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  1. I could see if the cruise ship in port was huge. We were on a small ship. We were there in late May / early June.
  2. We were there with 220 passengers, only ship in port until an hour before we were leaving when a couple of mega-loaders heaved into the caldera. No crowds at all until they showed up. To the OP--We took the aerial up and walked a few blocks to the bus depot. A couple Euro each for a r/t ticket got us to Oia and back on the public bus. It runs in a circle around the island, so we got to see quite a bit in each direction. You can also walk the footpath to Oia if that is of interest.
  3. I have a handful of acquaintances who are like that. Unfortunately it's not as uncommon as you'd like to think. I was at a team dinner with a (now former) coworker I'll refer to as "M" who was so inappropriate to the busboy when he refilled the water. He had a Hispanic accent and the conversation went something like this: M: "Hey, Where ya from?" BB: "I was born in [insert country name here--it might have been Costa Rica] but I've been here for 10 years. M: "Oh, so you didn't learn to read and write?" :::stunned silence::: BB: "Actually I graduated from High school and got a two year degree there. After I immigrated to the United States I finished my degree here." M: "Well whatcha working as a waiter for then?" BB: "After I graduated I worked for seven years, and then I decided to return to school to get my MBA. I took this job because it works well with the hours I need to be working towards my degree." M: "Well at least you have indoor plumbing here." :::more stunned silence::: BB (now growing irritated and trying to extricate himself politely): "We had a nice home with the same plumbing when I grew up as I have now. Please excuse me, I have to help another table." We all just looked at her and didn't know what to say. Her employment was terminated two weeks later. This was just one of the reasons why.
  4. Interesting article I just came across. See #1. https://www.businessinsider.com/cruise-ship-workers-reveal-what-they-cannot-tell-passengers-2019-3#driving-a-ship-isnt-as-hard-as-it-looks-8
  5. In no particular order: Baltics SE Med (Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc.) Antarctica Galapagos Trans-Pacific Tokyo to Vancouver via the coasts of Japan and Alaska including the Aleutians. River cruise from Amsterdam to Bucharest I expect we'll do all of those within the next 10-12 years.
  6. Set some guidelines (no going into other people's cabins--EVER, no bringing people into your cabin, a reasonable curfew, must be in your cabin a set time prior to dinner and eat as a family, etc.) and let her have fun.
  7. I agree--Thermacare and it's generic's work wonders. FYI--They are completely legal to transport on an airplane. They are the same as the air activated hand warmers. https://www.tsa.gov/blog/2014/02/11/tsa-travel-tips-tuesday-hand-warmers
  8. I don't care if people ask what I do for a living. I'm in sales. If they ask what I sell, I tell them. It's insanely boring and completely irrelevant to 99.999% of the population, so they seem to quickly change the topic. 😄 My husband is in I/T (he doesn't say much more than that as he primarily works on government projects that he can't talk about beyond a generic "things are going well and on schedule") and he's had people ask questions about their laptop as if anyone who works in I/T should know how to fix whatever problem they are having. 🙄
  9. I believe the Ritz Carlton ship is running many months behind at the shipyard.
  10. If the US Government charges to repatriate citizens after a natural disaster, I don't know why they don't also charge to airlift a person off a cruise ship. Participants of the Repatriation Program must reimburse the federal government for the cost of the services provided. The Payment Support Center for ORR notifies the participant of the amount to be repaid and how to make payments.
  11. I'm hardly thick skinned, but I have seen far too many times that a cruiser has engaged a crew member in a conversation the crew member was obviously uncomfortable with. I would never want to be the person doing that to someone. Of course if they initiate the conversation I'll respond, but that's on their terms at that point. No need to eavesdrop, it's impossible to ignore when seated with people at dinner or standing next to them at the bar waiting on service.
  12. I agree! I've had the same hairdresser for 15 years, and we've become friendly over time. I've met her family, she's met mine. We don't socialize outside of Facebook but when you are with someone for 2-3 hours every 5-6 weeks for 15 years, a relationship that goes past "the weather is nice" and "We tried that new restaurant the other night" develops. But when I first started seeing her it was "did you see the new George Clooney movie?" and "Macy's has a great sale on socks this week."
  13. I couldn't agree more. I think it's rude, presumptuous, and arrogant to ask personal questions like that. It's one thing to mention that you'd like to visit the country they are from at some point (or had a wonderful time visiting it in the past) but beyond that--nope! As the OP stated--would you walk up to the clerk at JCP and start asking those questions? How about the receptionist in your dentist office? The guy who changes your oil? Of course not!
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