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  1. Blue, can you tell me more about Water Island? When you get off the ferry is it right there within walking distance? Or do you have to get a cab? Is there any snorkeling in the area or is it strictly just a relaxing hanging out at the beautiful beach day? Do they rent chairs/umbrella's there and if so do you know the prices? Thanks in advance.
  2. Can someone tell me about the $1 trolley or is it a bus? Is there a map somewhere that they circle and go? Is there a schedule? How does it all work?
  3. Ok thank you. We have 8 people. Hopefully we'll be able to find a van to take us all, if not, we'll have to get several I assume. Yes, we rented 2 condo's directly from the owner.
  4. Do you by any chance know if they do airport pick up? We are planning on staying at sapphire and it would be nice to rent from there if they can pick us up and drop us off at the airport. If not, what does a taxi cost from the airport to sapphire?
  5. I've been watching that cam for the last 10 years and I just love it. But, I remember it going offline for an extended period of time and then I quit watching. So relaxing. I have found a (well 2 actually) condo's that we are in the process of renting from the owner. My daughter and her family are going too so we're taking both of the condo's this person has. She has one in building A and one in building D. I'm super nervous about trying to drive on the left. I hope I get used to it. I most definitely want to go over to St Johns. I assume it's best to take the barge over so that we can have a car to explore on our own? Which beaches are best to see when going over there?
  6. Aww, thanks so much. I have a lot of fun doing them and really really missing them at this time. Thank you! Since I'm having cruise withdrawal at the moment, we do have a land vacation to St Thomas planned this month (fingers crossed we'll get to do it with this whole COVID thing going on). I missed my Oasis cruise (and had been waiting to get on that ship for 10 years!!) Boo Hiss! For anyone wanting to kill some (well, lots) of time because there's nothing better going on at the moment but sadness in the world, I did start a webpage to help others out when looking for specific info on ports, hotels and so on. It list everything so that it's easier to find. MITSUGIRLYS cruise adventures (and land)
  7. I'm really wanting on the beach at SBRM instead of the village. I have found a few options that interest me (one on VRBO and the other on airbnb). I will have to stay in 2 different places when there because they are not many open for the entire duration that we plan on staying. But that's ok. Anyone ever used STT Direct for grocery shopping? We have things similar here and use them all the time to grocery shop and have the food delivered. So convenient. We also use Door Dash for dinner a lot as well. Does St Thomas have anything like that yet?
  8. Is Moe's located near by? We always like to make breakfast where we are staying and usually like to take snacks and sandwiches during the day when we go to the beaches. We usually only make dinner a few nights a week when vacationing. I'm not looking to bring meats or anything, but just thinking of things like you said cereal and other items that won't spoil. When we vacation in Aruba, we have just brought an extra small suitcase with stuff in it with no problems. However, flying with an airline that you have to pay for each luggage 🙄 we will have to put things in with our clothes so it won't be a lot. I definitely have my eye on several SBRM places. I recently checked VRBO and found some really nice ones on the top floor with open ceilings and just beautiful. But the prices on VRBO seem to be a lot more than what I'm finding on airbnb. I wonder why? Thanks for all your (and everyone's) help. I'm going to do some more research today.
