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  1. Joal

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    Celebrity Infinity. Roll Call April 22 2019 Transatlantic.
  2. I have the same problem. I want to post a new post on my Roll Call, but it never shows. I never had any problems with the old CC site. Why did anyone feel the need to change something that was working fine? I do not like this new format, and probably be using CC less frequently if at all.
  3. Joal

    New postings

    Tried several times to start a new post on a Celebrity Infinity Roll Call. Everything seems to be OK, but the post does not show on the roll call. Can someone help? Are other people having the same issue?
  4. Thank you for your answer. Yes, I checked STILA which seems reasonable. Also, Quality Town Car. Flat rate $50 if paying cash, and has good reviews.
  5. Need some recommendations about transportation from the airport to the Sheraton downtown. Will be there overnight before boarding Celebrity Solstice to Alaska. Considering one of the companies which offer flat rates. Think it might be better than a taxi, particularly if we hit heavy traffic. Has anyone here had a recent experience with any of these companies? Some require a credit card to make a reservation. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  6. We like Blu very much. We love the fact that we can always get a table for two, no matter what time we show up. Yes, the tables are rather close to each other, but that does not bother us. The dining room is small and quiet. There is not the noise and the crowds like in the MDR, and then, most important of all, the food and service are great. On the other hand, although we do not use the Persian Room very much. we do use the small area where there are comfortable lounge chairs to relax and look at the ocean behind large windows. Do I think AC is worth it? Most definitely.
  7. Do you mean that Blu always smell of lamb? I have never felt that smell, and I have a good sense of smell! Do you mean you always smell lamb at Blu?
  8. We have been in Aqua Class twice, and will be going to Alaska next month, also on Aqua Class. Keep in mind, that you can always go to the MDR if you prefer what they offer on a given day. Also, you can ask the Blu waiter to bring you a particular dish you would like from the MDR. The Blu staff is wonderful, and try to please. Love the fact that you can show up anytime you like, and there is no wait. We can always get a table for two, the dining room is small and quiet, and the service excellent.
  9. For us. a beautiful scenery will probably be enough to enjoy the ride. On the other hand, there is no way we will get in one of those float planes. Better a little bored with too much scenery than....well!
  10. Thank you all for your replies. Yes, Kport, it is the tour# KE62. Thanks for the link. Glad to know that everyone seemed to really like this excursion. We will go for it. Looking forward to this cruise, which will be our first time in Alaska.
  11. Thank you SetU2. Celebrity site does not describe the vessel as a catamaran. It is described as "one of the fastest and more luxurious sightseeing vessels in Alaska" However, I am aware catamaran refers to the structure of the boat, so I guess it is possible. It is good to know you really liked it so much. This will be our first time in Alaska.
  12. Has anyone taken the Misty Fjord shore excursion offered by Celebrity in Ketchikan? Will be on the Solstice next month. Will appreciate any opinions. Thanks.
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