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  1. Ugh! I'm really worried about this. We have a party of 13 as well. I made our dinner reservations for 6:15 MTD way back last July and then made our show reservations for 8:30pm. A couple of days ago I emailed RC Dining to make sure they had us all linked and had the reservation and the cake I ordered for my daughters 21st birthday (which is the first day of the cruise).......they had us all linked but didn't have the reservation. I forwarded all my confirmations. The response I received was "Please be advised your request has been noted. Tables in My Time Dining venue are not pre-assigned before embarkation day. Please visit out My Time Dining Host onboard to get your table assigned." By "noted" does that mean they put us down in their system at 6:15pm as a party of 13. And they never mentioned if they received the cake order. This wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't a milestone birthday on the first day. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. I've noticed the past few months that the prices of the cabanas change drastically day to day. Anywhere from $499 to $1300.
  3. Yup! I had to email RC Dining today just to make sure we are all linked and they confirmed 5:45. I will let you know how it goes.
  4. If it helps, I have MTD reserved for my group on Harmony of the Seas sailing June 30, 2019 and all our dinner reservations are for 5:45. I did reserve our times almost a year prior.
  5. I also just saw the guacamole class and thought that might be a good idea too.
  6. I was looking for some activity I could get for all the ladies in my group to do together. I thought maybe the "Wines Around the World" tasting. There are 7 ladies in my group, two 21 year olds a few 30-40 and one 76 year old. I thought a ladies activity would be fun surprise, but didn't want to spend a whole lot. Has anyone tried the Wines Around the World tasting? Any other suggestions?
  7. So I just checked and they said they are assigned by the date/time reserved. So the first person that reserved a cabana will get #1, the next person will get #2 and so on.
  8. Hmmmmmm, wonder how they assign cabanas. I was really hoping not to get 1-3 as I wanted one of the ones with the deck. I love how they still say "sectional sofa" although the new sofa is not a sectional. Still wish they wouldn't have gotten rid of the 2 really nice chaise lounge chairs that use to be on the decks.
  9. What kind of food/beverage was on the menus?
  10. If you request a paid upgrade after final payment do you still get to keep the beverages packages, key program, etc....that you've already paid for?
  11. The status on the room I put in a bid on use to say "pending" now it says "received". Is that normal? I would think if it was accepted the status would be "accepted".
  12. My in-laws were curious about this. Is it easy for those that have mobility issues? They can walk just very slowly and not for long lengths of time. Are there any chairs or benches in the room?
  13. Yeah, I thought that I would get an upgrade opportunity because to upgrade to the next category up was only $120 (the price difference in his current room is $463) but they wouldn't let me do that either. I even tested them to see if they would let me pay the difference but the answer was the same, no. Oh well, guess you win some and lose some.
  14. Yeah, I've called 5 times because my brother-in-law's room has dropped $463. Not a single one of them will give me a refund or any type of OBC or upgrade to make up the difference. They keep telling me they can't since it's after final payment. I keep pushing back but got no where with any of them. Frustrating!!!!
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