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  1. I get this. I really do. And I see this purists response pretty often on these boards. And that’s okay. However I find it fascinating that no one considers a visit to Glacier Bay National Park during an Alaskan cruise to be a “drive by” even though most know you can opt to kayak or take small boats into the park from the tiny nearby town of Gustavus and camp or otherwise go ashore. In this case it isn’t a requirement that one tramps ashore and further impacts wildlife or the land environment in some way before being the visit can be considered legitimate? Same for the fjords of Norway or New Zealand. Believe me I’ve asked many times not once did someone refer to those destinations in that way. Lol. Oh and anyone who has cruised down the Nile knows it’s simply an amazing experience and doesn’t require that you wad into the waters from the river bank to qualify as having been there although most of the boats do stop 2-3 places between Luxor and Aswan for temple site visits. Just food for thought.
  2. We have found numerous instances over our last few crushes where the electronic version of the patter wasn’t different than the printed version. In every instance the paper one was correct. The most common issue seems to be events not showing on the digital version that are in fact occurring somewhere onboard.
  3. We are on one of these voyages in January. What are you trying to say in this post?Am I to assume these photos were taken by you on a recent trip?
  4. Precisely. It’s simply something many may want to consider with arranging easyair flights for B2B cruises. Thanks
  5. I recently started a thread that related to B2B (or cruises planned very close to one another) cruises and an issue we had when we had to file a Princes travel insurance claim. If you haven’t read it I suggest you take a few minutes and do so. It can be found here: Chris
  6. I glad to see others may benefit from the info in the OP. Not knowing this particular “fine print” cost us plenty and nearly turned us away from Princess for good. I didn’t include in the OP but our first voyage of that trip was also interrupted by a typhoon and we disembarked two days early in Cairnes vs scheduled Brisbane but the expenses associated with that portion of our trip were mostly covered but for our original independent flights from Brisbane which were lost. It did nonetheless make for a large number of changes on the fly to our itinerary and spending lots of $’s to recover and get Roman in two cities and make our way to Auckland. Together the two voyage interruptions and related loss of my MIL nearly gave us more than we could handle in such a short time. Trying to make multiple wholesale changes to multiple sets of plans while also keeping track of all the expenses, receipts and issues for filing with insurance later wasn’t easy while at the same time dealing with such a family loss when 18 hours time difference (maybe Moreno or less, can’t recall) with all of the rest of our family. The OP wasn’t however intended to necessarily bash their insurance but rather inform others of one problem that can arise from using it given our specific set of circumstances. Like you we have an upcoming voyage and do intend to use it again but with more info in our possession than before. As you say the cost (for us also) is less than others we priced. For the last couple years we have also maintained a relatively inexpensive year round international medical plan that has excellent benefits and limits for any health issue that may come up so this portion of the Princess coverage is somewhat redundant for us. Our primary reason for the Princess one is the cruise when flight protection. Take me care and smooth sailing, Chris
  7. I usually bring along two copies of my first published novel and donate them to the ships library. I wish they would remain onboard to allow passengers to read them on subsequent voyages but I’ve never found one onboard after a day or two has passed or when returning to the ship for another voyage. Maybe some end up on other ships at some point but I’ll likely never know. Chris
  8. While I suppose it’s possible, this seems very odd and unlikely to actually be the case imo. They make good money from them and prebooking allows better planning it would seem. I would call and speak to a different agent.
  9. Lol. I am the OP. No, the trip want cobbled together by anyone. I mentioned the single independent flight to point out how we were getting from the end of one cruise in Brisbane to the beginning of the second one leaving Auckland. Princess will not allow booking of such flights using easy air so you must do them yourself with the understanding they are not covered under the Princess Protection. All other travel was booked with Princess until the interruption occurred at which time we had to get back to the USA on our own of course. The main point of the OP was to point out the way your trip base cost is established under the Princess Protection which is the $ limit for which you can get reimbursed and how booking r/t flights under one cruise vs two one way flights can screw you if you have to cancel or if an interruption occurs.
  10. #2 in the OP can be avoided by booking two one way flights but it will most likely cost a good deal more
  11. Sorry but this is a rather long post but worth your time to read if you have an issue while traveling. I’ve delayed writing this post to try to get a better resolution but it’s just not going to happen so here goes. If you intend to book multiple voyages very close together or as a back to back trip and plan to use Princess insurance to protect against trip interruption etc then you should be aware of a potential for a disappointing surprise should you need to use the insurance. In February of this year we flew from the USA to Brisbane, Australia where we had a very nice 3 days stay before boarding the Sea Princess for a 7 day voyage that would return to Brisbane. After this voyage we had planned a break in north New Zealand of about a week before we boarding the Majestic in Auckland, New Zealand for a 11 day voyage to Sydney. We purchased platinum level Princes Protection. Between the two voyages we booked independent flights from Brisbane to Auckland that we knew would not be insured under the insurance. When booking the first voyage easy air options allowed the purchase of “round trip” flights into Brisbane (from the USA) and out of Sydney (back home in USA) where our 2nd voyage ended. The second flight did not allow this r/t option. After weighing the r/t price of two one ways (one on each cruise) we booked the easy air r/t flights on the 1st voyage. On day 2 of the 2nd voyage we received a call from the USA and learned my wife’s mother had passed suddenly. We disembarked in Wellington, NZ on day 3 and after much research and expenditures we flew to New Orleans where her family lived and helped make arrangements and attended services and helped her dad cope as best we could. A couple weeks later we rented a car and drove the 12 hours home to Tennessee. The important things for everyone to know are: 1) Princess Protection will only reimburse you up to the original paid cost of your cruise & flights (each voyage has its own cost base) 2) R/T airfare booked under the first cruise of a b2b (or closely booked cruises) only counts toward cost base of that cruise and none of the airfare cost can be associated with the 2nd voyage cost even when the return flight is booked from the scheduled disembarkation port for the 2nd voyage 3) The reimbursed cost of flights home upon an interruption is only applicable to your home city and not to a second city such as New Orleans in our case. They will estimate what a flight home would have cost to calculate covered amount. 4) Expenses incurred later to get home from New Orleans after a funeral are not covered (IE: rental car, gas etc) 5) Receipts are required for any qualifying expense, even a taxi ride from the ship to an airport to get home Summary: If you experience an interruption mid cruise while on an international trip you will quickly exceed the original cost of the insured trip especially if you do not book flights for each voyage separately so don’t expect all expenses to get home to be reimbursed given the above items. Princess will do nothing to help resolve an issue following insurance claim processing such as how flights are associated to flights for multiple voyages. The onboard staff of the Majestic were so kind and understanding when helping us deal with the interruption given due to our family loss. Hope me this helps someone, Chris
  12. I hadn’t discovered #1 problem yet after just the single visit to search when discovering #2. That is awful for sure. HUGE waste of time for those looking for their next voyage. What are they thinking?
  13. Well it didn’t take them long to kill this page or else the link is a bad oneness because it isn’t working for me.
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