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  1. Cruising out of Port Canaveral in 36 days with 3 family member retirees, all in good health. No plans to adjust anything, and cant really see a scenario where I would choose to not to go. A lot can happen in 5 weeks, so we shall see, but right now I'm still very excited!
  2. Shoot. I'm sorry you had that experience. I'm going Easter weekend so I'll go in expecting to wait around. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Stayed at the Sagamore in October...it was lovely and not super pricey. Beachfront, art deco, nice area to walk around/buy sunscreen, & even had a balcony. 🙂 Have a great cruise!
  4. Thanks for the chart, that's very helpful! To verify, friend would definitely stay in hotel with me if she was parking there. She was undecided...if it wasnt too much more $$, she would have driven down the night before to the hotel with me. But, since there is a much cheaper option for parking by itself looks like I'll have a solo night (in a different cheaper hotel) and my travel buddies will drive in the day of. Thanks again!
  5. Hi all. Have a weird scenario, but I think my main question is...what are the parking options at Port Canaveral? 4 of us cruising on the Breakaway in April. (2 cabins) 1 person, me, flying in the day before. Renting a car, getting a hotel. 2 people, driving from Western Florida, driving to port the day of the cruise. 1 person driving down from Jax the day of, maybe. As I can find, there are 3 parking options. 1. Pay $300 for a hotel for 2 with parking, Jax person can hotel it with me. (This seems like the priciest option so probably least likely) 2. Park off site for about $60 for the week. Involves a shuttle to and from your car. 3. Park very close to port for about $140 for the week. Can walk, I think, to and from the car. Is there something I'm missing? We are looking for the most economical solution for the drivers. All 3 drivers are retired, if there's a senior discount anywhere. Is there a downside to the offsite parking besides the fact that it is offsite? Thank you in advance 🙂
  6. Fantastic. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. Hi all. I'm cruising on the Breakaway out of Port Canaveral in April. My aunt is my travel buddy/roommate, but we are arriving seperately... from different places. (I'm flying in the day before, she is driving in the day of...she lives in FL) My question is, will they let me checkin/get on the ship without my roommate? Can we meet on the ship? Or do we have to check in together? Secondly, we are travelling with 2 others...I feel like we should join accounts somehow. Is there a benefit to this? Or is it not really needed, with the freestyle dining and whatnot (I've already made our specialty dining reservations)? I'm certain I'm overthinking and if nothing else we can text/call like normal while still in port. We like to plan so I thought I'd ask the experts (you).
  8. Cruising on the Breakaway in April, group of 4 in 2 rooms. I've never cruised on NCL...none of us have. I've made the reservations for our specialty dining, do we also need reservations for say, the comedian? How/when do we do that? I dont see much available on the app at this point. Can we just walk to the venue around 645 for the 7 o'clock show? I'd love to not have to reserve much, especially since their tagline is "Freestyle cruise". What else should I be looking into reserving? Any advice on what not to miss? Thankya!
  9. Not quite the same but I had a forward facing balcony in the Bahamas in October. Barely felt any motion up there but my goodness was it windy. I would definitely stay in a forward facing ocean view. Or a balcony anywhere else lol.
  10. Thank you! Sounds like there are no bad options 🙂
  11. Flying into MCO (Orlando). Is it better to stay by the aiport or cruise port...or does it not really matter? Awesome, thx, I'll check it out. I'm cruising with 3 others who will be driving from various places in Florida...hoping for a free place for them to park.
  12. Ah...all valid points. Thank you for the response! I'll chill out and play it by ear lol.
  13. Hi all. I've never cruised out of Port Canaveral before. Is there a free parking option? (3 of 4 in my party are driving) Also, I'm flying in the night before. Any hotel suggestions? Cruising in April, if that matters. Not sure if it'll be just me or all 4 of us yet.
  14. Cruising in April, one of my ports is GSC, but I gather our chances are about 50/50 that we will actually make it there. If you were scheduled to go to Great Stirrup Cay but couldn't, where'd you end up? Another sea day? Different port? If it was a different port, was there a chance to find an excursion or is it more of a last minute play-by-ear scenario? Thanks in advance!
  15. Woops, thought that's where I was. Thanks!
  16. Hi all Flying in to MCO the day before my (NCL) cruise out of Port Canaveral in April, they seem to be about an hour apart. Is it better to stay near the airport or the cruise port for the night? Any hotel suggestions?
  17. Whoops!. Mixed up the private Islands for a second there lol. From what I've been reading, I feel like chances of actually making it to GSC is about 50%, so we'll see how that goes. I've just been to the reviews section and I'm really re-thinking the Breakaway. Lots of negatives and lots of "too crowded". I suppose a too crowded cruise is still better than a week at work lol. Thanks for your help!
  18. I don't snorkel and I'd rather refurbished and big over older and smaller. So the Breakaway wins. Thank you all!
  19. Excuse my rookie-ness...I have some random questions. 1. With Free at Sea, gratuities for those are added in...then I also pay regular gratuities later, right? 2. If yes, can I pay those before the cruise? I'd like to pre-pay as much as possible. 3. Possibly crazy q...are the regular balconies big enough to hold one of the twin mattresses? I'd love to sleep on the balcony. Is there a floor that has bigger balconies than others? (Breakaway) 4. I most recently sailed RCCL...how does embarkation work on NCL? Can I show up at 11 and get right on or will i be given a time and is it set in stone? 5. If we get 2 balcony cabins next door to one another can we open the divider? 6. Does the drink package work on Half Moon Cay? Is the beach there as beautiful/calm/clear as it looks online? Any other tips/tricks/advice for NCL? Breakaway, 7 nights in April to Ocho Rios, Cozumel, Cayman, & Half Moon Cay. Group of 4 in 2 balcony rooms. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi all, I've never cruised on NCL. Which would you choose? Norwegian Sun, 5 night: Great Stirrup Cay Grand Bahama Nassau (I would go to Blue Lagoon) OR Norwegian Breakaway. 7 night: Great Stirrup Cy Ocho Rios Cozumel Grand Cayman If it matters, I'll be turning 40 and travelling with 3 retiree family members, in 2 balcony rooms. I dream of clear calm beaches, not water slides or history tours. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi all, I'm new to NCL. I have a $$ question. 4 of us travelling, 2 rooms. We each have $50 excursion credit per port. If we want to rent a small cabana on GSC, which shows $199, could we each use our credit, making it "free"? Or, would I book it and spend my $50 credit and have to spend $150 extra? Thanks in advance!
  22. I don't know where, but I suggest conch fritters if you see them. Had them 2 years ago (at an all inclusive, not near the cruise port) and it's my main purpose when I visit Nassau again in a couple months.
  23. I haven't stayed here yet, but am booked for a night at the Sagamore before our cruise late September...I feel like it fits your criteria. Good luck! I had a heck of a time narrowing it down, there are so many choices!
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