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  1. Received today the individual brochures for the annual World Cruise for 2021 plus an Expedition World Cruise also for 2021 .I consider the World Cruise at 150 days is far too long but even more incomprehensible is the 168 day duration of the First Expedition World Cruise which probably would attract a younger person who is more likely to be from the working rather than the retired population. Both these World Cruises are far too long and will probably result in further early advertising of individual segments.What is the SS top management thinking about or is it RCC calling the shots to increase income at every opportunity despite the consequences for SS regulars,sorry used to be SS regulars!
  2. Deleted ours within minutes of receipt as was once told by a respected Captain that these surveys were feel good impression for recipient and not action points for Silversea as action was never taken!
  3. With Saga providing adult only cruises they will have an open goal to pick up luxury line cruisers like ourselves for their recently launched Spirit of Discovery a luxury small ship addition to their fleet from the likes of Silversea,Regent and Seabourn.We shall see how Saga compare with our past 22 years of Silversea in the near future .Could be a shock to the system or a pleasant surprise and a find for future luxury child free cruising.
  4. Couldn’t agree more.The problem on our recent cruise was for the first time ever on Silversea cruises we disembarked the Wind without ever seeing or speaking to the Captain.He was known on board by crew and long standing SS cruisers as the invisible Captain! Thankfully this did not stop the enjoyment of the cruise .
  5. Difficult for crew who you report to and to the guest when the culprit is tha Captain and his wife as on our Silver Wind cruise just finished.Only way is to not take on passengers under18 as there are no activities for children apart from breaking all the Pool regulations without parental supervision on Silversea.
  6. Thanks Lincslady for your helpful comments.We are in the same non flying category as yourself!
  7. Just received upcoming voyage confirmations and contrary to what you say it is total all inclusive including the taxi from home to ship and return and there are no premium restaurants like LaDame on SS.We approach this new venture with an open mind and will try and compare with our experiences on SS in a fair manner.
  8. Has anyone tried the new small Saga luxury all inclusive ship launched earlier this year? 999 passengers on Spirit of Discovery as opposed to our favourite Wind 290 guests. Advantages ........minimum age 50. Hence NO KIDS.Private transfers to and from ship in UK included.( our recent transfer by taxi to and from Wind at Tower Bridge £480).Any views would be welcome as we consider leaving SS after 22 years on nothing else.
  9. Just finished an excellent cruise on our favourite Silver Wind.Food and service first class thanks to Head Chef Ross and his team.The children issue raised its head on the Pool Deck every afternoon when a group of young children aged approx 4 to 12 dominated the pool to the exclusion of normal paying guests from swimming .Sadly the rules of no diving were ignored .The matter was reported by numerous established Silversea clients of 20+ years sailing with SS.Unfortunately no action was taken throughout the 13 day cruise possibly because some of the children involved belonged to the Captain whose wife was at Poolside daily and did nothing about the noisy and unruly behaviour of the children who stayed in the pool for up to two hours dive bombing and having fun.Appreciate pool deck staff,reception staff, to whom complaints were made to were placed in an invidious position of raising the matter with the parents of the children when some of the offenders were children of their boss! All makes me think the Saga policy of NO Children introduced on Silversea would be a welcome sign of progress in this area for A LUXURY cruise line .Very sad and sorry to come to this conclusion after 21 years of sailing with Silversea.
  10. On our favourite Wind at the moment.Excellent food and service from a first class crew who are certainly not tired of providing first rate cruising for clients like us who appreciate all they do to make our experience something to enjoy and treasure.Reunion dinner for six on Thursday with four others who made our maiden voyage on the Wind from Bali to Sydney in 1999.We are proud to be able to enjoy this level of service whilst cruising the World on our special Wind.We may well be biased and it is up to each person to give its go and see if it suits.Happy cruising!
  11. Just had the worst meal and service in La Dame so cancelled remaining reservations.cold food poor presentation cold plates .We waited for main courses which ended up being served 40 minutes apart for our two main courses.Refused to pay the premium and dined in MDR every night where food is varied ,much more choice than ever before ,service excellent hot food on hot plates and coffee and tea served hot rather than Luke warm in La Dame.Enjoy your upcoming cruise and in our current experience it will be a bonus missing out on the expensive mediocrity of La Dame.
  12. Currently on the beautiful Wind circumnavigating Ireland which is a new itinerary for Silversea.There are children on board who dominate the pool deck each afternoon but are generally well behaved.Having said this neither the itinerary or the expected climate is conducive to child activities which are non existent on Silversea so it is really the parents who choose to travel with children on a non friendly cruise line for kids that are to blame not the poor kids who are subjected to an old folk friendly line. I suspect the RCC line is behind the policy of continuing their own policy of attracting young children as a commercial decision which will change the long established Silversea policy of luxury cruising into the realms of mass market cruising.Sadly not for us oldies !!
  13. Thanks les37b for your good wishes for our cruise on the Wind.We always take local taxi from Yorkshire to Tower Bridge.Got to know on arrival at Tower Bridge for arranged early embark at 10.30am our taxi driver who we utilise for all our Tower Bridge cruises said fine he would drop us at Tilbury and go back to Yorkshire the quiet way at no extra cost apart from a gratuity for our appreciation.We embarked at Tilbury and had Avery quiet few hours prior to the bulk of passengers embarking somewhat later than usual.We are heading for Cork after a surprisingly good weather day in Fowey. The Best Chef on Silversea is back from a short break,and our waitress on our 37 day cruise in May /June who we knew would be on had our table with our favourite red and white wine already in place.It is those touches of class that sets Silversea apart from all the rest,but we like others on this Board are wary of the future with RCI .which will make us appreciate the excellent staff and quality of food and service on this cruise more than ever.
  14. In our experience on SS since 1999 Venice is the worst port in the World to start or finish a cruise...never again!
  15. Hi Mayflower....Thanks for your good wishes on what will be our farewell to our favourite Wind cruise....Sadly .May have to upsize so look forward to hearing your reliable opinion on your upcoming Spirit cruise which we hope you enjoy.We shall get good value from the early morning swim assuming it is heated as we are not expecting a fair weather cruise circling Ireland for the first and probably only time.We are looking forward to the experience whatever the weather!Will report back at some stage in between the good food and the Guinness! All the best to you both for your Spirit Cruise.
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