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  1. We had a 32 inch TV in our inside cabin. There was no DVD player. We didn't watch any movies, but I did browse through the On Demand catalog and it was quite extensive. Sorry, we didn't use the sauna facilities.
  2. First cruise, how exciting! I've been on 18 now, and each one still feels special. I highly recommend you go see "Humanity", which is a production show in the main showroom. It's held on the second day of your cruise and is very good. We also really enjoyed Billboard Onboard. We don't normally like piano bars, but this was different. We listened to them almost every night. The BB King Blues Club was very good as well. Have a great cruise!
  3. You're quite welcome. I always search out recent dailies for the cruises I go on, and I like helping out others who are looking for the same. Hope you all have a great cruise. We had a wonderful time on the Eurodam.
  4. Sorry, we didn't play bingo, so I can't help you much. I did walk by Billboard Onboard once while bingo was in session. The numbers board was shown on all the TV screens scattered around the lounge. But as for prices and cards vs electronic I can't help you there.
  5. There were no mechanical problems on our cruise. We arrived at every port on time, with no issues at all. I did feel a bit of a vibration when standing all the way aft by the Sea View Pool when the ship was sailing at full speed. But I didn't feel it was anything particularly unusual. Our cabin, 4170, was almost at the rear of the ship, and I never felt any strong vibration there. Hope this helps.
  6. You're welcome. I'm glad you found them useful. Enjoy your cruise on the Oosterdam.
  7. This was my first cruise on HAL, and I knew nothing about the Orange Party until I saw it listed in the When & Where. I didn't go to it, but I did see them placing orange balloons all around the BB King Blues Club as we walked by. Enjoy your cruise. We had a great time on the Eurodam.
  8. My wife and I just returned from an Alaska cruise on the Eurodam. I've scanned the daily "When & Where" activity guides for that cruise. I hope that some people who will be sailing on the Eurodam this summer will find it useful. Here's the link:
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll start that one when I'm finished with the Eclipse review. I'm also following along with your current Dream review. They're both wonderful. You have a great knack for writing, and your photos are terrific.
  10. Thanks for the link to Deladane's review. I've never read one of her reviews before. I just started her Celebrity Eclipse review from last year and I'm hooked. I need to get through all 26 pages now. I've also subscribed to her current one on the Carnival Dream. Thanks again for the heads up.
  11. I'm having the same problem. No activity over the last 365 days.
  12. The Jubilee was our first cruise, too. I remember seeing it as we drove across the Vincent Thomas Bridge and I couldn't believe how huge it was!
  13. Another excellent review, Norris. It's always a treat to follow along with you and Carol. Cuba is a place I've wanted to visit for many years. You descriptions and photos brought it to life for me. Thank you! I've already put your next cruise on my calendar. Can't wait for that one. John
  14. You have excellent taste, my friend. One of Laurel and Hardy's many gems. Any of their films with Mae Busch in it is an instant classic. Add to that a great "tit for tat" scene with Charlie Hall. Now I have to dig out my DVD and watch it again. (I'm sure you're aware that Stan is British. He came over to America on the same ship as Charlie Chaplin.)
  15. I guess I should stop scanning the Princess Board for that review then . My wife and I have done the Hawaii cruise twice. As you said, they're nice and relaxing with a lot of sea days. I'm still enjoying your photos from this trip. Your Iceland and Greenland photos are terrific!
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