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  1. I just requested a L&S for our April 2021 Europe cruise on Dec. 15. I called my cruise planner yesterday and she said there was about a one week turnaround for confirmation now.
  2. Thank you, I hope so, too. We were supposed to be flying to Venice today to board the Constellation for a b2b. I am really hoping we can lift & shift our April 2021 Silhouette cruise as I my skeptical that this virus will be resolved by then. One day I will get to Europe...for now I keep dreaming. 😊
  3. What destination did you do your lift and shift for? I can’t seem to find any 2022 listings for Europe, and I would like to lift and shift our April 2021 cruise we had already booked.
  4. I had booked a non-refundable Secret Food Tour for Naples and contacted the company to let them know we would not be able to take the tour, hoping they could sell our tickets even though we couldn’t make it. The tour company was very generous in offering us a voucher for a future tour in any location (they have tours all over the world, including a city an hour from my home). We fully intend to get to Italy some day and hopefully will be able to rebook the tour in Naples, but it is nice to know that we can use the voucher close to home if need be.
  5. Here is the latest...two crew members who were 2019 Employees of the Year were give one week stays in the Edge Villas! I recognize one of them as the person who helped us with our Extend Your Stay excursion, but I don’t recall her name. She was awesome!
  6. Wow, so sorry for this unintelligible gibberish! What I meant to say was... “It looks as though the crew is aboard.” My goodness, my autocorrect was having a heyday in that post. 😳
  7. It looks a small though the crew I should aboard to deep clean the ship. I hope that Celebrity is paying the crew. I would imagine it would be dangerous for some of the crew to fly home at this point? All guesses on my part.
  8. And today’s Instastory #JustCrewIt shows how everyone’s is pitching in to do a deep clean of the ship. Way to go Captain Kate and crew! Love the music she has picked for each video clip, too.
  9. Also...video of the crew dining in the Cosmopolitan restaurant! I am so glad the crew are being treated well.
  10. I really hope that one day we will be able to cruise around Italy as we had planned to this June. 🇮🇹
  11. I was just watching Captain Kate’s instastory and it showed her announcing to the crew that they would each be getting their own stateroom while they were out at sea (near the Bahamas)!
  12. I am glad to see that FCC that’s was used for a canceled cruise will be reissued.
  13. Cheers to the Cruise Critic Community! Thank you to all who helped keep me up to date on this ever evolving situation. May we all be on a cruise soon to toast in person when all this craziness is over. 🥂
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