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  1. Sometimes I feel like all I see are Harmony reviews! You can also sort by ship above. Will get more than the reviews that way, but is also an easy way to find recent reviews. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles&nodes=51&q=harmony
  2. I have an Oasis Class balcony guarantee question that I’m sure has been asked before. I’ve been playing with booking a guarantee on Oasis December cruises (that solo rate is soooo tempting, but alas I have too few remaining days off.). Anyways, it specifically noted “ocean view guarantee” when I got as far as payment. But, I wondered if that was true or just a website glitch as this class of ship had different balcony cabins unlike the majority of the other classes.
  3. I don’t remember a big difference as Platinum (I probably don’t use all the perks anyways). But, wow, when I turned Emerald and got the cookies and water in my room?!?! That made me very happy!!
  4. My experiences are a few years old and both relate to the Anthem. Like others mentioned, there was a coffee meet up (did not go) and lunches for solos on the calendar on sea days. On my first Anthem Cruise, I met a Royal Rep and others by the robot bar and then we made our way to the restaurant. The rep ate with us and it was a nice sized group - maybe 6 people. Enjoyed it so I went later in the cruise. Smaller size group (but same people) and the Royal rep needed to leave mid meal. On my next Anthem Cruise, I still met a Royal rep and anyone else interested by the robots. This time, it was just one other person and the Royal rep left after they walked us to the restaurant. For both cruises, I arranged some dinners with fellow cruisers on my roll call. However, as it seems like roll calls are getting less and less popular, this may not be so easy anymore. But, honestly, I’m also perfectly fine eating by myself and will likely do so in December.
  5. Aren’t they pretty responsive on Facebook? I don’t see many websites with the type of chat you are referring to - do any other cruise or airlines actually have that? I think they rely a bit on social media - twitter and Facebook.
  6. I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice. However... Ive never taken the POA cruise and was planning to in 2021. I’ve since decided to do a land tour of Maui and Kauai instead. Ive never been to Hawaii and, for me, I just didn’t want to risk missing a port for any reason (and there had been quite a few posts recently about that). I don’t want to fly all that way for even the smallest chance of one sea day. If I had been there before, I would be less worried. (Full disclosure - my last cruise was a Royal Caribbean Greek Island Cruise that failed to stop at two of the three islands we were supposed to due to weather. They scrambled to give us a great alternative, but I still missed one of the reasons I chose that cruise. They say never take a cruise for a particular port - and, for me, for the first time, Hawaii falls under that.) But, the budget for my trip has increased quite a lot for the land trip I’m planning vs cruise. And the two islands I’m staying are overnights on the POA, so you can see quite a bit on the cruise.
  7. I would normally absolutely agree with this and do the same thing. But, considering the thread is about the transatlantic cruise, now I would need to also buy one-way airfare there. And that would make me angry. If anything, it teaches me to use cruise air if I ever take a TA.
  8. I had to Google, so my comments are based on that. NCL Jewel class of ships came out in 2011. Majesty of the Seas first set sale in 1992. I do think you tried to be fair (and a dirty cabin shouldn’t be tolerated at any time), but it’s simply not a fair comparison. Need to compare a larger ship (looks like Oasis came out same year as NCL Jewel) or take NCL’s ship to Cuba.
  9. I just listened to Michael Poole’s Periscope from a few days ago and he said it was a teenager. I didn’t watch all of his scopes after this one, so don’t know what’s correct. Married couple or a teen.
  10. First of all, I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for your review. I was on a Quark trip the week after you and recognize many of your landings. I enjoyed your photos - but especially loved the ANTARCTICA camping photo! I also went camping, but we really just got our site ready and that was it (a slight exaggeration as we had seals, penguins and whales all around our campsite!) Nevertheless, I’m definitely jealous of that one! 😊
  11. I actually bought some metal straws - and I like them - but I’m using them in plastic cups, etc. I look at your Park Cafe photos and I had to laugh at the plastic containers and plastic wrapped sandwiches. But, I actually really do like my metal straws...😊
  12. I know Southwest’s flights to Hawaii are starting this month. Not sure when their inter island flights will start, but may want to check if they’re available if you take the suggestion above. I have the NCL POA cruise scheduled and frankly I’m going to cancel and do a land trip. Far too many variables with cruising with regards to missing ports.
  13. There are people who will swear to exchange to a foreign currency, but then are unable to tell you what exchange rate they paid on that exchange. Will it be less than what Cuba charges. Maybe. But, when I went a couple years ago, I actively looked at my airport and it was NOT. A place in the mall near where I was staying? Yes, it was. But, how much are you even talking about? $100? $200? It may be cost effective if you are staying a few days and need to pay for hotels, etc. But, why waste your time going to the bank or getting in line at the exchange booth to save $10.
  14. My comments are based solely on my Rhapsody cruise out of Venice last September. The OP asked how people dressed and I would say they were more dressed up. First formal night had a lot of tuxedos. A shocking number actually. You would probably be okay if you don’t want to bring a suit, but I would still recommend dressing a little better than dress shorts and a polo. Not all of the ships in Europe still have the Quest or Love and Marriage shows. We did. In fact, we had one L&M show in English and they had another in a different location in Spanish. And, we still had a band around the ship doing the Caribbean reggae-type music! Still had sexiest man contest by the pool (can’t recall if we had belly flop, but we also had some bad weather.) So, in other words, many of the activities on my cruise were the same, but it likely depends on who’s the Cruise Director.
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