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  1. I haven't seen anyone mention...the mother sharing her "last picture" of Chloe, which was the little girl in her bathing suit and white sun hat on, standing at the kids water park before it happened. There are some wet spots where she is standing (would never know if it's actually from Chloe or another child/person) but it's possible she could have been playing in that water, wet and slippery...making it even more dangerous to pick up a child in these circumstances (near a window). Obviously the direction that Chloe was coming from was from that water park area before heading toward the window. Also the whole "color blind" thing doesn't mean they are blind and can't see. Most instances mean they can see perfectly clear and just have a problem distinguishing the real color. We may see the real color and they see a slightly different color. But they can still see. Although there's different types of color blindness, in my experience with people I have known over the many years that suffered from this, they all could see exactly what I was seeing with no problem...just a different color at times. But you should be able to tell there's a window there or not. This whole situation is sad.
  2. My absolute favorite snorkeling area of all time! Thanks and have a wonderful cruise on Vision OTS. Sounds amazing! Hey there! I hope you had a wonderful time! Welcome back. Thank so much Carol. :)
  3. Yes, that's what I said $85 for the Discover Scuba...which is what we are doing and what I ask about in my OP. My only concern was the current being too strong and I was looking for another place (around the same price) that would suit us a little more. I need something fairly gentle. I've been through h3ll and back over the last 5 months (breaking my leg in 4 places & chopping off my ankle, surgery with plates and screws and fusing my tibia and fibula together, 3 blood clots, an infection with a second surgery to scrape the infection out and still looking at a 3rd surgery. I've been in a wheelchair for 3+ months and just started walking about 2 months ago. I still have the fractures, but they are healing). I need calm water and nothing that I'm going to be fighting a current, which was my concerns with Coki and our experience last time. I don't have full range of motion in that foot with a fin. So.... Has anyone had experiences with Secret Harbor and shore diving? They said it was a shallow dive (around 20') but I need to know if I'm going to see anything worth seeing or should I just try Coki again? They said a sandy bottom and juvenile fish, which doesn't sound like the best scuba experience to me. I'm finding it VERY hard to find any videos of the area snorkeling or diving. The one's I have found are terrible footage and doesn't really give me a good sense of what it's like there.
  4. Thanks so much! LOL at your staring story. Thanks and yes she is! I'm so proud of her in everything she does. We have had nothing but good experiences with RC and hopefully will continue to sail with them. But I do have several cruise certificates to spend now with NCL. LOL I'm sure I'll be able to do that in the next 4 years. lol I sailed with whoever has a good deal and a ship that I want going where I want. I don't care which cruiseline it is at this point. LOL Heather, it's probably easier to just go to my website and go directly to the ports and find the port you are looking for. I <3 St Lucia. :D
  5. Yes, we bought our tickets with NCL and walked there because we didn't want to wait until the 9:30am shuttle. We bought our ticket with NCL (which charges the same amount as the park does) because booking with them (we are Platinum) gave us a discount. :D No it wasn't too bad when we were there. Earliest and latest was next to no lines. But either way, it wasn't bad at all either times we've went (just went last month again).
  6. Actually the banana plantation does include it...or at least it's listed as part of the tour. Spencer's Land, Sea & Beach Adventure By land enjoy a sightseeing tour of Soufriere. Visit a small banana plantation for an enlightening look into the cultivation and production of bananas, St. Lucia's main export crop. At Sulphur Springs choose a guided tour of the Caribbean's only drive-in volcano or rejuvenate yourself in a hot, sulphur mud bath before cooling off under a refreshing, 50' natural waterfall. I know when we did the tour last year, we did not go and the banana plantation was pointed out as we went by it. But, it is stated on Spencer's website that it's included in the tour.
  7. Agree with others on Blue Kay. Absolutely beautiful beach and much larger than the others along the malecon. Since it's at the end of the strip, there's not a lot of traffic along the beach or vendors. Good shallow snorkeling as well. Check out my pictures from both times we have been there. (In my signature line, just go to my website and to the port and you'll see Blue Kay reviews. There's TONS of pictures within the review you can scroll down to).
  8. What are you needing a life vest for? Do they plan on getting in the pools? If not, then there's an entire kiddie water park devoted to children and life vest aren't needed. For the lazy river, they are supposed to remain on the tube or with you, depending on their age. If they are really young, they aren't going to allow them on the huge water slides anyhow. So, the only need for a life vest is if you plan on taking them into one of the regular pools. Oh, just wanted to add...I have never seen any life vest there and we've been here 2x in the last 4 months
  9. We have been here twice in the last 4 months and yes, you can walk there and go in without waiting for the group at 1pm. At least that's how it was with NCL. You will have your excursion tickets and that's all that is needed to get in.
  10. My daughter did it when she was 3 and 5 years old and loved it. We went with .bz and they carry the tubes and meet you at the entrance to the water. Awesome tour
  11. No snorkeling at Harvest Cay. The water is too stirred up and murky. Like Crew said, you'd have to pay for an excursion and get away from that area.
  12. Did something change at the Boatyard? Because when we went (and several years of reports), the Boatyard doesn't charge you extra to go out to snorkel with the turtles. It's included in your admission. Actually, I just looked it up to make sure and it's still included with your price. You DON'T pay extra. If you paid someone extra to go on a snorkel with the turtles then you were had by one of the locals trying to get people to go instead of the Boatyard itself. So it wasn't the Boatyard that ripped you off. ;)
  13. Do you have to have an excursion? There's plenty of snorkeling right off the beach at Sapphire or Coki Beach. No need to pay for an expensive snorkeling trip if you don't want to.
  14. Aqua Action is a shore dive for this particular DSD as well and they're only $5 more. We were very happy with Coki when we were there last time as well. It was our very first DSD. Since then we've done at least 3 a year. The DSD is $85. I'm not sure what the $30 more is you are talking about? Please elaborate. I did like that they took pictures of our dive and everything although I do my own it's nice to have a different perspective as well (although they had the camera on the wrong setting during our dive and they turned out a horrid green). LOL I was just worried about the current. I don't want my hubby to not make it this time around since last time he had to be pulled back to shore because the current was just too much for him and he gave up.
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