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  1. So...dad left when he found out about ma and the panda...
  2. I think it suffers from poor font choice. My brain sees 11:15, which doesn’t make sense and took my focus away from the punch line the first time I read it. Once past that, found it a bit clever.😊
  3. Ah...day 37. Seems so long ago, doesn’t it?
  4. Ever since John posted that diary, I kind of now look at news stories and add to the narrative in my mind. July has NOT disappointed (as long as you appreciate (very) dark humor!) So, who here called The Black Death for July??
  5. What a coincidence - Chicagoan’s also celebrate Spring when they start seeing roof tops too!!
  6. And so July 2020 begins... (To be fair, I do really wish there was a viable third option. And I really don’t dislike Kanye; it’s just that he’s Kanye, ya know?)
  7. Just my personal observation...if I’m buying a bottle of booze, I think the store should at least have the courtesy to ask me to take down my mask and show my face. I am totally going to start looking for a new eye cream!!! 😡
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