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  1. and we have to remember that we could be stucki away from home~!!!!!! If we take the future credit we will not get any of the bonus or extra peris we had for this cruise...such as pay for inside and get balcony and the scary part if the line goes out of business our thousands of dollars is just lost....I do not know of an insurance plan and yes....big compaies go out....what about Renisence cruise line??? Lehman Brothers??? think positive but realistic and we get no credit for our insurance..............................we are pretty stuck
  2. i just heard on CBS news that cruises are not recommended because of closed venalation system Anyone else hear this
  3. this could be the end of a great company Awful communication I was talking to a travel agent yestereday who said she would not go and chargung long time customers more than tne new ones...................awful
  4. morning friends......just onj NBC virus is down in China but BAD IN SINGAPORE
  5. hamptonroads


    are you sure they are going out of LAX in April??????
  6. hamptonroads


    today I received a call from Singapore airlines to tell me they would not be flymg from NY to Singapore for several months I am so distressed I emailed CEO's assistant and she will have someone call me tomorrow....I would no spend any more money on things that might not be refunded....................it would be a long swim from Virgfinia Beach I
  7. guess I am really disappointed because after being with Azamara for the days stuck dead in water and after nominating the line for travel award they won and spending many hours traveling with them and with the CEO when he was with Seabourn I am only asking for update...………………….they must know what is going to happen in about 6 weeks They will be arriving from Australia so they must know....and now with so many cancelations the room we have is selling for about 1/2 of what we paid and the price of upgrade as I have offered be incredibly high Of course it is hard for RCCL however if they do not treat their loyal customers with respect and fairness will we come back or will Azamara be another mass market ship I so loved the old days of Seabourn when arriving home you would sometimes receive a vase of roses or a call from Warren Titus asking about the trip!! I am aware ships can no longer afford the rosses but can be forth coming with information!!!! Dorothy Wood Global Travel Globility board member
  8. it really bothers me that Azamara is not giving us more details We are scheduled on the 4/11 cruise out of Singapore and probably will not be allowed...I read that India is not allowing people from Singapore or Thailand to land As long time Azamara I am beyond disappointed....it was my favorite ship...we were on it when the fire happened and as a loyal past guest even nominated them for several awards they won....and can you believe I have called every few days to see if they have made a decision and no response...the PR is awful Why get a visa and air to not go>?????
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