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  1. If you stop at a nearby country to Argentina, try to get all the different currencies you need. In the summer Argentinians come here and take what they can in UY pesos out of our ATM's. They probably go to a Cambio and convert it to AR pesos or maybe USD. Many ATM's here are empty especially on the weekends over the summer as well. Many supermarkets here have a Cambio inside as well as large Malls. The ATM's were all moved inside as robbers were blowing them up. Most do not carry USD - some do during business hours but the machines contain a dye pack and when blown up, the money cannot be used legally or returned to the US for replacement so the Banks limit the hours USD is available.
  2. I got Euros, Brazil reals and Argentine pesos at a cambio here. I am sure a cambio in Santiago will have anything you need. You can see the exchange offered - you may well find the exchange rate better than an ATM as there will be a fee from the Bank here and maybe your bank too. I doubt you would need more than $20.00 USD worth of each to use for small purchases. Some places won't take credit cards for small amounts. Some restaurants here don't take them at all.
  3. Karen, No one down here knows or uses Canadian dollars. Bring USD and several credit cards. Not everywhere accepts all types, and some cards just don't work in some ATM's or stores. If necessary you can also drop in a Cambio to convert USD to what you need. They carry most popular currencies.
  4. Still, quite a bit on only getting $32.00 USD and change.
  5. I think I would fly to Rio and board there. Many more options than Santos which is pretty small. Heathrow to Rio under £300. with TAP or a little more with Latam - both are good.
  6. I would beg to differ about the location. it is at least two hours from Montevideo and about 15 minutes from Punta del Este.
  7. Costa and MSC get around this by having people exit and board at every port. On our cruise from Rome to Buenos Aires, around 2000 Europeans left the ship in Rio to head home and 1800 youngish Brazilians boarded for a short cruise to BA and back - 5 days. The whole atmosphere onboard changed with a fruit buffet at 2300, disco opened at 2400 and a late buffet dinner starting at 0100 and many more Portuguese announcements, music and dancing all over the ship.
  8. We took a Costa cruise from Rome to Buenos Aires arrived Dec 4th 2019. Costa have passengers exiting and boarding at every port but some folk with guaranteed inside cabins were very unhappy with their cabins and tried to get a different one. They were told perhaps in Rio which was around Day 15 of a 19 day cruise. Costa told them the ship was full and no other cabins were available.
  9. The folk on my cruise spent many hours trying to get different cabins. One contacted Head Office, even threatened to sue as a single bed and a sofa was not what they had paid for. They were eventually moved to a different cabin but the others were not. Costa claimed there were no other cabins available. Maybe the cabins would have been tolerable on a shorter cruise but they seemed to take their toll on an 18 night cruise. Maybe younger people would have found it less distressing, I don't know.
  10. The problem comes if you book a guaranteed inside cabin, you have no idea where it will be. One of these couples was told by their agent - how bad could it be? They found out.
  11. On our repositioning cruise recently from Italy to Buenos Aires, there were several couples who had booked guaranteed inside cabins and were very unhappy. They ended up on Deck 2 below the restaurant and had almost constant noise - one couple tried sleeping in the theatre because they could not get any rest but were kicked out by security. Another couple did not even get two beds - just a single and a sofa. Another couple also complained of constant noise with waves hitting the outside walls and cook staff rolling trolleys or something till after midnight and then starting again before 4.00am. They all spent a lot of time at Guest Services trying to get a cabin that they could sleep in with limited success. I agree paying a little more to get what you want is worth it.
  12. We did a Costa cruise from Savona to Buenos Aires. Mostly older Europeans - I really did not notice smokers although there was a cigar bar I believe onboard. We had a balcony cabin and on one day of the 18 days I thought I could smell cigarette smoke outside but that was all.
  13. Repositioning cruises are few and only on specific dates. Another is on March 28th 2021 from Auckland to Seattle on Holland America Oosterdam but it is 43 days - it does not arrive in Seattle until May 6th.
  14. We talked to some of the bar staff on our cruise and they were quite satisfied with their income. They said they got paid in USD and because of the strong dollar, it gave them a good amount in their own currencies.
  15. There is a Princess cruise on April 14th 2021 21nights from Auckland to Seattle on the Regal Princess.
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