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  1. That's awesome to hear the drink package works at Coco Cay. When you say snorkel off the beach...like anyone know how good or what to expect? Have there been any reports yet? I need to head over to the RC board and check it out. Phooey on the additional cost for the waterpark. Is it reasonable? When I read about the tethered balloon, I thought eh, not something I would probably do because we (including Sakari) have done that several times over the years here at home when they had the big balloon festival. (She didn't care for it too much because of the heat). But, then you just had to mention the pictures....ugh, that alone would make me want to do it for the review. Man the things I do just to get good pictures for the reviews I do. LOL Sorry to hear about the weather and hoping that your cruise is going better with good weather ahead! If you have certain ports you are visiting, don't forget you can always go to my website too and everything is listed by ports and easy to find. ๐Ÿ™‚ That sounds great. I will still look them up and see what my options are. I've been pushing my wheelchair around with my foot (while sitting in it) but wouldn't trust pushing it or leaning on it while standing behind it to walk. I would probably flip over. I don't have a walker, which they asked me about. But I'm getting the hang of using the crutches a little more now that I know that it's ok to put my injured foot down and it helps me balance a little better. I'll get there. Oh gosh, I'm glad you didn't trip over the hose. I'm going to be extra careful with my hose from now on too. There's been plenty of times it has tripped me up, but I didn't fall. I'm getting a little better with the water thing. I've been getting in a few glasses a day and then I go to bed with a glass. While it's not 64oz of water a day, I would estimate around 30+ daily, which is a BIG improvement for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Thank you everyone for the continued support and show of caring and healing thoughts. You don't know how much this means to me. Today I have been "practicing" walking. I have accomplished being able to walk with only 1 crutch and no crutch on the right side (the bad side). However, I can only apply pressure on the heal of my foot. I know you are supposed to practice walking heal to toe, but I have no range of motion to bend across the top of my foot yet so applying the heal down and trying to "go to the toe" doesn't work for me and has a lot of pain. I know that's where doing PT is going to help with being told what exercises I can do to improve that ROM. But for now, I'm making process. ๐Ÿคฉ (At least in my eyes). My PT appointment can not come quick enough next week!
  3. Ok, back to being good news....Sorry for the scare. I've never been so scared in my life. Went to PCP today for my blood thinners check up/monitoring. She was really being an advocate for me and wanted to "check all the boxes" with everything that was going on. 1) Because of all of the complications I have experienced, she wants to send me to a hematologist that she's good friends with and states he is really good. She wants him to do a complete assessment including blood work to determine my clotting factor and if I might be predisposed to getting clots and predict if it could happen again or if this is only because of the surgery. Also to determine how long I might need to be on the blood thinners (with the possibility of having to be on them the rest of my life). Also, another ultrasound. 2) However, she decided she wanted to know right now and ordered an ultrasound to see if the blood clots are still there, if any have dissolved, if more are there and so on. She wants a comparison from the last one to see where we are at and said either she will do another in a few months or the hematologist will have one done. 3) She was very concerned about the pain. She said she understands that a concern with dependency is always a factor but stated that I have been through so much and it wasn't like I just had surgery and have been recovering nicely. There's a lot of factors that have prohibited an easy recovery and she wanted to prescribe me meds. She ask what all I have taken lately, the last time I had any pain meds and what they were and asks if I was willing to do a urine drop. Of course I would...and did right then and there. I did inform her the last time I took any pain meds (either Vicodin or percocet) and I told her it had been about 1 1/2 weeks when he told me to only take the gabapentin and acetaminophen. She ask what else within the last 30 days...