  9. So thinking of more questions... Where's a good place to rent a car? Blue, do you usually take any groceries with you to ST? I learned my lesson after my first land vacation to Aruba...take non-perishables with you in a suitcase to save $$ What are some good excursions to do when there? We LOVE the beach, so will be beach hopping most days, but would love other things to do as well to break up the beach days. Is there a zoo? Caves? Parasailing? Dune Buggies? Give me some ideas please. Also, what airlines is the cheapest and best to use to get there from the states? We ALWAYS travel with Southwest because we have tons and tons of points and fly free, but SW doesn't fly there. So, looking at other alternatives. I've never been on another airline and know they work differently. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go along and I really appreciate everyone's knowledge and thoughts. OH>>>> do they still have the Sapphire Beach webcam? I used to watch that all the time and dream. 😉
  10. I have been checking on airbnb so far and found some decent deals and nice places I wouldn't mind renting. I'll have to check vrbo as well. Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know about the BVI. Night scuba would just freak me out and we are not certified so that wouldn't work anyhow. We do the DSD when we dive. I really hope we adapt to the driving. It really has me a little freaked out. I don't know if we have cell service there or not. I'll have to check but I assume the maps me will work there like it does in Aruba. Correct? Glad to hear grocery stores are open and stocked. If that's the case, that's better than here at home. 😞
  11. I was hoping you would chime in Blue, since I knew you go there and stay for land vacations. We have been looking on airbnb at the (I think) Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina complex. Is that the brown buildings there along the area where the snorkeling is? I believe that's the area we hung out at when we went by ship. I would definitely love the contact info on the rentals you are referring to (or the one's you stay in). I will try to find the STT site you are referring to and the gov't site. I'm not sure what the TTOL site is, but I'm going to google it. The driving has me a little freaked out. We've never stayed where you drive on the left side of the road. I never even thought about the roundabouts eekkkk!! 😲 Yea, this whole COVID thing messed us up with our passports and had planned on renewing them when we returned from our annual Spring Break cruise (which didn't happen because of COVID). So, passports...ours expire July 18th and July 21st. We were planning on trying to go to St Thomas around July 14th until maybe the 24th. Can you use the passport up until it actually expires? If we were to do a day trip over to the BVI, would it still work up until the day it expires? I'm not sure we would (been to Tortola before) but just in case. I really want to go over to STJ, but I imagine there wouldn't be a problem with that since it's USVI. As for the place, I would need at least a 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom would be even better but not necessary as long as there is a pull out sofa bed or something for our 12 year old. Thanks so much for your help.
  12. So...we have already missed what would have been 2 cruises by now due to the Covid 19. I'm getting the heebie jeebies at this point and I NEED A VACATION! Since it looks like St Thomas has "opened up" again, we decided it would be nice to go on a land vacation since we can't cruise yet. The other issue is, this Covid hit right when we were getting ready to renew our passports (expire in July) and we are limited to staying in the US territory at this point. We are looking into some airbnb places in various areas and have a few questions. What restrictions does St Thomas have at this time? From what I have been reading and also questioned 1 airbnb person, they opened up on June 1st and some establishments require you to wear a mask inside and establishments are operating at 85% capacity to allow for social distancing (he said). Are there any other things I should know? What are the airports like now? Are there delayed lines due to testing? How much longer should you give yourself for things like this? Is there any "self-quarantine"? (We were first looking to going to Puerto Rico, but read that coming into PR, they want you to self quarantine for 14 days???? and pools are not open and a lot of restaurants and bars are only take out). Are tour operators back to operating excursions there? Speaking of excursions...give me some ideas of things to do there. We've only done some of the beaches and scuba diving there (and plan on going to some others we haven't been to) but what are some other things to do? (Daughter found a night kayak trip). What's a good area to stay in? We have been looking at Sapphire beach (love it there and hopefully Blue will chime in on maybe some rentals at the condo's) and also found some places over by Magens. Are there places we should AVOID? Driving...ugh, I remember they drive on the left side of the road. How hard is it to learn this? lol We will definitely need to rent a car to go to all the places we plan on going to. Is it fairly easy to navigate the roads and is there plenty of signage? I know when we go to Aruba to stay, it's easy to navigate, but yet no signs in some places and it's easy to end up going in circles! We used maps me last time and it made it so much easier. Any other things anyone would like to throw out there, I'm welcome to it. Thanks for you help!
  13. We went to Buck Island when we visited St Croix and went with Black Beards. I'm not sure if they only operate out of St Croix or what. But, I have a full review on my website with TONS of pictures of the snorkeling. There were "ehh" areas and nice areas with schools of fish. We had a decent time. HERE'S MY LINK
  14. Thanks for the info. We have a business that is essential so we have been open (although I wish we wasn’t) but have taken every precaution we can with social distancing, signs, tape on the floor and sanitizing after every customer. I do not think this is close to being over. A lot of people are not taking it serious enough and I think there will be a second wave. I’m glad they closed the schools for the rest of the school year. It will be interesting to see what they do for the next school season. I’m in a suburb right on the columbus line. I like Dewine and think he’s taking every precaution.
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