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  1. Do they do "odds bets", "parlay bets", or "over/under bets" like in Las Vegas?
  2. You still have to put your drink , "in a cup". Doesn't matter if it's the cup Royal gives you, or your own cup. You still have to carry around a cup to the free style machines and put a drink in it. Not sure what OP is trying to accomplish here.
  3. We went on the March 24-31, Eastern sailing on Allure and we also tried Chops. I wasn't expecting a land based 4 star steakhouse steak. But I was expecting a better steak and meal than what I could get at the "Outback Steak house". Sadly I didn't get it. My wife likes her steak well done. Ruth Chris, Mortons, Capital Grill, even Outback none of them have a problem preparing a good well done steak. The steak they brought to my wife was burnt to a crisp and dry as dust. My medium done steak was cooked properly but the steak was tough and tasteless. My shrimp app was decent. My wifes black pepper bacon was a big disappointment(how can you mess up bacon?". Sides were just plain bad. We will probably never try Chops again.
  4. You guys sound like my wife and I. We took our first cruise on RCL Allure after 5 cruises on Carnival this past March. Here's some things we immediately noticed that were different from Carnival. Embarkation for Royal was quick and no hassle at all. I signed us up to check in at 12pm because I wasn't exactly sure when we would get to the port. We got there at 10:30am and was on the ship at 11:15am. Royal isn't constantly asking you if you want your pictures taken. We always thought this was a waste of time and money on Carnival because they had people everywhere trying to take your picture. The ship(Allure) was just awesome compared to the Carnival ships we've sailed on. Just so much to see and do, it's a destination itself. I'm not sure if you guys drink alcohol or will be getting a drink package but my wife had given up on frozen alcohol drinks on Carnival. She mainly gets frozen Margaritas. On Carnival the bars use a pre made frozen mix as a base for their frozen drinks. On Royal the bartenders have blenders and they make their frozen drinks from scratch. And the taste on Royal is 100% better. We thought the food in the buffet was not only better in the Wind Jammer but there was also a lot more variety. We also thought the food in the MDR was better on the Allure. Not a whole lot better, but it tasted better on average than Carnivals MDR. We did think that Carnival gave you more and better options for food that was complimentary with your cruise like the taco bar and Guys burgers. We also noticed that the whole "cruise ship vibe" was more, "laid back" on the Allure. While Carnival has the island music and the steel drum music and vibe playing constantly. For us it really did seem like Carnival has more of a "party" atmosphere compared to Royal. Bottom line, we really enjoyed our cruise on Allure and we thought Royal was very impressive and worth the extra price. We enjoyed it so much that we have already booked another cruise with Royal on Symphony next year. And I'm not sure when we'll be going back to Carnival.
  5. Actually if you look at the menu the prices would be very reasonable even for a land based restaurant. They show the nachos to be $7. The small wings $8. And the burgers come with fries for $9 which I think was the same price as JR on the Allure. It's another option on the ship for food. I could see my wife and I getting wings there late at night some times instead of our usual pizza. But we wouldn't eat there to often because it would add up pretty quick.
  6. But at JR you couldn't have got the nachos, chicken wings or 2 Margaritas either. So you paid for 6 items at Playmakers for $75, compared to burgers and fries at JR for around $20.
  7. Don't they already have that on Oasis class ships?
  8. I'm guessing that Royal feels that with having everyone use hand sanitizer before entering the WJ is working, so wrapping the utensils is not necessary.
  9. I'm not sure where you and others keep getting this wrong info about "all the charging on Coco Cay", but maybe in the future you should check with the official RCCL web site instead of on the cruise site boards. I recently went on my first cruise on RCCL and although we went to Labadee instead of Coco Cay, I still found all the "CORRECT INFO" about both of these private islands by simply checking on the RCCL web site and Royal related web sites. I didn't have to be told that activities such as jet skiing, zip lining, and such would be an extra charge. Those things are expensive to maintain so a charge is to be expected. Beaches are free. Any port you go to will have free beaches. You just have to pay to get there and for loungers. The new water park at Coco Cay is an extra. Royal spent a lot of money building it so it shouldn't be a surprise. At least they're charging those who want to use the water park instead of raising cruise prices for everyone. They supply you lunch on Coco Cay and drinks. It's just like being on the ship, with more room. Think of the private islands like this: Instead of Royal stopping at another island like Cozumel, or St Maarten where you have to pay for a driver to take you to a beach. Pay for food, drinks, beach loungers, or excursions. Royal is taking you to their own island that is included with your cruise fare and has beaches you can walk to. Food, drinks, beach loungers that you don't have to pay extra for. And a water park and water sports that you can pay extra for just like everywhere else.
  10. I think your math is a little off. The day 1 offer would be $49.50 pp pd compared to the cruise planner price of $52 pp pd. You're saving $2.50 pp pd.
  11. We sailed on the Allure Eastern 7 day cruise out of Miami on 3/24-3/31. One of the first things we saw after boarding the ship was a liquor sale on deck 5 promenade. We spotted a bottle of liquor that we wanted to buy for a decent price. The sales lady said that this was a "first cruise day sale" and prices were not going to be this low again for the cruise. So I asked her if perhaps there would be lower prices in some of the ports we were going to. She said that the ships low price should be the same or lower than in the ports but, if we did see a lower price in port than to take a picture and show them and they would credit us the difference. So we said fine and we made a purchase. The next day we were walking around the promenade and saw that they were still selling the liquor but at it's original price which was $10 higher. So we figured we had made a good deal. Our first port was St. Maarten. We went into the first liquor store that we saw and found the exact same bottle of liquor $5 lower than the sell price on the ship. So I took out my phone to take a picture so I could get the credit from the ship. A sales person in the store came up to me and said "NO PICTURES"! I explained that I just wanted to show the ship that the price in port was lower and get a credit. They said that they were aware of the ships practice of matching the port price but they would not allow me to get a price adjustment because the ships lower their price to match the ports price. Sorry to make this so long but I would say that you could probably beat or match the ships price in ports.
  12. That's what happened to us on our recent Allure cruise. I set the show up time for 12pm because I had to drop the rental off and get to the cruise port so I didn't want to cut the time to close. We ended up getting to the cruise port at 10:30am. We were on the ship by 11:15am. They started boarding Diamond and pinnacle members around 10:30am. After them it was pretty much, "line up and come onboard"
  13. I will never understand the need for people to post everything happening in their lives on social media. The people who I want to know my plans know them. I have no need for strangers and distant associates to know my every plan and move. I just don't get it.
  14. I haven't been to Coco Cay yet(trip coming up) but I would assume that anyone could walk around the water park area. But when you wanted to do an activity you would need a wristband to show proof of purchase. And also the wristbands will probably be "time-stamped" to designate full day or half day.
  15. I definitely see your point. Weather is beyond Royal's control. But this is a mechanical issue which they do have some control over. Many of us cruise for the ports as well as for the ship. So I can understand the frustration with a last minute change of plans at ports for a mechanical issue that is Royals fault.
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