๐Ÿ˜ฎ Um well, surgery 2 weeks ago a whole sh*t ton that I can't even begin to answer but I do know fentanyl and dilaudid was over and over during recovery. Everything must have showed up ok because she prescribed me meds for 30 days and 60 pills. She had me sign multiple forms stating that she would be monitoring me on the meds and I have to return every 30 days for refills over the next 90 days and the normal "I won't sell them" "I won't take more than prescribed" "I won't stop taking them until told" kinda stuff. She's gonna be a lifesaver. However, I'm a little concerned with the "take as prescribed" part because I only take pain meds when I HAVE to and can't take the pain. I will also have to drop urine each time I visit. But, she said "How can you be expected to walk now when you are in so much pain and if you take some pain meds, it might help you feel less discomfort and be able to help you walk and recover". Now I'm just wondering what my ortho will say about it because he's obviously dead set against giving me anything. 4) She personally can't believe the ortho doctor wants me to walk on this and this soon...especially with all the complications. Her personal opinion is to "take it easy" and "rest" and she wouldn't advise walking on it but only I know my comfort level. 5) She ask if it was ok to do an EKG on me since I have a history of PVC's, MVP, and she hasn't personally done one on me in about 7 years (which that one resulted in a trip to the ER, assigned a cardiologist and they wanted to admit me). So, I agreed and of course she didn't like what was on there. She said there was significant changes since the last time she did one and the results showed that I had either a) a blood clot on the heart b) was having a heart attack or c) there's a blockage in my heart and the EKG read Anterior Infarct. ๐Ÿ˜ณ I was panicked of course and she said she wanted me to go directly to the ER despite that I was feeling fine and "normal" for me. A little fatigued throughout this process with with foot/leg and I tire very easy, but normal for me since I've been on blood thinners. Oh...also my blood pressure was 97/57....which is super low for me. I'm usually always normal. 6) She also confirmed that being cold IS a side effect of blood thinners. So off to the ER I went. I ended up with another one of my favorite doctors I used to work with and he was amazing and of course remembered me. He took a lot of time with me and checked in constantly. (Funny thing is, I never even saw the nurse assigned to me...at all!). He did an EKG and compared it to the EKG that was ran on me prior to my surgery by the cardiologist. He said they were the same. He also looked at an EKG that he said was done several years ago and it was about the same? I don't remember ever doing one but... So, he concluded that everything was fine and no other test needed to be done relating to the heart unless I felt it was necessary or anything changed and since I wasn't feeling any different and no chest pain. So I agreed. He also said he had been reading EKG's for 35 years and with the approval of the cardiologist prior to my surgery, he felt confident that I was ok. (My hearts not normal and my ST wave is not what it should be not to mention the PVC's, but I'm ok for now). I did tell him about the ultrasound my PCP had gave me a script for and he said "Well, let's do that now then!" OK.... GOOD NEWS.........2 of the clots are GONE! I have one clot remaining in my posterior tibial and even that has decreased in size! I was so excited!!! I was never so excited to watch that screen and see the blood flowing and when the tech pushed down on the areas, it actually went down and squeezed the vein together indicating no clot. I was sad to see the remaining clot not move during the ultrasound but you could tell it wasn't as big as before and the hubby also said the same thing, which was confirmed by the tech. I have had reduced swelling over the last week and only swell when I'm up with my leg down for awhile and usually at night before bed. So that explains that. I also ask...IS IT OK FOR ME TO TRAVEL?????? (Especially come December ๐Ÿ˜‰) He said YES! As long as it wasn't a long flight. I get up and move around and/or move my legs a lot during the flight, and don't develop any more clots from now until then. He said he didn't see any problems with it. So, I might be planning that cruise after all. Now I just gotta talk my ortho doctor into maybe postponing that next surgery until after the holidays? So there's my update. Thanks so much for everyone and their concerns and continued prayers. I really appreciate it.
