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  1. Cozumel bar hop with Maureen... Do you think you should set up your Go Fund Me page now to help pay for your bail? Will be keeping you in my thoughts today. Good luck out there.
  2. yup. At first glance, I thought some kind of bug. But, when I looked back, I determined it’s definitely a fried rat eating a bone.
  3. I really hope that tasted better than it looks. I don’t even want to say what it looks like, but it sure isn’t appetizing!! (IMO)
  4. I think the 26 Acts of Kindness is so sweet and, like someone else commented, I don’t remember you mentioning it before. In general, I don’t think I’ve even heard of this before. Where do you get the cards to include in your bags? I saw Andy’s indiscretions on the other thread. A boy sees some pineapples and goes a little crazy. You’re too good for him (Ho status notwithstanding) When do you sleep??? Slightly fascinated looking at your posting times...
  5. I see what you did there. Intentional or subliminal? (Seriously though, cute door and I hope you get lots of goodies in your stocking!)
  6. This is an email I received prior to the cruise. If this was sent to everyone in the Crown and Anchor program, then I don’t think it specifies enough. However, as I’m a diamond, I don’t know what a lower tier would have received. I do believe there was a post complaining about this before the cruise. It sounded to me like the person saw something similar to my email and was upset after the fact when she later discovered that she wouldn’t be allowed to go to the show.
  7. Don’t mean to stereotype, but could anything be more Florida vs Canada?! 😆
  8. And an additional completely irrelevant fact - what became of the wife he crashed the White House with? She ran off with the guitarist from Journey, Neal Schon. Yes, it is extremely embarrassing that I know this about them. Sigh. Regardless, really enjoying your review and am especially looking forward to your Halloween night posts and next week’s festivities. I almost did the anniversary cruise last year, but I was only Emerald; decided to do a Greek Isles cruise instead.
  9. As others have suggested, I would feel more comfortable if the days in Singapore were before the cruise. However, there may be circumstances that make it difficult to do it on the front end. I think many times people may forget that and assume one can easily be flexible and take days off. Assuming this is the case, I would probably be okay with it as long as I have insurance. You can rest when you get on the ship. The worst that could happen is that you now have an extra 4 days in Singapore. I probably wouldn’t personally do something like this because I don’t think “a few” days are enough and would probably want to spend more time in Singapore. But, if you have your heart set on the cruise, go for it (but check to see if it’s typhoon season and have outside insurance, not Royal’s)
  10. Omigosh - that’s awesome. Now everyone knows what they look like; I might be inclined to comment if I saw them eating lunch or wherever. I would suggest using someone else’s photo... (PS - I did watch staff take away belongings after 45/60’ish minutes. Was the Rhapsody solarium during bad weather. They were originally going to only clear one chair, but the people waiting for the seats commented to clear the other. The reason they didn’t want to touch it - they left their purse. So, moral of the story is, forget the photos, leave a purse! I did want to add - they came back 30 minutes afterwards; so they really weren’t that bad. It was just about the horrible weather and everyone wanted to be there.)
  11. Another positive about Come From Away is that it’s already only 90’ish minutes. I agree with those who suggested The Producers or Something Rotten - fun musicals. I’m not saying they are my favorites, but I don’t think my favorite would be a good choice for a cruise ship.
  12. Sometimes I feel like all I see are Harmony reviews! You can also sort by ship above. Will get more than the reviews that way, but is also an easy way to find recent reviews. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles&nodes=51&q=harmony
  13. I have an Oasis Class balcony guarantee question that I’m sure has been asked before. I’ve been playing with booking a guarantee on Oasis December cruises (that solo rate is soooo tempting, but alas I have too few remaining days off.). Anyways, it specifically noted “ocean view guarantee” when I got as far as payment. But, I wondered if that was true or just a website glitch as this class of ship had different balcony cabins unlike the majority of the other classes.
  14. I don’t remember a big difference as Platinum (I probably don’t use all the perks anyways). But, wow, when I turned Emerald and got the cookies and water in my room?!?! That made me very happy!!
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