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  1. Pan American which you would have to take a cab over to the osj port area to get to it. Not far
  2. We were just on the Freedom a few months ago. The windows bow out, like a slant from the floor up and then back in, right at the handrail: You can definitely tell if a window is open due to the tinting of the windows. Such a sad situation all around. My heart breaks for this family. 😞
  3. Oh ok, I hadn't thought about doing it that way and was looking for an actual link to a calendar for the year. I see what you are saying now. Thanks leg!
  4. You sound a lot like me...the planner of the family, can't stay still long, always have to be doing something. Yep, that about wraps it up for me. 😄 Thanks for mentioning the butterfly exhibit, I don't think I have heard about it. Is that part of the nature trail area? We did a butterfly exhibit when we were staying in Aruba and I thought I was going to die that day...I guess it will be about the same and I'll prepare myself for it. lol Is it a very long walk back to the ship? (Since you mentioned going back for lunch and coming back to the beach). Do they have any of the open air buses or anything taking people back and forth for a tip? Maybe that's what we'll do that day if we get hungry. We are there from 8-5pm. It should be plenty of time to go back and forth if needed.
  5. Thanks so much for your input. I appreciate it. I'll keep in mind about traveling a little ways down to get more solitude chairs. I'm always so excited that I usually just grab a chair and run for the water. LOL Good to know it was a packed cruise and still a lot of loungers. Hmm, I wonder why the ziplines weren't working (or it sounds like they weren't even up the day you were there). I don't even see it available on the list of excursions on NCL for my cruise. 😕 I guess $4 for a 20 ounce isn't too bad.
  6. Great idea. I contacted them and they said you can purchase at the door. However, they said to make sure to check their calendar for the dates they are closed and for the life of me I can't locate it. I did email them back about it...but maybe I'm just blind. LOL
  7. No one knows if you can pay at the gates instead of buying in advance?
  8. I think if I was to do it again, I would definitely want to go back to Long Bay...it's just so beautiful and it had the snorkeling. But I would go to different beaches than we went to after that so that I could experience other beaches we didn't get to see. They are just so pretty.
  9. We ended up doing the tour with Lawrence of Antigua and he took us to several beaches...my favorite was Long Bay Beach. I did a complete review with tons of pictures of the beaches we went to...check my signature line and either go to my website link and Antigua or to the webpage and find Antigua.
  10. mitsugirly

    El Cielo

    We are thinking about booking with them as well. It looks like they get excellent reviews. Can you tell me how deep the snorkeling was at the 2 other places they took you to for snorkeling? We are avid snorkelers (and even dive) but I just don't like snorkeling in deep areas that I can't get down close to the coral and fish to actually see good and take pictures.
  11. Well I had ALMOST decided to just do the xrails to Jade Cavern but considering where we are docking, this is starting to be a headache (us having to take a cab to the International port and then another to the office where you get the xrails...therefore costing us twice each way for a cab) that I'm just not sure what to do. I just wanted to try something different...then I found this... A snorkeling tour to El Cielo (which I believe that's where I have read about the sandbar with all the starfish and stingrays that hang out) and it also goes to Palancar Reef and Columbia Reef. It's a company owned by a family that is previously from the US and they have nothing but wonderful reviews. Although I don't care for snorkeling from a boat (unless it's in a shallow area that I can get close to the reef and fish), I hear the El Ceilo area is pretty amazing. Anyone been here or did this tour?
  12. We have not done that before. It's not really something we would be interested in while on vacation. My fam would be trying to adopt every one of them and I'd spend my entire day with them trying to see what they have to do to get them back to the US. :D
  13. Thanks so much for the info. It sounds like you get to do both ziplines to me. I sure hope so for $89 each. I guess we'll play it by ear. I'll look out for the excursions to pop up around 7/11
  14. Back when we went there, I did some research and tried to find out when this place actually closed and wasn't very successful. However, I did find this page that showed just how popular the place used to be with a pic. GOVERNORS BEACH LINK The beach there is very long and pretty wide too so I can't imagine it ever being too crowded. Most people are going to go where they have facilities with food and drinks, but those of us willing to bring our own, it's a great place to hang out at. At least they have restrooms, showers and a foot washing station. There was plenty of sea glass the day we were there. There really isn't any snorkeling. This is looking in one direction (and the other direction is the boat) https://photos.smugmug.com/BREEZE/GRAND-TURK-328/i-s8VGZ8c/0/3226057e/M/P3280237%20copy-M.jpg
  15. Can anyone tell me if they charge extra for the ziplines? (I assume they do but they are not listed under the excursions on my cruise on NCL, which is weird). I seen a map of HC and it looked like there might actually be 2 separate zip lines? One above the lagoon area and one above the ocean/beach area? Do you do both or do you have to pick and choose?
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