  4. A whole lotta not good news today with my PCP doctor. Sheโ€™s running tests, sending me to hematologist, ultrasound to compare blood clots, and then ran a EKG that determined anterior infarct and sheโ€™s concerned Iโ€™m currently having a heart attack or I have a blood clot on the heart or a blockage. Currently on the way to the hospital ER for evaluation. I Just Canโ€™t Win! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  5. Alrighty now...it was ortho doctor day today. So, they removed my stitches today and man was that painful in certain areas and before and after the removal....they cleaned it with alcohol ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ค OUCHIE! Several places started to bleed during removal, but after she cleaned it again, the bleeding subsided. These techs/aides/Medical Assistants...whatever they are, along with the doctor and PA are so rough with everyone. I actually asked every staff member that has came in to whoop my leg/ankle around and bending and applying dressings, applying the boot or anything, "Have you ever had this done before?" and out of everyone, no one has been through this except one said they broke their arm. Well, if you haven't been through this, you have no idea the pain I'm in and especially with this non-healing side and 2 surgeries....try to be a little more gentle with your patients!!! That's one thing I have always done...put myself in their shoes and imagine the pain someone is in...especially when I worked in the ER and did wound care or applied casts to people. JUST BE A LITTLE MORE CARING AND GENTLE!!! GEESH! The only staff members that have been extremely gentle with me there in the office is the xray techs. So after me fanning the heck out of my ankle and waiting on the doctor to come in, the burning subsided and I could relax again. My doctor has been very concerned that my foot may be too plantar flexed (think pointed foot and toes out) but didn't think it was to the point that it has become a significant contracture and it was due to the pain. I AM able to bend my foot (at the ankle) back and forth (it's just painful due to the swelling and the open wound and not the actual surgery or in the ankle area). I pulled my foot up in the position (flat) that he has been wanting and painfully held it there until he came so that when he walked in, he would see this isn't a problem for me...it just hurts. The doctor came in and said everything was looking good. It is still somewhat swollen, bruised, red, and oozing. He wants me to stop using the Adaptec dressing and start just doing nonstick pads. If the drainage or pain gets worse, I am to call him. I let them know I was off the pain meds and only taking Gabapentin at this time. He stated because of the redness and oozing, he was going to prescribe me another 2 weeks of antibiotics (for a total of 4 weeks on them). He also told me I DIDN'T have MRSA. I had MSSA (Methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus) which is great and treatable with regular antibiotics, which is why he didn't do IV antibiotics. I was so relieved that I heard him wrong. So now...he says my actual fractures are healed. No worries about walking on it. He said for me to start applying pressure of about 25% today, using crutches, and increase daily and within 5 days he wants me walking in the boot WITHOUT the crutches. I informed him he may be doing another ankle surgery because I am just terrible on the crutches and so off balance that I can just imagine applying weight to my ankle AND trying to keep my balance on crutches is going to go. Trust me, I've tried the crutches off and on. But, here we go.....I got home and I've been using the crutches and trying to apply some weight...OUCH!!!! It hurts across the top of my foot like always. I just think it's so stiff and I can't bend it past that and it has nothing to do with the hardware. This is where PT is going to help. I let him know I have an appointment for assessment next week and he was glad. I guess the other problem is with taking the blood thinners, I have developed several of the side effects from the meds. Pain in the arms and legs, including muscle pain: I have noticed (when using crutches) my arms get pain and feel very weak.I can't go very far without them hurting. My affected leg aches with pain from the bottom up to my hip and that's when I'm just laying there. Dizziness and Weakness: Yep, that about sums it up for me. I feel so weak all the time and dizzy at times as well. This provides a few complications when trying to walk and balance myself as well. But, I feel like I have hope now. I'm honestly looking forward to this PT. I know it's going to hurt and it's going to be a long road to recovery. This appointment brought new hope to me as much as I was dreading it, I'm feeling good! I'm feeling like this is the start of my next process in recovery and I kinda see the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't felt this excited since this whole process. Tomorrow is a new day and I have an appointment with my PCP to evaluate the blood thinners and we'll see where that is. I have no idea what they do to evaluate me being on them. I don't know if she'll do blood work or schedule another ultrasound to see if they are still there or what. So here are a few updated pics. Right after suture removal: My healed side (there is an area that still continues to hurt...which is the bumpy area you can see where it looks somewhat bruised and I feel like I can feel the hardware sticking out there).
