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  1. You can't transfer if full payment is made.
  2. Not exactly correct. We got our ROBC on our next cruise. Not the replacement cruise.
  3. Do they still offer free Elite dry cleaning on the Crown?
  4. - The offer says that it's for any 5 night cruise, but there are very few options for 5 night cruises (basically one sailing out of San Francisco in January). What options do they typically offer? You can get a longer cruise; however, you would pay per diem charges for extra days. - How do they handle the change fees for flights if you didn't book through EZ Air? I believe they will reimburse some of your flight costs. My wife's sister is booked in a separate cabin, but I'm not sure if she got the offer or not. Would she be eligible as well? Mention your sister. They may include her.
  5. Several people have posted that the min. is $10.
  6. Many people don't go to the MDR the first night. I guess they are tired after getting to the pier from where ever.
  7. Here is the form. Shareholder Request Form blank 17 08.pdf
  8. For whatever reason, the first night in the MDR can have lots of problems. Wrong orders, "cold" food, etc. I never figured out why. Also, the coupon is only good for the first night. What cruise are you on?
  9. I don't recall an "Ugly Sweater" contest last year on he Pacific Princess.
  10. No. If you are in a different cabin, the cabin steward will move your stuff. You will be escorted off the ship and seated with other B2B passengers. An security official will check tour credentials and you will be the first passengers cleared to board. After that, you can go off and on the ship anytime you want.
  11. There was a post on another thread that there is a $10 min. charge for cabs going from one pier to another.
  12. There was a post on another thread that there is a $10 min. charge for cabs.
  13. I have never seen a $20 bottle of wine. You can buy a $40 bottle for about $10 at Total Wine. That's why we bring on our own wine. Publix sells a different wine BOGO every week. They usually pair a red and white. You will have to pack it yourself.
  14. I have never heard of a shuttle. It is over 2 miles between piers. Good luck getting a cab to make the trip.
  15. They "zero" out everything, so I guess the coffee will be gone also.
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