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  1. We are on the May 17 southbound. I am feeling a bit messed with at the moment as HAL won't do the right thing and cancel up to July 1 or at least June 15.
  2. It appears they are also going to honour the commission for travel agents if paid in full. Maybe they had no choice but good to be confirmed. Sent from my LG-H873 using Forums mobile app
  3. I thought this was Carnival Cruises not Carnival Cruise Lines. But I am frequently confused these days.
  4. True. I can see they probably have a cash flow problem but allowing people to book cruises that won't sail doesn't appear to be an a quality business practice.
  5. I have been giving HAL a break as they have a lot on their plate but I find it frustrating that they have used resources on this promo which looks panicky, while still not sorting out their early Alaska season sailings.
  6. As a Canadian I am disappointed at the underlying thinking here. Seattle is a hotspot. Schools are closed in the San Diego area. San Francisco is serious. NY is very worried. So why is the problem Canada closing its ports? We know from the Diamond Princess what happens if you put a positive into a cruise ship. Also the Med and Caribbean are certainly not as open to cruise ships as suggested. Not sure if we know if Alaska wants them either at the moment. Patience is required here. It will pass but not soon.
  7. This is just strange. I guess they don't want the bad publicity of customers dying after cruising but don't care if the virus is spread. Glad at the moment it isn't HAL.
  8. This is all so complicated. My TA spoke to HAL today. They will deduct the cost of our cancellation policy from the FCC they will issue. Maybe I am missing something but it seems to me that because I paid for the cancellation policy I am paying for part of my own cancellation whereas those that didn't get fully supported by HAL. Is this correct?
  9. I like to think I am just confused. First it was my understanding that on the ships with a dedicated Sel they have abandoned a la carte and is now a flat $49. Is this correct? Second does the 25% apply to both dedicated and popup? I think I know the answer to this question!!
  10. That must have been frustrating. You would think they would have a workaround. Strange as my TA booked this cruise while I still had a booking directly through HAL which expired later that day.
  11. That would be great. I shall join the line to talk to the consultant onboard.
  12. I was going to wait until our May cruise before booking a November cruise. Because of the current promotion and $25 deposit, I decided to make a booking. Also it was showing limited availability on one of the online sites. My question is, will I be able to get any added benefits from the onboard cruise consultant? I assume I could cancel and rebook if it hasn't sold out.
  13. I think you can if you pay corkage. Also if you are on a HAL winery tour you used to be able to bring one bottle back without corkage.
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