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  1. We will be flying in the night before the cruise..september 2020.Not sightseeing, just want to get there and sleep. Party of 2. At least a queen but prefer a king. I believe we fly into Newark. I'm not comfortable in big cities on our own...dinner isn't important to me, could be anything. Budget? Medium I guess...
  2. Hello, we are very unfamiliar with this area and would really appreciate suggestions for a hotel either near the airport or cruise port if it's safe. Doing a cruise September 2020. Thanks!
  3. Hello friends, Can anyone recommend an inexpensive and convenient option from the anchorage airport to seward, transport for 4 adults? Thanks!
  4. This diamond plus member misses the embarkation priority boarding and special seating at ice shows. We have solved the boarding problem by arriving after 2 pm, no lines then, but it was a nice perk. We appreciate most of all the happy hour and 3 drinks loaded on our card so that we can enjoy a free drink almost anywhere on the ship. Also really appreciate the wifi. The crew and staff have always bent over backwards to make each cruise special, so even though they have taken away some of the perks we were used to, the most important ones are still there. Just my opinion, thanks for yours.
  5. I just got my future cruise credit for the cancelled Oasis transatlantic. It appears they did not credit the taxes paid. Does anyone know if or how the taxes will be refunded? Also, some people have stated they received an email from rcl stating they have a dedicated person to answer any and all questions related to the cancellation issues. I am diamond plus and have not received any such email. Perhaps only pinnacles get that? Any wisdom appreciated...
  6. I just sent 8 relatives and friends to Mr Sanchez and they were forced to pay for the all inclusive! What a rip off. If I had been with them I would have told them no thanks but I thunk they felt trapped since they had taken the taxi there and are not familiar with the area. I will never recommend that place again.
  7. We just docked at the downtown pier in Cozumel. Usually we walk to the sunset bar from the international pier and snorkel from there. Is there a good restaurant on the beach where we could eat and snorkel that is close enough to walk to from the downtown pier? I don't think we have ever docked here! Help! We don't want to take a taxi because we enjoy the walk. Thanks.
  8. I just read a review of someone who was just on the edge and he said they had unlimited drinks during the CD parties. I hope this will be fleet wide again! Please post if you know, thanks
  9. We were on the Oasis january 6th of this year in a CPB. We received a free bottle of wine in our stateroom and lunch any day the restaurants were open at either giovanni's, johnny rockets, or sabor. We had to make a reservation the first day of the cruise. We chose sabor and it was EXCELLENT!
  10. We have used global airport parking many times. It's less than half the price of port parking and they have a free shuttle both ways. If you get there early you are likely to get a covered parking place in their parking garage. It's located about a mile or 2 from the port in downtown miami. We have never had an issue with our car there, it seems more secure since it's in a garage. The only down side is waiting for the return shuttle on debarkation day. Too many people and not enough shuttles. But if you don't mind waiting you can save some money. Parking at the port is so much easier...hence the price. Good luck!
  11. Yes I did report to our cabin steward immediately. Guess i should have made that clear. I believe i said we did not report to a doctor because there isn't anything they can do....they are treating with over the counter meds, which i always bring when we are on vacation, just in case. If my husband's symptoms did not improve after the first night of symptoms, of course we would have taken advantage of the medical treatment offered. It also seems to me that the staff should treat every cabin as if it's been infected, since no one can really be sure if they have been affected until they are actually sick. If i were trying to HIDE it, I don't think I would be stupid enough to post on a public site! I chose to post in order to inform others of what is going on. Sheesh. Get off your judgemental horses. I'm out.
  12. It is still a perk once you get through security, but we used to be allowed to skip the security lines along with pinnacles and suites.
  13. Yes i asked him if d+ was no longer allowed to sit there and he said no. I asked if there was any other special seating for us and he said no.
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