  6. She is getting so big. Almost as tall as me. She's like a mini teen now. Yep, she's still a mermaid and takes her tails everywhere. I'm honestly not looking forward to the day she thinks she's too old for them. I love watching her swim with them. She's so good (it's not easy to do...Kendra and I have tried it). It definitely looks like a beach day on steroids!!! Holly Cow! It looks amazing. It's funny this was brought up. Kendra is sitting here texting me about a cruise on the Allure to Coco Cay and I showed her a picture. So are some of the venues for food free? Have you heard if there's any snorkeling from any of those beaches? The kids would have an amazing time there. It would probably just be a beach and pool day for me. I don't think I'd be up to anything more at that point. Do they charge for anything else like the water slides? I really want to go there now!!! That's awesome they are cheaper. I haven't tried Princess yet or looked into them. We are not big drinkers...unless we get the drink package for "free" on NCL...and even then I wouldn't call us big drinkers. So, we can take it or leave it. I've been to Disneyland so many times that I have no desire to go back unless Sakari ever requested it...which she would rather go to Universal. However, I wouldn't even want to head to any of them on a cruise. I think that's just crazy and you barely have enough time to do everything if you have a full day let alone it being just a stop during a cruise. I don't know about that unless it's an extended port time.
  7. This is where I thought you meant that you had them all done at the same time. Now I understand that you were referring to the knees only. Sorry for the confusion. You mentioned doing as much as you can to strengthen the muscles in your leg before surgery, I think my leg muscles were pretty strong (hubby always says they are....I mean our scuba in Coki was TERRIBLE with the current and very hard to kick so much that the hubby gave up and had to be pulled back, but I kept going.) But now, there is absolutely no muscle in it...or that's what it looks like. My leg is so skinny and it just flab's and hangs down like there's nothing there. It looks bad. There's going to be a lot of building that muscle back up for me. I will definitely tell my ortho and PT about my activities with snorkeling and diving. I'm going to need a big reward once this is over with. Wow that's amazing....Sakari's Spring Break is actually that date!! I love John Heald. I follow him on fb and he's hilarious. I would love to cruise with him on there. I'm just not sure about the Mexican Riviera. I booked that once and after talking to so many people on here, I decided to cancel and go back to the Caribbean. I was told the water is very cold compared to the Caribbean and snorkeling wasn't as good. With it being April, I would think it's even colder. I'm also freaked out a little about such a long flight there and the pricing. I hate flying all day and it hurts my back a lot just being on the plane for several hours flying to Florida. But, I've heard all about those whale watching excursions and know it's something that's on my bucket list. What ship is it and I'll take a look at pricing? Thanks for the healing thoughts. My lawyer is definitely fighting for me. They had a court date set for the end of this month and he rescheduled because it was a quick 15 minute time frame and he wants a trial with 60 minutes and a court reporter to catch her in a lie. Also wants me on the "stand" (not really a stand since we will just be sitting there) to tell my side of the story and him asking me questions. So, fingers crossed. So this is every time from here on out? I used to have to do that because I have MVP (mitral valve prolapse) and they had to prescribe antibiotics every time before I had any work done and then a few years ago they said studies showed that it really wasn't needed and they stopped doing that. Oh gosh, sorry to hear about your infection and recent surgery. Wow, that's crazy. I hope you have a speedy recovery. My doctor has me on antibiotics for 4 weeks. Thank goodness I didn't have to have the wound vac like they thought I might have to. Good luck on Friday. Most of my cruises the beds are on the wall and not the ceiling. NCL Star NCL Dawn NCL Jade Carnival Fascination I could go on but you get the picture. Almost all of our rooms have been pull down from walls unless it's a balcony or a room with a sofa bed.
