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  1. This was a very hard day for me to write. I wrote it with tears in my eyes. It's still a very difficult chapter that lingers with me. I dreaded getting to this day with everything in me. 😞
  2. I have several Olympus Tough Camera's (4 & 6)
  3. You have to click on the picture beside the words.
  4. Thanks for letting me know and if any other links are broken or go to the wrong place please let me know. I have fixed that link (but you won't see it until I'm done with the day I'm working on now and it's published). Did you try some of the other pages to see if it would take you there or the bottom of that page link?
  5. Oh my, yea I'd say she has changed quite a bit. 😄
  6. Oh my gosh I'm so happy you loved it there! I'm glad you went and I can't wait to see your pictures! Oh no! Not the camera issues! I go with more back up than a professional photographer these days because of that time. LOL
  7. No we did not have a reservation. We just showed up. I'm honestly not sure how it is on a cruise ship day. I actually messaged them via fb to ask if we could just show up and if there was a cover charge before we left the house and they told us no. The fans are EVERYWHERE!!! There's no missing them. The whole place is filled with them. I first headed to the left (when facing the water). No, no swimming out...just along the sides by land. I swam a good ways down before turning around (I think there was some buoy's or something to the left) but I seen them everywhere I was. The huge rocks full of coral was to the right, basically right beside the steps leading in. It was so beautiful. I hope you have a great time! Let me know how it went.
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