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  1. We are in a sky suite and were wondering if we can request a nespresso machine for our cabin. Have cruised Norwegian and loved having one.
  2. I was going to make my final payment today and have a sky suite 10151 as my original cabin. It shows 10199 as a family sky suite and as an upgrade. We are 2 adults and one 16 year old. I am not sure if there is any difference in the 2 cabins. Any insight would greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thank you for the kind words. She is a very awesome young woman and we are all looking forward to our cruise!
  4. We have a sky suite booked on the Edge for my husband and myself. My niece who is 16 has decided she may want to go also. I saw you can get a connecting inside stateroom with a sky suite. It is less expensive to do that then to add her as a third guest to our room. Would she be able to eat dinner with us at luminea. Would she be allowed to be in the retreat area with us. I am still in the timeframe of changing guests, not past final payment. Any advise greatly appreciated. Not looking for a bunch of free perks for her just want her to be able to be with us. The idea of her own little cabin is also cool as it will be her birthday.
  5. Is there any benefit getting your dining choice based on your cabin? We are in a sky suite.
  6. I have just booked an Edge cruise for March 2020 (first Celebrity cruise). Booked the 3 day specialty dining package and now see I can’t make reservations until we board? We are afraid we will get horrible choices. Not sure of the reasoning for this. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. Also so wanted to book a 3 day thermal spa pass, not available. The only one available is the weekly. Is this booked up already? I thought of getting a weekly couples pass but when I add it to the cart it only allows me to choose myself or my husband not both of us. So I was unclear as to how that whole process worked. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  7. I am new to the Celebrity cruise line and have a question. Does the Reflection have a "Retreat" area for suite guests only? We have a Sky suite on hold and our friends are looking at an Aqua class cabin. Our cruise is in March 2020. My understanding is that they will have access to the Persian Garden area but not the Retreat area. We would be able to purchase access to the Persian Garden area so the 4 of us could go there together. I know the Reflection was in dry dock recently but I don't know what was done during that time. I wasn't sure if the Retreat area was done at that time or if it will be done in 2023. Would there be any other disadvantages to us being in a different class of cabins? We mainly just want to make sure we have access to the same restaurants and areas of the ship. Thanks for your answers and providing any other information we may need to know.
  8. Does anyone have the email address for the current concierge for the Getaway?
  9. We are traveling with 4 adults total and have the 2 bedroom family suite booked on the Getaway. I received an email to upgrade to the deluxe owner's suite with large balcony cabin 16102. I am trying to find out the differences in the second bathrooms in those 2 categories for the other 2 adults. From the picture on the deck plans it looks like there are 2 sinks and 2 toilets and no additional shower but I don't think that is correct. I was wondering if anyone had info or pictures as to the size of each one. Thanks for you help!!
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