back in Egypt in the new museum at Giza.
  12. @Sirlancelot, Hope you have an enjoyable cruise on the excellent ship Seven Seas Navigator. Most information is available on the Regent website, but unfortunately it is not the easiest to navigate and there is a lot of marketing “fluff”. Much of the really useful info is to be found in the FAQ section.
  13. ................. and the country in which you are resident and where your bank or credit card company is located. [worth mentioning since CruiseCritic is an international site]
  14. If I am reading the suite amenities on the Regent website correctly, it is only the top suites that can order room service from the speciality restaurants. For Mariner that is the Master and Grand suites only; not all the named suites.
  15. ............ and more recently this one: https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/food-drink/champagne-prosecco-sparkling-wine/best-champagne-a7459321.html .............. but @Trevor Fountain was not talking about supermarket own label champagnes (which are produced by the French Champagne Houses and labelled for the supermarkets). Rather he inferred that any brand of champagne purchased from a supermarket would be inferior. I am genuinely intrigued as to why this might be.
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