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  1. A tight squeeze. don't get your fingers caught!
  2. I'm not a big ship fan. So I would take a Jewel class. As mentioned, then you get the old locks. They are 106 years old and still working just fine. We've traveled both ways and enjoyed both. The book, A Path Between the Seas is a must read first if you really want to understand and appreciate what you will be seeing.
  3. They should be ashamed for taking money for this, if they are. That is only a little less than 6 weeks from now..
  4. My opinion, it doesn't matter at all who did what to who. It's the virus that is in control. And it continues to spiral out of control every time the restrictions are lifted, every time. So until the vaccines are available in quantity to get this under control, you are not going to see any cruises operating, with an appearance of anything like we used to enjoy. Basically, at the moment and into the unknown future, if you like cruising...and I sure do...you're screwed. My opinion. (And wishful thinking isn't going to change it).
  5. The virus is still spiraling up and hasn't come close to peaking for the winter. Tennessee today announced that from the usual 1700 or so new cases a day we've been seeing, today's new cases are 4,300 and increasing each day. There is no way a cruise will be sailing in just three months. My opinion.
  6. Do not give money now. Too much uncertainty including future cruises and their prices.
  7. I agree. There is no way in hell they have a clue as to what they will actually have set in concrete two years from now. So much subject to change between now and then.
  8. Until this vaccine is actually produced in quantity so at least half of the population can get vaccinated, for the months leading up to that, the virus will still be running out of control, and we will still be living under restrictions that will make cruising not acceptable for most folks. Even with the process that has been given the lines to accomplish to begin, the virus is going to just keep them grounded. My opinion.
  9. No. Only 95% or so effective as seems to be "proven" at this point (but then, what the hell do all those medical lab doctors and professionals know better than I do). Hey. I'm going with their "opinions" on it still though. And, I do though encourage all of you to be very suspicious of it, and for sure hang on to the "nobody can tell me what to do" thoughts. Do not let someone talk you into getting it. I'm being a bit selfish since the more of you that do that, the more vaccine is available for me! I appreciate it.
  10. I guarantee when it's available, I'll sure be in line to get it as soon as I'm eligible. I'm ready to get out of this mess. It and the others are going to have a positive track record, that even maybe with some mild side effects, or only a 90 - 95% success rate, that sure as hell beats the current promise that without it, and if I get the virus, at my age I have a 14% chance of dying. And if I don't die, a good chance the event will make me wish I would. Shoot me up coach! If somebody doesn't want their chance for a vaccine, I'll take it.
  11. I am very clear on the "why" of two of my nearby relatives. "Ain't no government person gonna tell me I gotta get a vaccine. I've just stopped by the gun sales store and grabbed a bunch more ammo....it's getting hard to find!". I think that's the why of a bunch of folks...at least around here.
  12. There's only one task force...the little covid germs. When they're contained, we can go again. Until then, nope..... No administration task force can change that at all.
  13. Since we, the US, seem to be like the Covid capital right now, and getting worse rapidly, I can't see us being a good choice either. I just can't see any cruises resuming here until this mess is cured or vaccinned, (and nobody wants a cruise worse than me). Our new President Elect says he has a Covid game plan. I hope those little Covid germs are listening. They seem to have a mind of their own.
  14. Unless the rules change if we ever sail again, the balcony dividers cannot be opened. Occasionally a cabin steward will open them for you while in port.
  15. The market is up $426 at the moment but the cruise lines are all down.
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