  8. I feel like you are right about it not having to do with divers or snorkelers...from what I have read here and there. I have seen the coral dying and turning white in several locations I have been to. I wonder if they will be closing any other destinations in the Caribbean in the near future. I do know that the white dead coral can bounce back and rejuvenate itself. Even that happens with the coral in our fish tanks. They can turn completely white and appear dead for months and months and then all of a sudden start to come alive again. Hopefully the corals will do the same with this "time-out" period.
  9. Ok, so here's an updated version of post #3 that someone mentioned that you could go by the pool and cross across. I guess I didn't realize you could cross there. If so, it would be even quicker to get out of this mess!
  10. Thanks for the link leg I have come across this many times at various spots in the Caribbean where the coral is turning white and dying. :( It sounds like it's just happening...and not any fault of the snorkelers or divers? I can't imagine it being from them since divers know better than to disturb the coral or touch it and the snorkelers can't even reach it in that area.
  11. I hope you have a wonderful cruise. Wow 10 days. Very nice!!! It touches my heart to know that you would even think to check in while you are on vacation. ๐Ÿฅฐ 2700mg a day? Yikes! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I thought my 1800mg a day was bad. I think my body has gotten used to it now and I'm not having the "funny" feelings anymore. So, I guess that's a good thing. Although with taking it only 3x a day (which ends up being every 8 hours or so), it's not doing anything for the pain in between. ๐Ÿ˜ž Eh, I was afraid you would say it was a Bahama cruise. Itinerary Orlando....I just gotta laugh at this. How is that a "port" stop when Orlando isn't even close to the port and who would attempt to go to any place like Disney and so on with the traveling time, mass crowds and lines at those parks and then the travel time back. The prices to get into any of them are outrageous and I have no idea what the cruise lines even charge for something like that. Just plain crazy. I really don't care for Nassau either. Blah But Coco Cay....hmmm. It would most definitely be a cruise for the ship only for me. I really wish I could plan my next cruise...however, there's just too much uncertainty with my leg and when I'll be walking again and other future surgeries, that I just have no idea when cruising will be in my future to even begin to plan anything. ๐Ÿ˜ž Yea, I'm pretty sure my sanity went out the door about 8 weeks ago. This is for the birds! What is the "perfect day"? I hope you have a wonderful cruise on the Anthem OTS. Someone has mentioned that Canada "falls colors cruise" and how beautiful it is...but what is there to do at the ports? So glad my review was helpful and I hope you have a wonderful stay at Embassy Suites. Thanks for the info on the BTB and RCI. I'm not sure i would have been able to swing a BTB with them anyhow. They are much more expensive than the other cruise lines. Good to know. It's coming along...and thanks. I don't really have a choice about the PT. They are all part of the same ortho group that I am going to and located in the same building. I already have my order for them at that location. So, hopefully they are good. I made my first appointment just now and I start next week. Eeekkk! Both my son in law and neighbor did not do PT and it took them both about 7-8 months to fully be able to walk on their foot all the way and "normal". I'm hoping for better results and quicker...but we'll see. They didn't have the complications that I had nor did they have to have a 2nd surgery....let alone a 3rd (which I'll have to have again in 2 months). Thanks for the good luck wishes and prayers. If only I could plan another cruise for therapy. Things are just too up in the air to plan anything at this point. I have never heard of the Sky Princess (or is this Princess cruises and the name of the ship is the Sky?). I hope you have a wonderful cruise. I definitely