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  1. If judging by my trip to town today here in middle Tennessee, then it is all over, virus gone....at least until the second wave hits. Traffic was back to pre virus and beyond. Restaurant parking lots packed. In Sam's Club, by my guesstimate, only 1 in 15 customers were wearing a mask still. Had to go in jewelry store. Not a mask to be seen, customers and clerks hanging all over each other. Me with the only mask. Felt like I was in there to rob the place.
  2. If...If....NCL was saying, "Dear valued customers. If you will loan us, NCL, the amount of what you would normally be paying for an Alaska cruise, although we do not have any Alaska cruises that will be sailing this season, then at the time they would be canceled, had we intended to actually cruise, we will repay your loan in the form of a FCC equal to the amount loaned us plus 25% (with some restrictions on when it must be used). If you don't wish to take advantage of this very generous FCC repayment offer, then after you fill out some paperwork and following a 90 day processing period of that paperwork, we will then refund your loan to us in cash, but without any interest being paid to you for that loan." Now, that would be right up front and not theft. We will assume that all of us on here, CC, are wise to the ways of the NCL world and know, or certainly should, these blatantly advertised cruises, that are still taking customers' money, payment in full, we all know that they aren't going to happen. However, there are many very innocent persons, not as wise and informed as are we, the folks of CC. Those innocents are assuming an advertised August cruise is 100% legit. So...it's theft...to me. Yea...I know...those folks should know better.
  3. Don't know. But do consider that when you rebook a year or so from now, the cruise price can likely be 25% or more than what the current prices. So you are lending no interest money. If you have confidence in the future of NCL, then buying their stock right might give you a better return.........or not.
  4. With the August Alaska cruises still for sale, they are looking more and more like thieves . Would think it to be illegal to be selling a product you don't have.
  5. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has made waves recently with the introduction of its largest ships, including Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy, and the Norwegian Encore. However, it also operates cruises under the Oceania and Regent brands. While Norwegian is the smallest of the “big three” cruise companies, it still brings in a healthy amount of money. Last year saw revenue of $6.1 billion, or $16,589,386 each day. As for profits, the company had a bottom line of $954.8 million — or $2,616,008 per day. Norwegian Bliss Launched in 2018, Norwegian Bliss made headlines not only due to its size (nearly 1,100 feet) but also its features. Notably, the ship offers a go-kart track at sea; one of the most unique features ever seen. All told, the Norwegian Bliss has room for 4,004 guests, assuming double occupancy. However, like other cruise lines Norwegian sails above 100% capacity. In 2018, the occupancy figure was 107.6%. If Norwegian Bliss sails at this level, it means 4,308 passengers on the ship. According to financial reports, Norwegian brought in just under $6.1 billion last year with 20.3 million passenger days. Quick division shows that the cruise line earned $299 per person, per day in 2018. With 4,308 passengers on the Norwegian Bliss bringing in $299 per day, that would mean revenue of $1,288,092 for each day.
  6. And do they actually accomplish anything as far as virus transmission goes. I thought the virus is pretty much transmitted by direct person to person proximity, not the general air flow we are breathing.
  7. Tell her to hussle along because she is scheduled for a full month of Alaska cruises out of Seattle beginning Aug 1st., with a stop in Canada.
  8. If....cruising returns under the conditions recommended in this article, cruising would just suck. The relaxation and atmosphere, the interaction with the wonderful crew, other guests...gone. I would not sail under those conditions even if it was free. More relaxed at home or a local area land based vacation. It's going to take a cure...or we and the cruise lines are screwed. So sad. Link copied from previously in this thread. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242945396.html
  9. NCL will be very happy to take your money still (full payment) for Alaska cruises on the Jewel and the Joy, leaving August 1st and 3rd, both ships stopping or originating from Canada.
  10. Holland American and Princess seem to be the only ones acknowledging reality. My opinion.
  11. And...they are selling cruises still on about half the fleet for sailing in August. Alaska begins as early as August 3rd and Bermuda out of NYC as early as August 2nd. I wouldn't be holding my breath for any of those....well...actually if you go...maybe do hold your breath.
  12. That sounds like a fun cruise! Believe I'll stay home.
  13. Got the latest and greatest promo offer today, offer only good through May 31. Checked sailings. Alaska sailing on Aug 3, Miami Caribbean sailing on Aug 2nd. All is well and we're back in business! NCL wouldn't be hot promoting these cruises today, with these last minute promos, if it wasn't going to happen....would they? They wouldn't be selling a product and taking customers' money for a cruise they know won't happen...would they?? No!
  14. Only a very small number of cruisers are on an information site like CC. Yes, if any of us book, then we should know what you're getting. However, a huge number of potential cruisers shopping are relying on and trusting that the advertised merchandise, as so openly marketed by NCL, a major and trusted corporation, is legit. No different than Target or any other merchant, when advertising and selling a product, then expecting that as truthful advertising. NCL is just flat legally stealing from many folks.
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