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  1. It says 15 min on the screen but they would give more than that. I seen some that were over and hour and a bit and was finally moved. My brother went up to get a drink at the bar and it was very busy and he was gone 15 min and a person had moved his towel and shoes and was sitting there on his chair. Some people are just down right rude. Not sure why people think they can sleep late go for breakfast and show up at the pool at 11 and expect a chair to be waiting for them. There are chair hogs and Norwegian dealt with it professionally.
  2. Embarktion - very quick and easy. Inside stateroom - Big enough for 2 but closet needs light. Service - Top notch MDR Food - was good but does not compare to other lines for variety. No shrimp, prime rib, offered. Entertainment - Choir of Man the very best. Kinky boots ok and comedians ok. Would not miss if they did away with go carts and virtual reality. Laser tag we got rained out. Pool area - Was crowded but did not find it much different from other lines. Chairs were monitoured for time and items removed by pool attendants. Excursions well organized and ea
  3. Wondering if anyone can let me know if the MDR on Princess still offer shrimp cocktails, beef tenderloin, lobster, beef wellington and prime rib at no extra cost. Trying to decide on our next cruise. Just came of Norwegian Encore and food in MDR was good but none of the above is offered. Thankyou
  4. Wow folks. Thankyou so much. Our friends will love to hear this.
  5. Thankyou DS for such a detailed description of your cruise. Sailing on Encore Feb 2 and know I will love it as I am on vacation in the Caribbean with family and friends and it does not get much better.
  6. Heh Bk That is what I thought. Will let our friends know. They will have to drink what is available which is a lotl.lol. Thankyou
  7. Could not find a Caesar Drink listed on Encore bar. In Canada we make it with Clamato juice with Tabasco, vodka. Does anyone remember seeing it on the Encore. Thankyou
  8. Thankyou folks. Whoever is going on the Feb 2 sailing of Encore we will be there and safe travels to all.
  9. Sorry to bother you Bk. But I have reviewed the drinks for the Encore and we cannot find Cesares listed anywhere. Do you know if the bars make them. Thankyou
  10. My apologies was having difficulty with my computer. Going on Encore on Feb 2 and our friends want to know if Tobasco Sauce is readily available in MDR , buffet and bars. If not they will have to bring their own. Thankyou
  11. Going on Feb 2 sailing of Encore. Can anyone tell me when the MDR open and close for breakfast and dinner. Thankyou.
  12. Going on Feb 2 sailing of Encore. Can anyone tell me when the MDR open and close for breakfast and dinner. Thankyou.
  13. So Jersey Girl if it is just 1 cabin you can book everything at the kiosks. Not sure where you book the restaurants. Perhaps Bk can help you with that. Hope we all have a great time Feb 2 sailing of Encore.
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