need a change of scenery at this point! I love my house (have done a bunch of renovations prior to this fracture) but staring at it 24/7 has got me hating it now. LOL No, not sick of them at all. It helps to know what others have been through. I hear some of these stories and feel your pain and others I think wow, maybe I'm not so bad off after all. So great to hear that after that 6 month mark you were pain free. My son in law still to this day has pain and a lot of swelling on certain days and you can see the hardware (screws) in his foot on the surface. It's been 10 months now since his fall. I have my first appointment next week and it is to evaluate my situation. Then they will advise and schedule the rest of my appointments (which is supposed to be 2x a week). I don't blame you for making a print of that picture. I would have done the same! Wait....what? The TG5 has a fog free lens????? Are you serious? This is constantly my problem when I'm going from inside (with a/c on the ship) to outside in the heat....but only when I have my fish eye on. I'm constantly having to remove the fisheye and wipe it, put it back on, then try my pic again. It happens when I'm snorkeling too. I may have to upgrade just for that reason. I'm definitely going to look into getting one. If I do, I'll use my TG4 as a back up. My old camera (I think it's a 630) took a crap on us this past cruise and Sakari's screen was broken during one of her camping trips for school so she can only use it "above water". So, we definitely need another camera in the family. I guess I'll have to do some research. Thanks for all the info. I honestly think not being able to get out or do anything is the worse. But then again, I get out when I go to the doctors and I've been a few other places like the grocery store and I really pay the price when I do go out...even for a little while, and I come home to a swollen foot that won't go down and the pain increases 10 fold. Wait, you did what?!? Both hip and knee replacements at the same time????? Are you serious? My hats off to you if I was wearing one but geeze! Now I feel like a baby with my 1 leg and ankle. I can't even imagine all of that. I need to count my blessings and stop being a cry baby now. Wow. You must be super woman! You definitely give me hope! How long was it before you were diving again? That's the one thing that is really getting to me. Knowing that if and when I make it on another cruise...will I be able to dive on it? My love for that has grown so much now that it doesn't freak me out anymore and to have to cruise and not be able to dive one of the ports is going to just kill me. It really worries me since this is my ankle and I have to have that to "kick" with the fins. Ugh ๐Ÿ˜ž Thanks so much for sharing your story. These stories help me out a lot and put things into perspective. I know it's a long journey, but one I have to have in order to get back to my normal self. Love the pic! Thank you so much. Yes, writing my review and uploading it onto my cruise website definitely helped me get my mind off the pain. However, it also made the review go super quick and then I was left with....nothing. LOL My daughter (Kendra the oldest) is really trying to talk me into going somewhere for Christmas break. She said a cruise or to Disney or anywhere...just to get out of here. She just doesn't seem to understand that I can't fly anywhere with blood clots and I'm not willing to drive. It makes me sick and dizzy to drive any more than 2 hours if that. I just can't handle it anymore. Then there's the fact that I'm due for another surgery in December. I will have recovery time again. ๐Ÿ˜ž I just can't see a future vacation at Christmas break in my future at this point.
  12. mitsugirly

    De Palm Island

    Why thank you and I appreciate it.
  13. Well that sucks. Where can I find more details? I can't imagine the snorkelers doing any damage...the reef is too deep to touch. So that leaves the divers...which I can't imagine them damaging them either unless they just have a bunch of careless divers but I would hope that a dive master would tell them no-no. Weather related?
