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  1. 13 hours ago, CruiseMomTX said:

    We were there on May 20th, bought the full day waterpark pass for our teen boys went it went on sale almost half price.  We were in our beach chairs by at 8:30 am and sent them off to ride water slides before it got busy.  Well they rode 1 slide, the tallest one and after that said they lines were 30 min to an hour long!!  I couldn't believe it got so busy so fast.  I would not wast money on the waterpark unless you are willing to wait in long lines all day.  We enjoyed everything else and since our drink package worked they only other thing we spent money on was a few souvenirs.   Get off the ship early if you want the best place to sit for the day. 

    Did they let your teenagers in without you being present?  I thought an adult over 18 was required.  I'm traveling with about 8 teenagers in a few weeks and I'm trying to figure out if I need a pass

  2. On 5/6/2019 at 2:34 PM, ramidon1 said:

    Pros:  no tendering, music and dancers to welcome you, food was fresh and delish, drink servers were frequent and quite quick, lots of different areas to explore.  Floating tiki bar was great,  could walk waaay out on sandbar...watch out for stingrays....do the stingray shuffle!  Fireworks just prior to departing COCO Cay were great but need to be later as it was not dark enough!  A very worthy effort tho.  Loved the beer tap at the buffet!  Lots of bathrooms around.  


    Cons:  Oasis lagoon cabana was underwhelming.  Poor and limited seating in the cabana, poor location...could not even see the pool past rows and rows of the free chairs... zero service except for regular bar servers.  No towels in cabana.  Music at lagoon pool was obnoxious and relentless.....got louder as afternoon progressed.  We were hoping to relax and nap in cabana but music was too much.  Did not realize it is set up as such a party scene....not described that way—would have never wasted the money on the cabana.  Pool water was cold in the morning but warmed up as day went on.  Waterslides.....per our twenty somethings in the group....1.5 hour wait for the big slide with only one ship at coco....what will it be with more than 1 ship??


    Overall impression.....it feels pretty disney-ized, miss the natural relaxed beauty of the Bahamas.  Plenty for everyone to do and lots of opportunity for RCCL to get their hands onto more of your $$.  It’s nice and all but personally not really anything I’m looking for on a cruise.  


    Did they have tickets in your cabin, like most other excursions, that you had to then turn in for wristbands, or was your entrance to the thrillpark on your seapass card?

  3. 6 minutes ago, dltaeg said:


    Thanks so much. I don't suppose you know how long they take to refund? We used onboard credit so don't really want to pay again in cash as its our last onboard expense.

    Generally if you used OBC, it will refund right away and you can use again.  For anything paid with a CC I've always received within a couple of days, but I guess it depends on your card provider.  

  4. 2 minutes ago, dltaeg said:

    Thanks for this.


    Does anyone know if there is anything you can do if you've already booked?

    I have full day tickets booked for coco cay and paid quite a bit more than the price they are showing at now.

    You can cancel your current tix and rebook at the current price.  I routinely cancel and rebook excursions if the price decreases.  Just an FYI you can do this for the drink package and specialty restaurant resys as well.


  5. 20 minutes ago, Cbenne16 said:

    Ours leaves June 2nd and the full day pass is at $70.99.  That is a crazy price difference.  Hopefully ours gets updated today.  I got the half day access when it was available for around $40 so I would be interested in upgrading if it drops.  Thanks for the heads up!

    Hopefully yours will change as well, funny enough on my cruise we never had and still don't have a half day waterpark excursion.  

  6. Hi Victoria,




    I will be having a cruise wedding as well on the Harmony of the Seas but we will be getting married in St. Thomas so it will not be through RCI. I would still love to connect with you and here more about your planning process on some logistics and here more about your wedding after as well! If you'd be open to chatting please feel free to email me at caitlinr1020@gmail.com.




    Hi Crisercaitvt,


    I will also be getting married while in port at St Thomas. Did you end up being able to have your wedding, I know this was right after the hurricanes. If so, how did everything turn out?



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