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  1. You get all the benefits of being Platinum.
  2. One thing I haven’t been paying much attention to is the Salsa Cruise itself. Just curious, is the cruise for dancers? Condiment connoisseurs? Condiment connoisseurs who like to dance?
  3. I’ve long believed the crew should get a daily ration of rum. Not sure if that will protect them against Covid (though alcohol does kill germs?) but it certainly will make them more comfortable .
  4. With a 20 month old, I’d just stay in the manufactured port area at Coasta Maya. More than enough to keep you and kid entertained for a few hours.
  5. No idea, but sounds like a hell of a good trip. Enjoy.
  6. Now I just need all five numbers to get picked and the Serenade is my new home.
  7. The Florida/Bahamas issue hasn’t gone away. Florida has not agreed that its ok for ships going to places that require vaxxed passengers to require passengers to be vaxxed. (editors note - gotta be a better way to word that last sentence.) The cruise lines are acting like the law doesn’t apply. These are uncharted waters. If Florida wants to raise a stick, expect some long and nasty court cases.
  8. The fun is hitting the Flowrider after making good use of the drink benefit. And by fun, I mean fun for those of us hanging out watching.
  9. As far as I know, we’ve never had a thread about tipping on a 274 night cruise before. Question I was going to ask before learning tips are included: since the cruise goes westward around the world, 274 nights will pass in Miami, people on the ship will only experience 273 nights. Should tips be based on 273 or 274 🙂
  10. Huh? I recognize those all as English words. Been when strung together like that it makes no sense.
  11. The important thing for a first cruise is getting your butt on the boat. Don’t stress about the little stuff - go any enjoy.
  12. I may be totally off base, but it seems to me the people willing to spend $60-120k on a cruise aren’t “RCI people.”
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