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  1. Oh, its you again.. 😄 How many more Mariner cruises do you have booked? 😆 That was the one thing I didn't get a chance to try when I was on her. The burger from Playmakers. 3 days goes by REALLY fast.
  2. Its being offered for my December 16th Brilliance cruise. I recently did it last month on the Mariner and that was only a 3 night cruise. It *might* be ship specific as the Oasis class seems to be up in the air about where to hold it. When i was on Allure in 2019, they had it on the 2nd floor of the Diamond Lounge, however, on Harmony, they don't have the diamond lounge in the same place and its only 1 floor that I can see. Its a possibility that despite the size, there is no where to host it on Harmony.
  3. I got in almost immediately, though I did do it at maybe 11pm at night EST. However, you should be aware that there is a chance you might get a inconclusive result, which happened to me. Fortunately for me, I had an appointment set up as a backup, otherwise, I would have been screwed.
  4. It depends on the company. I would say 2 1/2 hours is a good average. However, on my last one on Mariner last month, we were there for a full 4 hours.
  5. My pick would be Odyssey. 1 more day is always good. Personally, I have found the pace on the Quantum Class to be better than the Oasis Class. I kind of feel like there's TOO much on the Oasis class going on at once and 7 nights is not enough.
  6. Doesn't the spa sell product that is supposedly pretty good. I had an ex who bought a LOT of stuff there. Fortunately, her card was the one on record for the room expense account. Ironically, it was also on the Jewel, which is a sister ship of the Serenade.
  7. I sailed last month on Mariner. It was only a 3 night cruise, but they only gave me 6 points. When i called C&A, they fixed it while I was on the line. I refreshed my account and the 12 points appeared. I sailed on Sept 24th.
  8. I made reservations onboard when i found out i had My time, but given that they were on lower capacity, I don't think it was necessary. Unbeknownst to me, they also made my first reservation at 8. But only the first one. As i said, it was only 3 nights, and 1 night, i went to Chef's Table.
  9. I was on Mariner a couple weeks ago. I had confirmed late seating dining before i left. When I boarded and got my seapass card. I noticed it said "My Time Dining" and went to the MDR to fix. They told me that Late seating dining had been removed due to low capacity and I was relegated to My Time dining. This is my cruise compass onboard. I noticed now that there is late seating for "everyone" but not vaccinated folks, which is..pretty much everyone above 12. It was only 3 days and I always said I've wanted to try My time, but meh, didn't like it. Here's hoping that my next cruise will have late seating.
  10. You probably will not be able to make voice to voice phone call over surf easily. Surf and Stream is already slow coupled with huge ping times. Oasis has the new system so its "better", but only from what it was. Facebook and web surfing will be available albeit slow. If you're looking to save a couple bucks, you could do it here, but the frustration over the already slow system coupled by a further throttled systems using just Surf will probably not be worth the money you saved. However, that's up to you. I've also noticed that with the slow speeds, some sites (like Cruise critic) tend to glitch. Can't speak for other sites, and this is with Surf and Stream.
  11. I was on Mariner two weeks ago. It appears you can only make reservations for the Escape room when onboard. There were very limited spaces, but then again, I was on a 3 night cruise that had no sea days. I think that by itself limited the number of reservations available. When i looked on day 2, all the reservations were gone (out of 3). Activities on board felt a little light, but then again, activities on board has always been light on a port visit. When i was on Anthem in 2016, we had to make reservations onboard as well. We got the reservation, but only by making it as soon as our RC app connected with the wifi when we boarded.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!! Not that it mattered.
  13. Nice! I heard people getting discounts onboard because not enough suckers like me book early because we're neurotic about it being sold out and having it on a specific date. I should learn by now. No, this was around the time the unlimited dining started. I liked the idea of the discount with the UDP, but at the time, there wasn't enough specialty restaurants on the ships i was going on to make it worth my while. I can't remember when that was.
  14. Didn't they used to offer you 40% off Chef's Table if you had the unlimited dining package? The only reason I haven't gotten the unlimited dining package is because I will always do Chef's table which actually kind of devalues the unlimited dining package by a meal i will still have to pay for.
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