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  1. I found it to be fine, definitely better than having to take one
  2. Knossos is very interesting if you enjoy history. There are lovely mosaics there and the remains of some buildings, you can check out out full details on line. It is around 2 hours by bus from Souda(Chania). You will need sturdy shoes as the site can be quite uneven. If you decide to stay in Chania you will take the shuttle bus into town (10 mins ) and it will drop you in the town across the road from the market. You can walk from here through the shopping are to the harbour where there are some lovely taverns for lunch. You can easily pass a few hours here and pick up some souvenirs. It all comes down to personal choice
  3. Seems strange as cases are usually limited to 23kgs for the baggage handlers. Don't know how they even manage to lift those😦
  4. Aren't you on E2 next year? You can take as much as you want when sailing from Newcastle..
  5. Hi PC, as far as I'm aware the hold luggage is still 20kgs. The hand luggage was raised to 10 kgs, the only problem with this is that people were bringing carry on cases on board and the overhead lockers were full.
  6. Most of the ports have a terminal building with free wifi. Just look out for the crew using it.
  7. Depends where you are going, we have been to Bonaire where the snorkeling is great. We just took a cheap snorkel with us and had a great time If you are going to Guadeloupe or Martinique they use euros, otherwise take dollars.
  8. Not yet done the wine tasting but have heard very good reports. I think it was around £7 and they paired cheese with each wine.
  9. No problem bringing a couple of bottles of wine on board to drink in your cabin.
  10. In the MDR they serve sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio , chardonnay, merlot, prosecco and other house wines by the glass. They regularly top up your glass. I believe there are other choices if you upgrade to premium but personally we have never felt the need. Have a great cruise.
  11. After many cruises never had an upgrade. However the ships are usually full but not sure whether they would upgrade even if they had spare cabins.
  12. Hi Mikey, you will have a great holiday. The Caribbean is the easiest place for DIY trips and so much cheaper than the ship trips. Have a look under the Ports of Call section on CC and you will find loads of info, otherwise there are plenty of people on here that can help with any queries you may have.
  13. Well as we had already been to Rome by train on a previous cruise, we decided to explore Civitevecchia. Walked through the town and along the promenade as far as we could and had a coffee at a cafe. Enjoyed our relaxing day.
  14. When we docked in Civitevecchia late September we had half hour wait for the shuttle that dropped us in the centre of Civitevecchia. It was very busy but there were a few taxis parked near the shuttle buses and these were taking people into the town. Several people shared a taxi rather than wait for the shuttle bus, you are not allowed to walk in the dock area. Once dropped at the bus park there were a few taxis offering lifts into Rome at 20 euros per person (I guess this would be 1 way in a shared taxi) or Rome tours
  15. Interesting.... was that a Tui flight?
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