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  1. Ours were next door to one another and the move seemed simple enough. We never thought it’d be an issue.
  2. We did once and will never do it again. It caused several problems even though passenger services said it was easy to handle. Credit cards on our cruise personalizer was not changed to match new cabin numbers. Future cruise deposits purchased onboard were given to the wrong passengers and wasn’t recognized until weeks later when we were trying to track down why ours weren’t showing up on our captains circle accounts. We had to have releases signed by family members and faxed in before they would correct. Cabin keys (cards) weren’t changed correctly until second attempt. There were others but I can’t remembwr what they were. It’s been 3 years since we did it.
  3. It will depend on the rules for the booking you made. By that I mean if you booked a cruise that was part of a sale and that sales fine print included a nonrefundable deposit, then I expect you will loose the FCD. Otherwise you should get it back in your account where it can be used again later. I suppose if it’s beyond the two year ‘life’ of a FCD it will be refunded directly to you unless you request and they approve an extension on the 2 years.
  4. Good info. Thanks for the help. Look so like they’d fly in the day before and use a hotel close to SEA before catching the transfer the morning of boarding. Assuming Princess offers the transfer when they decide on the dates.
  5. I haven’t yet but will do so once they settle on a date (voyage) or two that works best for them. Yes, I see the quick shuttle company offers one for just $59 each but was trying to explore the Princess one a bit to keep it as simple as possible for them. I wanted to determine if they still offered them and what the cost might be.
  6. I would assume the same thing. Would of course need to verify if they decide this option works for them and settle on a date. I’m trying to help them explore their options. Thanks
  7. I’m trying to help a family member out together a trip for their family that will include a 7 day voyage from Vancouver to Whittier. I seem to remember Princess offered a Seattle to Vancouver ship transfer the day of the cruise departure. Without booking the cruise I can’t tell if it’s still offered or what the cost would be. Has anyone done this or know more info? thanks
  8. I have a photo on the Royal that is so cool to see hanging on deck 15 when we sail on her. It was entered in a similar contest when she was being constructed. I didn’t hear about the Sky contest in time to submit one though.
  9. We did it on the Emerald several years ago and really enjoyed it. Some of the things we enjoyed most was the ships bridge and seeing how the ship is steered/controled, main engine control room, Princess theater back stage operations and kitchen area. My advise is to take the tour
  10. I’ve done it in a variety of ways. At first I gave them to the passenger services desk after boarding and did sign them with a note indicating they were donated to the ships library and asking readers to please return them to the library after reading them. After doing it this way a few times I was asked by the P.S. staff to simply place them on the shelves myself. Eventually I simply began taken them directly to the library. I stopped signing these copies some time ago but still usually put the note in them asking that they be returned after reading. Occasionally someone onboard will stop me after recognizing me from the ‘about the author’ page photo and tell me how much they’re enjoying reading it. On a couple voyages a group of readers put together a book review or informal discussion for it while onboard which I attended. In any case it’s fun hearing from those who read it and knowing it gives several hours of enjoyment.
  11. I usually donate two copies of my first novel to the ships library on our first day onboard and will typically check back multiple times throughout the voyage to see if copies are still there. Only twice have I found a copy on the shelves after the first day and I’ve never found one onboard a ship that I’ve donated to on an prior cruise. I’d like to think people will being them back after reading them but can't verify that’s the case. I have seen multiple posts here over the years by people openly admitting they take books hoe from the ship with some saying they bring others to donate as well. Chris
  12. One additional thing to consider. Unlike some travel insurances Princess Protection doesn’t just cover medical issues but also covers trip delay or trip interruption problems. We never needed that until the trip for which we just returned home this week. During our trip down under that began mid February we had one cruise cut short by a cyclone which meant getting off the ship 1000 miles from our destination and make our own way from Cairns to Auckland where we had independent land tours and hotels booked before boarding a second Princess cruise. This interruption was required when our ship couldn’t return to Brisbane until 2-3 days later than scheduled. THEN a week or so later on the day 2 of an 11 day NZ voyage we received word of my DW’s mother passing in the USA. We got off the ship at the next port stop and made our own way back to the states, not home mind you but somewhere 700 miles from our home. We finally arrived home by rental car this week after a couple weeks in Louisiana. We never dreamed any of this would ever happen to us but we so happy we had the platinum protection to help us recover most of the significant cost of these two events. We did have to fork out the money for all expenses but believe we will get most of it back. We have also been assured that we will also get a refund equal to the cost of the unused portions of our cruises which we did not complete. All of this describes the coverage we’ve been led to believe we have. If not I’ll be back on these boards with more info to share about our situation and to warn others. Another lesson learned for us is don’t expect any help from USA airlines or easy air during a situation like we had. Neither of them will assist you if you have bought through easyair while you are trying to make sudden changes that do not occur when trying to get to the ship or get home during previously scheduled flights. This is especially true when in a time zone 16 hours different than home and on a Sunday. You’ll need to book your own new one way tickets and hotel or other arrangements as well. Keep all receipts and make notes on the timeline to help reconstruct the description of the interruption when you are finally home and can submit claims. Chris
  13. Is the Sea P’s NZ itinerary officially changed to eliminate the South Island ports of call? All of them?
  14. Yes we disembarked in Cairns today and are out a lot of money as we make our own way towards getting back on track with the rest of our time down under. So far we have forked out about $1,200 usd to secure flights, hotel rooms and expected meal cost to avoid even more impact to our stay down under should we have stayed onboard and arrived 2-3 days late back in Brisbane. We hope to recover some of this once back home from travel insurance but Princess has done little to help out situation other than recommend disembarking in Cairns if we wanted to continue our trip since even if we arrive in Brisbane in a few days we may not be able to get flights out of there for some time after that.
  15. We are on the Sea Princess for a Queensland voyage that is due to arrive in Brisbane Sunday 24 February. Unfortunately a cyclone is interrupting our voyage a bit. So far we have simply missed one port and added a second day in Cairns. However we are now learning the port of Brisbane is closing as the storm approaches and we will soon be giving the opportunity to disembark in Cairns. We are supposed to be given more details tonight or tomorrow but we are evaluating options. We had independently booked flights from Brisbane to Auckland on Sunday so that we can take a second voyage on the Majestic next week. We are considering rebooking our flights from Cairns to Auckland. Our Princess cruise not returning to Brisbane will require us to change our independent flights and spend an extra day or two in hotels. We do have Princess platinum vacation protection which we believe will help with some cost after filing a claim once we are home. Has anyone gone through a similar scenario? What expenses should we expect to be covered/not covered based on your experience? What did Princess do for you in that situation? Thanks so much any experience you can share.
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