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  1. We did a b2b on the Splendor a few years ago. Different itinerary each week and we were able to stay in our cabin at the end of the first week, which was great. The benefits are when you reach the end of your first week, boy does it feel good to not have to pack to go home. Another thing is seeing different ports. We don't travel for the shows, so seeing the same shows is no biggie to us. And as for the menus, there is more than enough selections for two weeks. The staff get to know you so it feels like old home week on the second leg. At the end of the first week, those of us who were cruising again met in one of the lounges for a cocktail and appetizer party. I'm looking for another cruise to do this again. Do it! Do it! And do it on a ship that appeals to everyone.
  2. Oh, it works temporarily and I hear Preparation H does the same thing.
  3. I have witnessed some really nasty confrontations, close to physical alteractions, when people have done this. If you look like and are built like Dwayne Johson, I say go for it.
  4. Never heard that response before.
  5. I don't know why people do not complain to one of the staff and tell them you want to use a lounger and to please remove items from chairs that are not being used. If this is done enough, the hogs will get the message.
  6. So sorry you experienced this. We ate in Cagney's three times last month and every meal was an excellent one.
  7. We were in a Haven forward facing penthouse on the Gem last July. It was an awesome experience. I expected high winds but there were none due to the fact that the cabins are set back from the very front of the ship (the bow?). The balcony was huge, about 112/114 sq. feet. 20 people could have stood on our balcony for a cocktail party. The view was spectactular and the rattan deck loungers, with padding, were so comfortable. We also had a table and two other rattan chairs for dining, or whatever.
  8. We always check our bags. We're on vacation and don't intend to schlep our bags around with us.
  9. This advisory goes out every year it seems right before the high season. We just returned from Nassau and if you stay in areas that are full of tourists you'll be okay. Just don't go venturing out by yourself at night. Stay where the crowds are.
  10. We stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ridgefield Park, NJ. This is our go to place when we sail from Manhattan. Great deal!
  11. When we couldn't tender at GSC the captain made arrangement for our ship to dock in Nassau at 1pm and we did an overnight there.
  12. Actually, I've never seen any pets there. At least not on the beach or by the pool.
  13. We didn't make one this year because I waited too late and they were sold out. So, I called the hotel directly and they told me to come in and they would accommodate us. Last summer, I made a reservation through Resort for a Day and it only cost $2 more than going directly to the hotel. It really is better making a reservation to go there though because you never know if they're topped out for any reason.
  14. Yes, you should receive an offer. We bid on our last two cruises, CAS offers, and won both bids. But I do hear folks on CC say that everyone does not receive an offer to bid. Don't know how true that is though.
  15. You cannot use your Starbucks gift card on the Escape but I don't know about the Bliss. I met quite a few folks last week who purchased gift cards for themselves and were told they couldn't use them. Land only, is what the ship's officer said.
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