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  1. Thanks for sharing the details of the Antarctic portion. Can’t wait to see it. How was the Patrick Watts tour? Was the route as bumpy and rough as some make it sound? Did you have any issue returning back to Stanley in plenty of time to get tender to ship? Any time to check out any of Stanley? Any regrets about taking it? thanks, Chris
  2. That’s an awful way to end a cruise. Hope they recover and get home okay. Did you hear whether they were in a car they rented and therefore driving themselves or were they on a tour at the time of the accident? It’s great you all were able to go ashore and see the wonderful destination. I sure hope we get to do so as well next Saturday. Chris
  3. The marine traffic system shows the Coral in the bay off Stanley so it appears they were able to make the port stop. Hopefully the weather shows rain and windy today. Ugh. Hopefully the tender trips won’t be too rough.
  4. It’s good it wasn’t more serious and didn’t alter your trip in a large way. Hopefully it’s something they can repair or replace during a scheduled port stop and not impact our itinerary either or impact safety of course after we board on Tuesday.
  5. Have they described what caused the fire or what was damaged as a result of it?
  6. Beautiful sunset. Why was the crew placed on alert?
  7. Cool. Thanks. Have there been any whale sightings so far? I have to share an insiders joke that my wife and I have laughed about so many times. We’ve taken 6 transatlantic and transpacific crossing along with various other cruises over the last 10 years or so. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been eating a meal or sipping coffee somewhere onboard and have heard a small ruckus that begins with someone first spotting what “must be a whale” in the distance. Word spreads like wildfire for a few short seconds as others rush over to the window to get a glimpse often with cell phones raised in hopes of snapping a photo. In almost every case reality sets in as the “whale” turns out to be a random floating tree, limb or other piece of bobbing wood. We inevitably look at one another and softly proclaim “ahh the elusive tree whale”! Lol. Sorry I digressed first a moment but it makes me smile even as I sit here typing this. Smooth sailing!
  8. what length lens? I’m trying to understand how close to the ship the penguins were seen. thanks
  9. Can someone confirm whether or not Sudoku game sheets have been available each day in the library? thanks
  10. Just checked the ships webcam and can see the snow capped mountains around the city. Looks like it would be cooler than 60 deg. You guys were certainly due for a good weather day. Glad for you all. Hope we have one like that when we arrive there in a couple weeks.
  11. I can tell you from recent personal experience that if you book a r/t under one of the voyages and end up cancelling the 2nd voyage due to a trip interruption (death in family in our case) and have to return home, the cost of the return flight WILL NOT be considered in the cost basis of the 2nd cruise and therefore will reduce the amount of expenses incurred to get home or elsewhere that will be reimbursed. Also as the first cruise is the one with the flights booked and was not “interrupted” you can’t claim any of the cost against that cruise. This is important since the total cost of a cruise and flights is the max you can claim should the trip be interrupted. This happened to us in March while down under for two voyages. Try buying hotel rooms, rentals cars and airline tickets to fly one way to the USA while overseas for a flight the next day and see how fast you max out your covered amount, especially if original flights don’t count towards cost basis. We were allowed to book r/t under one cruise but I didn’t understand the consequences of doing so. Just FYI
  12. Very cool! Thanks. We will be on the same route that you were on which departs on 1/21 and very much looking forward to the journey.
  13. We’ve had something similar happen and found what we believe was causing it. We booked flights directly with Princess for last years cruise down under. The flights were with United. Some time later we used the United site to purchase economy extra seating to have more leg room and free drinks etc. A couple weeks before our trip I went into the Princess website to print luggage tags and boarding passes for the cruise and while there I checked our flights and seat assignments. One flight indicated it wasn’t available at the time. I then went to United’s website to check and found our premium seats were no longer reserved and we were separated in the rear rows on each flight. I called United and was told the seat cancellation occurred thru Princess website at the same time I was viewing them in the Princess site. I knew I had not canceled them. They corrected the issue as luckily our original seats were still open. Apparently there is a software issue between Princes and airline websites that sometimes sends faulty cancellation or other triggers when looking at flight/seat reservations within the Princess site. I called Princes and they felt I had simply somehow done it accidentally but that was not true. We now never look at flights or seat assignments in Princess after purchasing but rather go to the airlines site to do so. It’s also the only real way to see or change actual seat assignments and know you’re seeing the real data. Chris
  14. Got it! Thanks for developing and providing the list.
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