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  1. Thank u very much for the info, I am out of Haneda and after 5 so sounds good to me
  2. Hi, just looking for some info from anyone who has done a Diamond Princess Japan Cruise. I am wondering when they release the excursions, how far out? And also if they have ones that are doing Tours on disembarking Tokyo day, which include tour and airport drop off. Thanks
  3. This seems to be a very complicated area, I guess to be safe I need to get a Visa
  4. Okay so cruising from Shanghai to Shanghai 7 nights going to 3 ports in Japan, will be flying into Shanghai 2 days ahead. So spending 2 nights , flying to Tokyo day cruise ends. Flying in from Canada direct, out to Tokyo direct, then direct to New York What is my scenario?
  5. Hi , looking for help on formal nights Is it 1st sea day & 2nd to last night? Also King Crab night, is it in both Buffet & MDR Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks, was hoping for Sweet Soul Music
  7. Upcoming Alaska cruise Aug 3 - 10, wondering what shows there are
  8. Winesome


    Best place to eat near Coast hotel, Anchorage
  9. Thanks, All Thats what I thought
  10. Just wondering being Canadian, is it better to do on board charges in US or Canadian? Which way do you loose the least?
  11. I am very interested in doing this excursion, but we are on Princess Royal with a 8:00am arrival they say they don’t wait departure 8:30 Has anyone done it with a 8:00 am arrival time We are 4 people Thanks
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