  14. That's terrible. I wonder why?
  15. They are afraid of me getting stiff in the wrong position (relaxed pointing out instead of flat footed). I can get my foot flat, but the problem is that once it's in that position, it starts to go completely numb and the pain gets worse. So, not sure how that's going to work out when it comes to walking. I can't wait until the numbness and tingling is over. It's the most annoying thing...worse than having to deal with the pain. Yes, it is definitely far from being healed. Thanks for the prayers and healing thoughts. Oh my gosh for your DH. With a DVT, being on blood thinners doesn't make the clot go away. The blood thinners helps "try" to keep the clots from getting bigger or "try" to prevent more from forming. The clots will eventually (hopefully) dissolve on their own. Your body naturally dissolves it when it's ready and usually once an injury heals. My problem is...the 3 blood clots are preventing blood flow to and from my foot (since they are above that area), which is hindering healing, which means my body knows it isn't healed, therefore not absorbing. ๐Ÿ˜• The more medical term for it is once the body is healed, we have plasmin in our system in the clot. Plasmin is there the whole time and what is needed for it to dissolve. However, it's just laying dormant and waiting for the body to heal before it "turns on" and does it's job of breaking down the mesh structure that forms the clot. It can take weeks to months. I don't have any more pain ("most" of the time) from the clots like I did before. I'm hoping that is a good sign that they might be shrinking. So, it's hard to tell if all the continued swelling is still from the clots blocking the blood flow or from the surgery itself and I'm just a slow healer. Yea. Sakari's school district is the biggest district in the state of Ohio. A lot of the schools are in very poor areas (the school district surrounds the entire city of Columbus, which is pretty big) and a lot of those building are VERY old and they do not have air conditioning. Therefore, they cancel schools for the entire district because it gets over 100 degrees in there, even over night it will not cool down. Lucky for Sakari, she's always went to the nicer new schools they built a couple years back and they have central air in the entire building. Sakari's new school is actually located on a campus with the high school she'll be going to so it's nice too. True, it wasn't the worse news I could get and I'm grateful for that. I don't see how I'm going to be walking either...in 5 days!!! Pic from today's dressing change: Oh gosh, Sorry to hear about your fall and cancellation of the cruise. That really sucks. I'm just so glad mine was done after our cruise at least. I'm hoping the same thing with getting some ideas to help reduce my symptoms. Yes, I have been eating yogurt to help with the yeast infection. I think it's cleared up now but I will continue to eat the yogurt for precautions. Water has never been my forte. I just hate it but started drinking it back at the beginning of the year, only right before bedtime and during the night if I woke up. I have been trying to get some glasses in during the day but it's so hard. It's always something...I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from me. LOL I attempted the knee scooter yesterday. It's awkward and I'm so clumbsy on it. It also makes my left leg extremely tired. All the medications I'm on causes fatigue, dizziness, and loss of control with (they say) hands, coordination, and even eye movement. I am definitely dizzy and have fatigue constantly and I drop stuff constantly now. It's very aggravating. I haven't noticed any rapid eye movement but have noticed my eyesight has not been the same and I'm struggling at times to see clear. I'm very off balance on crutches and the knee scooter and very worn out. So, I try to stick to my wheelchair because I feel it's a little safer at this point. The gabapentin is horrid! It makes me so dizzy and off balance. I feel high as a kite but yet they are afraid of Norco being habit forming. Well, gabapentin is too and has the same effects! I was taking 300mg 3x daily and with my numbness he increased me to 600mg 3x daily. This scares me and I haven't done it yet. Sometimes when I take it and lay down, I feel like my breathing is real shallow and it scares me. A couple of times I have actually "jumped up" in bed because I felt like I wasn't going to take my next breath. So, taking double the amount...I'm just not ready for that. The problem with taking it 3x daily is I'll be taking it 8 hours apart. Well what about controlling the pain and numbness between those 8 hours? My pain meds was 6 hours apart and usually by the 3-4th hour I was pushing it with the pain. ๐Ÿ˜ž I can't wait! I'm just not looking forward to another surgery to open up the "good" looking side again to remove the plate and screws. I just hope I don't have a relapse and that side get icky like this one. So glad to hear your healing process is almost done. That's amazing. It sure seems like a long time don't it? Trust me, I am going crazy!!! It's so hard for someone like me to stay tied down. While it's flown by...it really hasn't for me. The days dddddrrrrraaaaaggggg on forever just laying in bed and watching tv. It's the worse. I love the adult coloring books. Sakari has some. I might have to tell her to find hers. I do scrapbook and keep saying that I'm going to have Sakari and the hubs go down there and bring everything up. The only problem is that I'm not supposed to be up more than 20 mintues at a time. Usually that involves eating or using the restroom or letting the dog out. It's hard to do any activity while laying in bed. ๐Ÿ˜ž If only this swelling would go away. I really do go all out don't I? Sakari is getting so big and growing up. She's almost as tall as me now...well, taller now that I'm in a wheelchair. She finds it funny that I can't reach anything now and she has to be the one that gets it for me. LOL Diving is so much fun. I love cruising now just so I can go to another dive site and have that under my belt. LOL
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