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  1. The key is to pack NOTHING in the suitcase that will trigger a search. So truly only clothing and canvas shoes (think Keds or Toms) and such. No wires, bottles, even heavy shoes or boots. No metal. A friend of mine travels regularly to a country where pilfering luggage is almost a national sport and packs only clothing and flip flops and Toms in her suitcase and has it wrapped. Everything else is in her carry on. She hasn't had a problem since she began doing that.
  2. There are a couple of them scattered around the airport. They are large lucite containers with a slot in the top that have a sign talking about what the money will be used for--I want to think the one we put our XPF into was for less fortunate children.
  3. Back in the day you did need to show the claim checks to a guard to take your bags. That ended in the late 80's, maybe early 90's. My best advice is to make your bag look different. Don't buy black or navy bags. Use a contrasting colored luggage strap, maybe even two, one in each direction. Buy handle wraps in bright colors with either your last name or "NOT YOURS" embroidered on them. Make it so foolproof that if anyone does try to take your bag, you'll have a good case to have them arrested for theft as no reasonable person could say it was an accident.
  4. Good catch. It would eliminate some of the problem if it were per person.
  5. We found some smaller vendors only wanted XPF, and a couple took cash only. Others were happy to take XPF or Euros. We didn't see anyone with pricing in USD. We ended up with a couple hundred US Dollars in XPF at the end of the cruise, so paid our last night at the hotel in cash, saving enough for a cab ride to the airport and some coffee while we waited for our flight. We had a couple few dollars worth of coin that we left in the collection bin for a charity.
  6. Actually DCL's Italian restaurant Palo is very good.
  7. It's HIPAA. I think the previous poster was just being snarky.
  8. That would be a massive privacy invasion. Epileptics don't carry meds around with them, they take them once or twice a day.
  9. My husband was with his previous employer for 21 years and yes, had a pretty specialized skill set. But we worked on transferable skills and he took any interview that came along, even if he wasn't interested in the job just to get back into the swing of interviewing. He started his new job 2.5 months after being laid off. He didn't take the first offer, either.
  10. You'll see it more and more at all types of shows moving forward. It's been a requirement at most concerts for a good 10-15+ years now.
  11. Unless you had cancel for any reason (which doesn't typically refund at 100% anyhow), acquisition of a dog would not be a covered excuse for cancelling. Is there a reason you didn't buy insurance? What would you do if you fell ill or had an accident and needed to be helicoptered off the ship? I don't buy the ship insurance, there are numerous sites that offer better coverage for less money. And I'd not be likely to ever invite my child and their friend on a holiday again after a stunt like that.
  12. I'm a little over an hour to Port Canaveral, so I know what you mean.
  13. My point was that you had to go through extra hoops to get the EDL. Those who are only getting REAL ID are not being scrutinized like the EDL is. The EDL is for all practical purposes equivalent to passport in limited circumstances. Not all EDL's are REAL ID compliant, and many don't realize that. I was only trying to help you and anyone else who might be reading this thread. No need for snark.
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