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  1. Did they let your teenagers in without you being present? I thought an adult over 18 was required. I'm traveling with about 8 teenagers in a few weeks and I'm trying to figure out if I need a pass
  2. This is the itinerary I'm doing in a few weeks. It would be nice if we could dock in CocoCay twice, but I guess it's not possible.
  3. Did they have tickets in your cabin, like most other excursions, that you had to then turn in for wristbands, or was your entrance to the thrillpark on your seapass card?
  4. I'm glad it worked out for you. Nothing better than saving some extra $$$
  5. Generally if you used OBC, it will refund right away and you can use again. For anything paid with a CC I've always received within a couple of days, but I guess it depends on your card provider.
  6. You can cancel your current tix and rebook at the current price. I routinely cancel and rebook excursions if the price decreases. Just an FYI you can do this for the drink package and specialty restaurant resys as well.
  7. Hopefully yours will change as well, funny enough on my cruise we never had and still don't have a half day waterpark excursion.
  8. Just noticed a price decrease of $27 on the Full Day Waterpark admisssion. Yesterday the price was $65 today it dropped to $39. I'm on Harmony's June 30 sailing, and I needed to buy tix for 9 children, so this was a welcome surprise.
  9. Hello Lipz, Would you mind sharing with me as well felice99@msn.com
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