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  1. From today's USA Today, it appears that a bunch of folks will not be cruising then. At the moment the US has 44% of the adult population with one shot and 31% with both shots. Bad news is that demand for the vaccination is dropping rapidly. Around here, Tennessee, plenty of vaccine available, and I saw yesterday that at several places around here have signs that everyone is eligible to just walk in and get it any time, no waiting, no lines....but no takers.
  2. The Pearl was our first cruise and been on her many cruises since. She's my favorite. Jewel class are the prefect size for us and include the front Spinnaker lounge and the rear Great Outdoors.
  3. Do all suites get to use the Haven restaurant? Or does the Epic have suites other than the Haven?
  4. Huh????? Oh...also, "refusal or DECLINE", I'm missing something here I guess. Seem like similar actions to me in general conversation. And no, I don't even know these persons that the newspaper used as statistics. So, nope, not a single one of them actually told me anything. Glad to get that cleared up. And...yep, absolutely a persons right to "refuse/DECLINE" the vaccination. Not my decision as you certainly pointed out. And only doctors pointing out in the article that until we all get with the program and many more of us get vaccinated, we just flat aren't going to get the virus
  5. Happy to say as far as I know we never had one either.
  6. I was an air traffic controller for 38 years. And for the last 20 or so, about once every 2 or 3 months, the pee in the bottle lab techs would show up and we would have to go into the bathroom with escort and be observed peeing in the bottle. Tell me employment can't mandate conditions of employment....
  7. It's not good news for any of us. Read in today's paper that Tennessee, among a few other states has the lowest vaccination rates in the US. And it is because of refusal to be vaccinated, not lack of vaccine. Regarding that situation, the CEO of one of our hospitals says it is a serious issue. The virus left unchecked will continue to develop new strains until it is very likely those already vaccinated will no longer have protection. He said he is worried that the worst is still head of us. (And several countries around the world appear to indicate that) I realize all these folks have th
  8. You take a population of one million, even without vaccinations, I'm guessing you will have a blood clot or two anyhow....or heart attack...or stroke..... So I really don't know how much the vaccination actually was the cause, if at all beyond normal health expectations. . Anyone have statistics?
  9. As others have said, the answer for now is no. However, we are still way too early in this maze of plans as to how cruises will resume. I would think that about a year from now, if we are cruising by then, cruises will be returning to a much more normal situation and herd immunity by then might let the vaccination requirement be dropped.....opinion only.
  10. Of course withCanada shut down for ships Alaska is out anyway. ButSeattle sure doesn’t look good either. With so many declining vaccinations the cases are surging again. We’re still a long way from being out of this mess. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington, their governors quickly reacted with shutdowns. Now they are about to impose new restrctions again as infections and hospitalizations rise to alarming levels. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is putting 15 counties that encompass the state's biggest cities into the state's extreme
  11. Europe is still experiencing so many Covid uncertainties, up and down, vaccinations still far behind, travel between countries, I've got my doubts about them sailing.
  12. This whole mess has sooo many uncertainties in it. I don't know how in the world all the technical required details will ever be determined for implementation, and all the variables, like you proposed, will ever get finally set. Whatta mess.......... I just don't see this happening like some imagine.
  13. And RCL just terminated any hiring from India. I would imagine other lines to follow.
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